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Friday, October 20 2017 @ 11:12 PM UTC
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Thanks to the following bicycle shops

Cyclist\'s Yellow Pages[We always like to pass on kudos to those who are helping to promote bicycling.]

Thanks to the following bicycle shops for their generous contributions to the BBC

Remember to support them with your business!

And a special thanks to the volunteer host of the BBC Website: System Source
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From MdTA: No bikes on ICC shoulders

Biking in Maryland

The Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA) has decided not to allow bicycling on the shoulders of the ICC. Here is their response to Nancy Breen who had asked on behalf of the Rockville Bicycle Advisory Committee that bicycling be allowed on the shoulders for those portions where the ICC trail will not be built.
- Jack Cochrane

December 1, 2008

Dear Dr. Breen:

Thank you for your follow-up email regarding bicyclist use of the shoulders on the Intercounty Connector (ICC). As Transportation Secretary and Maryland Transportation Authority Chairman, I am once again pleased to respond.

As you are aware, legislation was passed during the 2008 legislative session that allows me, as Authority Chairman, to decide on a case-by-case basis whether bicycle use will be permitted on Authority facilities. To that end, staff members completed a review of the matter and took several issues into account, including shoulder use, high-speed ramp crossing, motorist expectancy, toll collection/violations and facility design. Based on staff findings and further examination, I have made the decision not to allow bicycle use on ICC shoulders. Local viable alternatives exist to allow a bicyclist to cross the county, including trail segments that will be built during ICC construction. The Authority has committed to and will continue work at the local level to allow additional trail segments adjacent to the ICC.

Thank you again for your follow-up email and for taking the time to write. If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Dennis Simpson, Acting Director of Capital Planning, Maryland Transportation Authority at 410-537-5650, toll-free 1-888-754-0098 or via email at


John D. Porcari

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Does Maryland's drivers test cover bicycling well?

Biking in MarylandThe one bike related question I got while taking the MD driver test on-line:
If a bicycle rider near you is a child:
* Expect the child to know Maryland’s bicycle laws.
* Expect the child to be in total control of the bicycle.
* Expect anything could happen and adjust your driving.

[What do you think, are MD drivers being trained and tested in regards to the rights of cyclists and the duties of driver's of vehicles toward cyclists? Also if you take the test (its only 20 questions) let us know what was the one question you got.]
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The Transportation Outlook 2035 Amendment - Draft Preferred Alternative Open for Public Review and Comment

Mass Transit[Note: No additional bike projects, heavy sigh]

BALTIMORE (December 18, 2008) - After several months of public outreach and involvement, the BRTB is pleased to present, for public review and comment, the draft preferred alternative for the amendment to the Baltimore region's long-range transportation plan, Transportation Outlook 2035: Creating a Blueprint for the Baltimore Region's Future.

This Draft Preferred Alternative proposes $225 million in funding for regional transit projects, beginning in the year 2020.
The mix of projects includes:

* Green Line Transit - Preliminary Engineering
* Park-and-Ride spaces - averaging $10,000/space for 2,000 spaces in Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Harford, and Howard counties
* Carroll County - transit vehicles and amenities
* Intermodal Facilities /MARC stations/ Transit Oriented Development (TOD) -
o $10 million/facility average, 3 of 4 (smaller type facilities such as bus to bus: Central Maryland Transit Operations Facility (CMTOF), Columbia, Snowden Square, Parole)
o $20 million/facility average (larger type facilities such as rail to rail or bus: Lexington Market, or other Baltimore City location)
o MARC station(s) not currently included in TO2035, i.e. Odenton, West Baltimore, or East Baltimore Development Initiative (EBDI)
* Dedicated bus lanes - in congested corridors such as I-695, MD 152, US 29, MD 2
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So you think you have what it takes to be a bike messenger

Biking ElsewhereDegnaw made this flash game and I thought I would share.
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Baltimore ’s status on becoming a bike-friendly community

Biking in BaltimoreAttached are the comments from League of American Bicyclists concerning Baltimore ’s status on becoming a bike-friendly community. While the comments were compiled by LAB, the actual reviews were done by local persons with knowledge of Baltimore ’s bike “culture”.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

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Ray LaHood for DOT Sec

PoliticsDear Thunderhead members,

Please pardon the length of this post, but I want to provide information on our incoming USDOT Secretary, Ray LaHood, a moderate Republican Congressman from central Illinois who was retiring from his seat this year. In summary, he's been great for us! He is an active supporter of bicycling and trails, and he has very visibly gone against the wishes of his party leaders on our issues:

In a letter da ted April 28, 1997, LaHood joined 5 other Republican House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee members in expressing support for both Enhancements and CMAQ to the committee chair, Bud Schuster. He also spoke to the Illinois Valley Wheelm'n bicycle club about his support of both of these funding sources, which he said "have provided many benefits to the environment and local communities (e.g., bicycle and recreational trails). I believe in the importance and value of these programs." Congressman LaHood's leadership was pivotal in ensuring that Enhancements would continue in TEA-21 (1998).

On July 11, 2003, a House Appropriations Subcommittee, led by Rep. Istook (R-OK), passed a fiscal year 2004 transportation budget that redirected the $600 million slated for Transportation Enhancements to highway construction. Zeroing out TE threatened it not only for that year, but for the reautho rization bill that became SAFETEA-LU. An effort to restore dedicated Enhancements funding barely failed in full committee, where LaHood was one of only two R's voting for it. In a tremendous and powerful 327-90 victory that solidified TE's status, a bi-partisan amendment won 327-90 on the House floor. LaHood stood up impressively to make a floor statement in support:

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T4 America Ready to Go List

Biking in the Metro AreaOne criteria that the traffic folks use to establish need is the dollar amount of non-funded projects. No projects, no need so no funding. Which for cyclists then means no projects because of no funds and the cycle repeats. So with a envious eye on what is happening not that far away (and hopping to get this kind of energy here) here is what's happening in the DC area:
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Economic Stimulus Legislation

Bike LawsSupport funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects

Congress is currently putting together an economic stimulus package to have ready when the new Congress returns in early January. While public details of the forthcoming stimulus bill is not available, we are hearing that there is a chance that funds for transportation and infrastructure projects in the stimulus package may go overwhelmingly to road projects—the same unbalanced strategy that has created our existing transportation problems.

We must speak up now to make sure that the economic stimulus language maintains the established transportation funding allocations including the Transportation Enhancement set aside which is the primary source for bicycle and pedestrian projects.

Please take a moment to click onto the take action button to contact your Congressional Member now.

Thank you.

League of American Bicyclists
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Because Robert Moses Would Have a Coronary If He Were to See Our Streets Now

Biking Elsewhere-Justin Davidson, New York Magazine
Public space comes in a range of shades. In the sixties, its cultivation was effectively delegated to private developers, who were permitted to put up bigger office buildings if they provided sidewalk-level oases where workers could eat their lunch. In the eighties and nineties, New York began to rejuvenate its parks, restoring enclaves that offer a cushion from noise and congestion. Now the Department of Transportation has realized that its jurisdiction covers the basic unit of urban life: the street. There, lifestyles intersect and city dwellers co-exist with people different from themselves. It’s where we learn toleration, where leisure shares space with urgency, commerce with activism, baby carriages with handcarts. When it is narrowed by garbage or overwhelmed by traffic, then the street reverts to its most primitive use: as a corridor. But a truly public place allows people to move at many different paces, or not to move at all.

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