Poll Topic: Bicycle facilities

Question: 1: The state should support what kind of bicycle facilities?

  •  Off-road bike trails
  •  On-road bike accommodations only on State roads
  •  On-road bike accommodations only on County roads
  •  All of the above

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The State already supports off road trails in many of the State Parks and NRA's which have very successful partnerships with bike orgs like MORE and IMBA as well as hikers. Support on roads would definately bring more commuter use but that does not seem to be a priority for the State or my county ( Baltimore); unless you want to count the new 3 foot law. Support needs to be on all fronts. Bicyclists are already segragated, no need to futher that effort by supporting only one kind of use.
I'm not trying to be too optimistic, but I am sure that state must support all the above mantioned. All the people that I ride with own and use automobiles, and pay Federal and State taxes. I made a small research, collected some documents and articles found by www.picktorrent.com search and found out things which are actually obvious: the cost to construct and maintain bicycle and pedestrian facilities is a tiny fraction of the cost to build and maintain roads and bridges for automobiles. I love my car, but I’d much rather ride my bike everywhere, on facilities that are safe. And while I personally am comfortable riding around trucks and traffic, I’d rather not have to. Most people are NOT comfortable riding around trucks and traffic. And I don’t want my three teenage children riding around trucks and traffic. They shouldn’t have to. The previous generation did a terrible job of planning. They only thought of the automobile and its needs. Our generation has the obligation to plan for the next generation.
These partnerships with the State Parks and RNA are really successful? I think that happens a great politicking for projects like this do not go forward.

Celso Kas.