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The Wheelsucker Does the Baltimore Halloween Critical Mass Ride

A very amusing review of Baltimore's Critical Mass. Some choice quotes:

"What a BLAST!!!! "

"The Wheelsucker noted that NO ONE was wearing team kit and in fact NO ONE was wearing lycra; most but not all wore helmets. And there were some GREAT costumes."

"... but much like the city of Annapolis needing to actually connect the short lengths of “cycling paths to nowhere” such that one could actually ride somewhere in Annapolis on a bike path, the Wheelsucker is not expecting this during his lifetime. "

" Well, most people were clapping and cheering as the group rode by, and when we did hear car horns they were typically short tapping blasts that suggested support rather than frustration and anger."

"Many – perhaps most – of the group actually used their bikes for transportation all or most of the time, not just for training and recreational racing as the Wheelsucker and most of his team mates do. It occurred to the Wheelsucker that this “parallel universe” of cycling was probably just as credible – maybe more so – than his own. "

"The alley cat race was a race to various locations in downtown Baltimore."


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September Critical Mass

Friday, September 30, 2011, 7:30 PM

Washington Monument
699 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD

Come for the critical mass! and follow the mobile stereo! Please follow some etiquette: -No running red light if no bikes are passing through -No aggression to cars -Try to stay behind the designated leader and keep a tight group -If safe, stay to the right and keep a lane open for car traffic We are doing this to prove a point, that bikers aren't assholes and we belong on the road. Let's do it in style.

<a href="http://www.meetup.com/Biking-in-Bmore/events/35286722/?a=ea1.2_lnm&amp;rv=ea1.2">http://www.meetup.com/Biking-in-Bmore/events/35286722/?a=ea1.2_lnm&amp;rv=ea1.2</a>;
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Critical Mass Nov 26

[B' Spokes: I'm going, are you?]
Nov 26 Fri 7:00 PM

699 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Who’s coming?
2 Cyclists

Who's hosting?
Penny Troutner

A monthly Critical Mass ride as per


Loosely organized fun on bikes. Ride very much at your own risk. Seldom leaves on time, BTW. Often accompanied by music. My advice...Stick together, be safe, and be respectful to all.

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