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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Billy and I have been commuting by bike from Canton to Lombard & Green for approximately 3 months now. I joined this group yesterday specifically to make sure I was aware of all relevant bike laws and maybe meet a few fellow bike commuters. Of course over the last 3 months I've had a few close calls. Well last night on my way home from work I was broadsided by someone making an illegal left turn through an intersection. Luckily his bumper hit me directly on the side of my left pedal and the bike took nearly all of the impact.

I have a bent crank arm, damaged bottom bracket, ripped seat, bent wheel, and other miscellaneous damage.

I got all of his insurance information and the damages aren't that highly priced. He told me he will pay for them out of pocket, but if for some reason he doesn't I imagine my damages will be covered by his insurance.

Anyone have any experience dealing with an insurance company for a bicycle loss?

Thanks in advance,


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