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Saturday, October 22 2016 @ 07:02 AM UTC
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Essex Trike Stolen

Biking in the Metro Area[From Craig's list:]

My handi-capped son had his adult Trike stolen from him. The bike was a Miami brand 24" trike, beige in color with a basket on the back. It had Mountain bike tires on it and no fenders.It was a single speed trike and it worked well for him with his handi-capped issues. He was physically thrown off the bike and the kid rode away on it. The boy had blond hair and was about 15 years old. It happened around Sussex School. The police have never found the bike and my sone is heart broken. If you have any information as to the where abouts of this bike please email me and it will be kept in strict confidence. I really just want to get the bike back for my son.
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Anti-cyclist bias admitted by Post's Ombudsman

Biking in Maryland[From the Bike Washington DC list:]

Please take action!

I wrote the ombudsman of the Washington Post to complain about the anti-cyclist bias apparent in its titling of the original letter to the editor ["Why Do Bicyclists Dice With Death?"] and this is the answer I received. Everything makes sense now. Poor little Deborah Howell drives on MacArthur Blvd ever morning and also feels victimized by nasty cyclists who won't get out of the way. Quote:

"Ms. Taylor, I drive daily on MacArthur Blvd. and it happens to me all the time. I don't disagree with Mr. Arundel. Deborah

Deborah Howell
Washington Post Ombudsman"

Below is the complaint I wrote to Ms. Howell:

"I am writing specifically about a letter to the editor titled "Why Do Bicyclists Dice With Death?" published on August 15. The author of this letter complains about bicyclists riding on MacArthur Blvd instead of on the [very terrible] side path. In my opinion, the author is an ignorant bully, but his attitude is unfortunately all too common amongst DC area drivers. However, my complaint tonight is not about this man's opinion so much as it is about the title given to his letter. By asserting that cyclists are doing something risky [when they are not], the _Post_ gives undue weight to this man's view and essentially blames the victim.

Mr. Arundel seems to assert that cyclists _force_ him to drive in an unsafe manner, when the responsibility is Mr. Arundel's alone. The inflammatory title to the letter endorses Mr. Arundel's absurd point of view.

Please try to tone down the anti-cyclist rhetoric.

Nancy Taylor"

I urge every one of you to write Ms. Howell [ombudsman AT washpost DOT com] and complain about her using her position as a soapbox for her own opinions.

In a follow up to Ms. Howell I asked her to explain exactly what IT is that happens to her and how it harms her. [She sees cyclists?]

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24 Hours of Booty

Biking in Maryland24 Hours of Booty, Inc., which runs the Official 24-Hour Cycling Event of the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the only 24-hour road cycling charity event in the country, will be hosting the 24 Hours of Booty of Columbia, Md. on the “Booty Loop” at the Gateway Business Park from Noon, Saturday, Sept. 6 to Noon, Sunday, Sept. 7.
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Watch for bikes

Biking ElsewhereThe picture says it all:
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Second Baltimore Area Transit Advocacy Summit set for September 4th

Bike Maryland updatesOur second Baltimore Area Transit Advocacy Summit will be held at the Knott Foundation, 3904 Hickory Avenue in Hampden on September 4th from 9 AM to 1 PM. We'll be focusing on creating a workable vision for transit in the Baltimore area and discussing a legislative agenda for the 2009 General Assembly session.

Seating for this summit is very limited. Please contact rchambers"at" if you are interested in attending.
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OLC to Convene Statewide Summit for Bicycle Advocates on October 6th

Looking for local rides(ers)One Less Car, in conjunction with bicycle clubs around Central Maryland, will be hosting a Fall Bicycle Forum on Monday October 6, 2008 at 6:00PM to 9:00PM at the Applied Physics Lab-APL in Laurel.

The Forum will be your opportunity to tell advocates and policy makers what you think needs to be done to make Maryland a more bike-friendly state. It will also be a great opportunity to meet and mingle with old and new friends.

If you are interested in attending, please contact rchambers"at" or ws.kelly"at"
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20th Cycle Across Maryland a Big Success

Bike Maryland updatesOne Less Car would like to thank the over 500 cyclists who made Cycle Across Maryland a terrific event this year.

The highlight of the weekend may have been the Friday night awards ceremony which attracted over 300 people. The night was made extra special by the appearance of CAM founder Pat Bernstein, who reminisced about the storied history of the Cycle Across Maryland ride.

After expenses, CAM raised $50,000 for One Less Car's advocacy efforts across the state.

Considering this year's success, the Board of Directors of One Less Car is seriously considering hosting CAM for another year. A decision will be made in the next month. Look for more information and a link to a "CAM pics" page in next month's email update.
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Bicyclist hit and ticketed, takes on city hall

Biking Elsewhere[Apparently it is illegal to ride in the center of a bike lane in Madison.]
MADISON (WKOW) -- To Madison's Linda Willsey, her day in municipal court next week, is to stand up for all bicyclists in urban settings.

Willsey is refusing to pay a $10 ticket for failing to ride her bicycle at least three feet away from a parked car.

Willsey was ticketed July 16 while she was in a hospital emergency room after being hit by someone's car door as Willsey bicycled on Henry Street in downtown Madison.

"I'm going to fight this because it's not right," Willsey, 50, told 27 News.

"Most bikers who bike regularly are very wary when they're travelling along a line of parked cars," Willsey said. "But you've got traffic on the other side, so you're trying to find a safe zone between the parked vehicle that could open a door on you, and the traffic."

27 News used a tape measure in a downtown Madison bike lane, and discovered if a bicyclist maintained the legal clearance of three feet, the bicyclist would in the third of the lane closest to traffic.

Madison's Teena Morey has been on the other side of a car door, when a bicylclist hit. On Oct. 19, 2005, Morey said she barely opened her car door after parking on Langdon Street and a bicyclist was right next to her.

"Definitely less than three feet," Morey told 27 News. "I mean my door may have been open maybe twelve inches, and it was right there." Morey said the bicyclist hit her door and fell to the ground. But Morey said she was assigned no fault for the accident. Police reports indiciate no one was ticketed.

Willsey said state senator Fred Risser (D-Madison) is considering drafting a proposal to modify or abolish the three-foot-standard for bicyclists.

Willsey's date in Madison municipal court on her ticket is August 20.
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Tour du Port, Sunday, October 5th,

Biking in BaltimoreOn Sunday, October 5th, One Less Car will hold its annual Tour du Port bike ride and fundraiser. There will be 15, 22 and 45 mile supported rides around the waterfront and out into Baltimore County.

This year's ride will coincide with two major citywide cultural events - the Fells Point Fun Festival and Free Fall Baltimore. There's no excuse for not making Tour du Port part of a great weekend in the city.

Haven't signed up yet? If you want to take advantage of the $35 early bird rate you need to register by this Wednesday, August 20th. Click here for the Tour du Port 2008 site. We hope to see you there!

And remember - all registration fees go towards One Less Car's statewide advocacy efforts!

One more thing - due to rising costs, TDP t-shirts cost extra this year. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Richard Chambers, Executive Director
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Electric bikes provide greener commute

Biking ElsewhereNEW YORK (AP) -- When Honora Wolfe and her husband moved to the outskirts of Boulder, Colorado, she wanted an environmentally friendly way to commute to her job as a bookshop owner in the city.

Wolfe, 60, found her solution about a month ago: an electric bicycle. It gets her to work quickly, is easy on her arthritis and is better for the environment than a car.

"I'm not out to win any races," she said. "I want to get a little fresh air and exercise, and cut my carbon footprint, and spend less money on gas. And where I live, I can ride my bike seven months out of the year."

The surging cost of gasoline and a desire for a greener commute are turning more people to electric bikes as an unconventional form of transportation. They function like a typical two-wheeler but with a battery-powered assist, and bike dealers, riders and experts say they are flying off the racks. ...

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