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Los Ginger Ninjas and The New Woman: Annie "Londonderry" Kopchovsky - Mar 06, 2013 6:00 PM

[B' Spokes: One of my friends was on that tour with the Ginger Ninjas, cycling rocks in a lot of ways.]
At US Navy Memorial Heritage Center Washington , DC


Mexico / 2012 / 76mins / directed by Sergio Morkin
At 2 a.m. November 1, 2007, an unknown Northern California rock band called the Ginger Ninjas set out from home on a seven month tour to southern Mexico. They had no van and no gigs. Instead, they hauled their instruments, camping gear and human-powered sound system on special load-carrying bicycles.  Intent on living a life of gritty adventure,  promoting the bicycle as a cooler-than-car cure for global warming and propelled by the mindful cultivation of blind faith and deeply resonant, kick-ass music, they pedaled 5,000 miles and played 100 shows.  This documentary is an intimate exploration of youthful freedom, emotional transformation, and the interpersonal relationships that develop among the travelers in their multi-season odyssey.


USA/2013/27mins/directed by Gillian Willman
The story of a fiercely independent and free-thinking young woman, who found freedom by reinventing herself as the daring "Annie Londonderry" entrepreneur, athlete, and celebrated globetrotter. Described by the New York World on October 20, 1895, as "the most extraordinary journey ever undertaken by a woman," the unprecedented 'round the world odyssey was reportedly set in motion by a novel, high-stakes wager made by two wealthy clubmen in Boston. Annie's challenge was not only to circle the globe by bicycle in 15 months, but also to earn $5,000 en route. This was no mere test of a woman's physical endurance and mental fortitude; the venture was a test of a woman's ability to fend for herself in a man's world.

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Eastern Shore bike tour for women

[B' Spokes: Love this picture and the fact that cycling in Maryland is getting some attention.]

Maryland Eastern Shore

This tour combines our two other shorter Maryland tours into one long one and gives you a discount. We’ll shuttle you between the two tours and provide you with an extra night of lodging. You’ll know you’ve seen the best the Maryland Eastern Shore has to offer, and a full week of cycling will surely get you into great shape!

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Shwinn’s Ride Of A Lifetime

[B' Spokes: from our mail box:]
Hope you’re having a great week in Baltimore. As I was going through your blog, I thought that Schwinn’s bike giveaway would be a great fit for the readers of Baltimore Spokes.
In case you are not familiar with their work, Schwinn is an American iconic brand founded over a century ago building some of the best-known and best-loved bicycles of all time. To celebrate the summer and encourage everyone to get out and ride with their friends, Schwinn is hosting a promotion on Facebook and on SchwinnBikes.com called Ride Of A Lifetime. Whether you’re enjoying the single life, pulling a toddler, or riding with the whole family, this summer you can find your ride on a Schwinn. Every day now through June 25th, they’re giving away bikes to one person and a lucky friend. Entering the contest is easy:
o             Pick a friend to share the journey with
o             Choose from the wide range of Schwinn products that fit any type of lifestyle for all ages
o             Every time you enter a friend, Schwinn will enter you too! With daily drawings through June 25th, there are tons of chances to win!
I thought that the promotion would be a great fit for your passionate readers and help growing the cycling community in Baltimore. And if you think America is just a nation of car drivers, think again. There are 62 million cars in the US but over 100 million bicycles, and Americans love to ride them! Anyone can enter Ride Of A Lifetime on facebook.com/rideschwinnbikes or SchwinnBikes.com/rideofalifetime
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CycleSport Ellicott City [closing and sale]

[B' Spokes: From their Facebook page... so sad, I wish them the best of luck in the future.]
Hello Bike Shop Friends!

It is with regret that I am announcing CycleSport EC will be closing its doors.

It has been an amazing and personally satisfying 21 years.

Although sad, I would prefer to focus on the good times. The friendships made with customers and co-workers alike. I am proud and overwhelmingly pleased to say 21 years of employees still keep in touch, stopping by the shop to help out and keep in contact. It’s kind of cool that three former associates are now running their own bike shops or building custom frames.

I’ll remember Mike, Christian, Sean, and Dave teaching Alex to ride a two wheeler out back. I’ll remember welcoming third generation children of longtime customers coming in with parents and grandparents to acquire the freedom of that first ride. I’ll miss our Christmas Eve open house.

I’ll never forget the help and caring Mickey, Harris, Maria, Nick, Easton, Dave, Sean, Lisa, Mike, Christian, Rick, Mark, Ben, Damon, Donald, Ed, Joey, Phil, Steve, and Ken (I know I missed some of you) were and are to the shop. I couldn’t have made it 21 years without you. Thank You.

I’ll miss selling Giant bicycles, the best bikes on the planet. I’ll miss the people at Giant; they are a brilliant crew designing amazing bikes and gear.

I’ll miss my customers, especially those who have become and remained friends throughout the years. Purchasing your first bike from me was awesome. But you’ll never know the satisfaction I felt when I was entrusted with your second, third or even fourth bike. Or even more, you trusted me with bikes for your children. It has been a rich and rewarding experience knowing all of you.

I’ll miss my fellow Independent Bicycle Dealers and hope we all continue to support them over the Big Box bike stores and the faceless internet sellers.

So, to all of you: Co-workers and customers alike: Thank You from the bottom of my heart for these past 21 years. It has been the best ride imaginable.

I don’t know what the next chapter in my life holds, so if anyone has a suggestion I’m ready to listen! I’ve been told I am setting up a personal FB account and I’m hoping you’ll friend me there and keep in touch.

We’ll be running a closeout sale beginning today until….. So please stop by and reminisce, say see you later--not goodbye-- and pick up some good deals.

It has truly been my pleasure, take care and ride safe.

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Bishop Bikes

By Nick Legan, velonews

Baltimore, Maryland isn’t known as a hotbed for hand-built bicycles. But Chris Bishop is putting it firmly on the map with his chess piece logo and award-winning framesets. His 1970’s California framebuilder style track bike won Best Steel Construction this year. New for 2012, frames entered in this category had to be unpainted.

Bishop drilled the rear fork ends, custom machined the fork crown and bottom bracket shell, fillet brazed the lugs to sculpt them and then joined tubes using silver brazing. The bike was built to Bishop’s personal dimensions, but added that, “my wife’s pregnant, so everything’s for sale.”

As word gets around about the quality of Bishop’s frames, supporting his new family should get easier and easier.

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Spoke Bicycle Insurance

[B' Spokes: No relation and not an endorsement, just something I think is a cool idea.]

"Its like auto insurance for your bicycle."

SPOKE BICYCLE INSURANCE is the first of its kind; a comprehensive stand-alone bicycle insurance program available to individual riders in the USA.

Our bike insurance programs were developed with professional input from legal experts in the cycling field, bicycling industry consultants and representatives of national and regional cycling clubs and organizations.

We're bicycle people just like you. At Spoke Bicycle Insurance, we understand the risks facing the cycling public and our mission is to provide much needed insurance coverage to this under-represented community.

The Spoke Bicycle Insurance program wants its clients to have the same level of protection afforded to other users of the road. We back up our bicycle insurance program with an "AM Best A-rated carrier". Insurance brokers RE Chaix and associates administrate Spoke Bicycle Insurance programs and Sports Insurance Solutions is the retail agency responsible for providing coverage to Spoke Bicycle Insurance customers. Our knowledgeable team is very excited about our unique bicycle coverage. We are dedicated to promoting safe cycling and helping our clients secure the coverage that is right for them.

<a href="http://www.spokeinsurance.com/html/index.php">http://www.spokeinsurance.com/html/index.php</a>;
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Flat Repair Class: Tuesday December 20th

Join Baltimore Bicycling Works Tuesday, December 20th, at 7pm for their monthly flat repair class. These classes are FREE and open to all.


The class covers the basics of removing a wheel, removing your tire, assessing what gave you the flat, repairing the flat, and reinstalling the tube, tire and wheel. As well as some other basic roadside repair basics.


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