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I was appalled to learn of the fate of the Johns Hopkins student Nathan Krasnopoler, who was run over by an 80-year old driver as she was turning right. He suffered irrecoverable brain damage. Thats a precious life with a lot of promise wasted for no reason. This incident is eerily similar to what happened to John Yates in `09 as he was crushed by a truck turning right.

I have written on this post before about the perils of cycling in Baltimore. I have been cycling here for six years now and as sad as it is I have not seen any major improvement in the infrastructure or attitudes. With the poor economy and misdirected priorities, its hard to predict any meaningful change in the future.

I have used this mirror on my helmet for years now. It looks geeky but it saves lives. I'd like to point out to the members of this forum to pass the word on. You can glue it to the left of your helmet and can easily spot rear traffic without too much distraction. Its cheap and readily available on Amazon, Performance etc.


and finally please slow down when you are close to intersections and beware of right turning traffic.

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