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Wednesday, February 21 2018 @ 01:25 PM UTC
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Harford County


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Pathways Plan: Grassroots Gatherings Meetings Being Scheduled

We are beginning to schedule the first meeting of the Spring 2006 Grassroots Gatherings series for each community group.

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Cyclist's Safety Act of 2006

A very important cycling legislation is being heard on 2/28 and we need state wide support and more importantly YOUR support by 2/26!

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With some reluctance I

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Off Road to Athens

<img width="154" height="120" align="left" src="" alt="">Arlington, Vigrinia based Gripped Films is pleased to announce its first Baltimore screening of their award-winning cycling film, &quot;Off Road To Athens&quot; at the Charles Theater on March 15th at 7pm.

Tickets and location info:
<a href=""></a>;

<a href=""></a>;

It will also be shown at National Geographic's newly restored Grosvenor Auditorium as part of the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour on March 7th.
<a href=""></a>;
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Cars - pass safely or else

We need everyone to act on these by Sunday!

House Bill 721 & Senate Bill 871 establishes safe distances for motorists who are driving near cyclists.

One Less Car

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Bicyclists, Motorists and the Language of Marginalization

Biking ElsewhereAn interesting read, I don’t agree on every point but parts make you think. So what do think? Should the term MotorIST join the ranks along with RacIST and SexIST?

•    Racism, Sexism and Mode-ism
•    Bicyclists as Minorities
•    Manifest Destiny
•    Subspecies of Bicyclists and Where to "Put" Them
•    Duh Laws
•    Act Up

A few quotes:

How does a citizen obeying the law while traveling on a public road portray a negative image?

Then there’s the unwritten law. It’s based on ridicule, an attitude of superiority, ignorance or disparagement of the written law, and the ability to flee the consequences of antisocial behavior. If it were written it would say:
    Stay out of our way or we will scare the crap out of you, hit you, or maybe even kill you.
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Vehicle Laws - Right-of-Way - Penalties for Failure to Yield

There is currently a bill being considered in the Maryland General Assembly that would increase the penalties for right-of-way violations. The bill numbers are SB429 for the Senate and HB 1383 for the House of Delegates. This bill covers all vehicles including bicycles.

Under current law, the penalty for violating the right-of-way of another vehicle is $60 and one point against the offenders' license. Even when a right-of-way violation is combined with another charge like negligent driving, the maximum fines and penalties for both charges would be $630 and seven points.

In many accidents of this nature, law enforcement and the courts cannot justify a higher charge that would include more severe penalties and the violators are given only minimal fines and penalties. This bill seeks to give the courts the tools they need to penalize violators appropriately when serious injury or death occurs.

Establishing that, if a person is convicted of failing to yield the right-of-way in violation of specified provisions of law and the violation contributes to an accident that results in bodily injury to another, the person is subject to a $500 fine and a 90-day period of license suspension; establishing a fine of $1,000 and a 180-day period of license suspension if the violation contributes to an accident resulting in the death of another; providing that the penalties are in addition to other penalties provided by law; etc.
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Awards at the Bicycle and Pedestrian Symposium

Find out who won the following awards:

PaceSetter Award

Golden Gear Award

Advocacy Award
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One mom, two kids, four bags of groceries, no car

This is not Amsterdam; this is Portland.

Links to:
  • Stokemonkey's blog entry
  • a video
  • cargo attachment for a bike
  • Human Electric Hybrid Drive
So why are these people smiling if they have no car?

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