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Tuesday, April 24 2018 @ 08:54 PM UTC
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Looking for the perfect commute

Biking in Maryland<img width="157" height="120" align="left" src="" alt="">Tired of filling the gas tank? Here's a look at commuting options
By Tom Foreman

Friday, October 21, 2005

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Call it the Quest for the Holy Trail.

&quot;Overall, it costs Tom Foreman $125 a week to drive his SUV to the CNN office in Washington.&quot;

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Peddling car-free, bike-friendly days for Baltimore

Biking in BaltimoreBy Tom Dunkel
Sun reporter
Originally published April 2, 2006

<img width="160" height="120" align="left" src="" alt="">Every Sunday, a 19th-century silence descends upon that mountain city. Some 75 miles of connecting streets are closed to traffic from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. As many as 2 million people pour forth to walk, cycle, Rollerblade, jog and simply socialize in communal peace.

No cars. No pollution. No gridlock. No roar of traffic.

&quot;Ciclovia,&quot; as it's known, is the world's biggest block party, an urban transformation that borders on magical.

&quot;It's like everyone puts on a new suit of clothes,&quot; says Cantori.

A thought quickly ballooned in his brain: Why not export the idea to Maryland?
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Changing lives. One ride at a time - in Baltimore!

<img width="156" height="94" align="left" src="" alt="">It's true, bikes change lives... and communities and families too. Don't miss your chance to be a part of BikeTown USA 2006. This year even more people will receive the gift of a bike and its life-changing powers.

To find out if you're living in a BikeTown click on your state below, fill out the form and submit your essay. Remember, you'll need to tell us how you would use a BikeTown bike to change your life.

If your essay is chosen, we'll invite you to join us at the local Bike Town giveaway and get you on your way to experiencing the power of the pedal (and, having a little fun, too!).
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Whole Foods goes with the wind

Health & Environment<img width="120" height="120" align="left" src="" alt="">By Bruce Horovitz, USA TODAY

Whole Foods Market is about to put some serious wind in its sales.

The trend-setting, natural foods grocery chain on Wednesday will announce plans to become the largest buyer of wind energy credits in North America by purchasing credits equal to 100% of its projected energy use for 2006.

That will make Whole Foods the only Fortune 500 company to purchase renewable energy credits
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Bike stolen

<img width="160" height="112" align="left" src="" alt="">looking for an old friend - 22

&quot;lost&quot; via smashing in the windows on my car...

a LeMond buenos aires road bike...
bright red with yellow, vertical &quot;JCS&quot; stickers on each side of the seat tube above the LeMond logo(added after photos below). yellow michelin tire in the front (also not visible below) and gray hutchinson in the rear on low spoke count wheels. full ultegra/9spd. size 55 cm. irreplaceable since full steel buenos models are no longer manufactured, plus sentimental value. please help, we've spent a lot of my favorite afternoons together.

this is in or around federal hill
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Mayor's response to trolley path bus parking problem

<img width="160" height="102" align="left" src="" alt="">This has been an ongoing problem because there are no established rules for the old trolley lane. People take it over by force of will, and anybody does whatever they want in that space.

This is about to change. The space is supposed to only be used by City vehicles and bicyclists. The Dept. of Transportation is in the process of designing a bicycle Trail system that would run in that location, establish rules for its use, and increase safety for peds and bikes through better design and signage. Carley Francis at Planning is working on this project with Nasser Rahimi in Transportation. My message to you is that we're working on it, it will improve, and it will be reserved for bikes, peds, and official City vehicles. The name will be the Jones Falls Trail. The design will probably be finished in six months, but you can check with Nasser regarding those details.

Bike safe and all the best.

Martin O'Malley

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SB846 & SB871 both passed the Senate second reading!!!

SB846 & SB871 both passed the Senate second reading!!!

We all owe Bob Moore of the BBC a drink or at least a thank you as he was very instrumental in helping these bills pass the second reading. And to be honest I did not think we would get this far, so can we get these to do the same thing in the House against MDOT

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Blackwater Resort Communities project

Health & Environment<img width="160" height="120" align="left" src="" alt="">
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BaltoCo Bike/ped plan moving forward

Baltimore County has identified a preliminary or pilot bicycle network within their Eastern Baltimore County Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Plan. That network is available for review here:

The Perry Hall Blvd sidepath is currently seeking funding through bond bills HB 1117 & SB 671 with an equal match from the County. So stay tuned for how you can support this project.

In the mean time comments are welcome about this pilot network (read more.)

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Where should this cyclist be riding?

<img width="160" height="114" align="left" src="" alt=""><img width="160" height="113" align="right" src="" alt="">

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