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[Note: This is a repeat of my comment in the article.]
While I am greatly encouraged by the scope and breadth of this effort one thing that concerns me a great deal is the funding questions. Should transportation funding be spent solely on getting cars from point A to point B as fast as possible but the problem of traffic related deaths, maiming or just plain being scared to leave your house without being protected by a steel cage is a problem to be solved with other sources of funding? This problem exists because of the lack of comprehensive designs when road "improvements" get planed and built. Public roads should not be built to prevent pedestrians from crossing them nor should they be built to scare away bicycle traffic.

I am greatly disturbed by the fact that the State is not following Federal guidelines and policies in regards to accommodating and funding bicycle and pedestrian projects. We (bike/ped) constitute 16% of Maryland's traffic fatalities which nationally puts us at #9 worst, yet we get less then 1% of the Federal funding this is plain and simply wrong.

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