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Thursday, April 24 2014 @ 07:16 AM UTC
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Speed Cameras Making Streets Safer

Biking in Maryland

(Copyright 2008 by WTOP Radio. All Rights Reserved.)
Adam Tuss, WTOP Radio

ROCKVILLE, Md. -- Speed cameras in Montgomery County have caught more than 111,000 lead-foot drivers since they were put in place last spring -- and one county official says it's making the streets safer.

"People really have noticed that drivers are slowing down," County Police Chief Tom Manger tells WTOP.

The county began using mobile and fixed-position cameras in early May of last year. All of the photo enforcement is taking place in either school zones or residential zones where the speed limit is no greater than 35 miles per hour.

During a seven month period between May of 2007 and the end of the year, those thousands of tickets have generated about $2.6 million for the county. Yet Manger says the program has yet to break even.

"There were some (start up) costs and those sort of things, so the program has not paid for itself."

Montgomery County Police tells WTOP the actual cost of the speed camera program was $3.5 million. Once that mark is hit, by statute, any revenue has to go back toward traffic safety initiatives in the county.

Yet Manger says the real proof of the program is that drivers are lowering their speed.
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Map update: Balto - Frederic Century

Biking in the Metro Area
Our Baltimore Bike Trails & Routes has a new route, part of which comes from the Baltimore Bicycling Club.
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Help Shape Maryland's Transportation Future and Say You Bike

Biking in MarylandNote: Survey will be open through January 2008

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is updating its Statewide Long-Range Transportation Plan, known as the Maryland Transportation Plan (MTP). What are your thoughts about the future of Maryland's Statewide transportation system?

We encourage you to take 10 minutes to complete this survey. The answers you provide below will be used to shape the State's 20-year vision for transportation in Maryland.

[To be clear, I am not asking anyone to lie but if you bike get that info to MDOT!]
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Program designed to limit environmental impact of event

Health & EnvironmentBy JOHN MARSHALL AP Sports Writer

ASPEN, Colo.
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MD Bike Train

Biking in MarylandFrom

I am in the initial stages of discussion of a Bike Train with Amtrak. I'm looking for feasible locations for such a service and was wondering whether you thought such a service could be attractive in Maryland?

Last summer, Canada's ViaRail ran a pilot Bike Train with space for 56 unboxed, fully assembled bikes from Toronto to Niagara Falls. The service was such a success that ViaRail is expanding the Bike Train. I'm convinced that an Amtrak Bike Train would have the same results.

Amtrak is interested in the concept but they need help identifying potential locations for such a service. Ideally, the Bike Train would run from a large metro area served now by Amtrak. The metro area selected must have a high number of cyclists and the train must run to a cycling destination just a few hours from the large metro area. The cycling destination should already be a stop on Amtrak that is staffed by Amtrak personnel.

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The Annual Maryland Bicycle & Pedestrian Symposium

Bike Maryland updatesThe Annual Maryland Bicycle & Pedestrian Symposium
Feb. 6th 8:30 - 4pm President's Conference Room, Miller Senate Office Bldg Annapolis

The symposium brings together planners, advocates, state and local officials working across the state to make Maryland better for biking and walking. This year, awards will be given honoring the most bicycle, pedestrian and transit friendly project, and posters will be on display from these and other noteworthy programs, efforts and organizations.

Advocates will have an opportunity to meet with their elected officials and talk about the programs important to your community. For those with strong opinions on new directions in transportation and land use, this may be just your opportunity to use the bicycle as your trojan horse. As you know, transit, regional planning, equity issues, etc. all carry certain stigmas, however, not that many people are strongly opposed to bicycling (unless we're in front of their SUV).

MDOT Secretary John Porcari will be the key speaker, and is expected to announce some exciting new initiatives. Congressman Jim Oberstar (MN) avid cyclist, who as chair of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure may be the most important person for transportation policy in the country, MIGHT make an appearance. Great turnout is essential! Please join us to support the cause of safer streets and healthy, bike and pedestrian friendly neighborhoods.

For those who believe in actions over words, each year there is a group that rides form Baltimore to Annapolis via the light rail and B&A Trail.
For more information, and to register:
See you in Annapolis.
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The effectiveness of red light cameras

Biking in BaltimoreRed-light cameras have worked in NYC. In 2004, NYCDOT found that intersections with red-light cameras saw a 10% overall reduction in collision-related injuries and a 19% decline in pedestrian injuries over six years..."
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Yield to LIfe

Biking ElsewhereWe all travel life's roads.
I stand before you to ask for your cooperation
in providing safe space for cyclists.
When you see a cyclist on the road, please, yield to life.

- David Zabriskie, world-class cyclist and founder of Yield to Life
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Too Cold to Exercise? Try Another Excuse

Biking ElsewhereBy GINA KOLATA
Published: January 17, 2008 - New York Times
It was a conclusion
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Traffic-calming program to expand

Biking in the Metro AreaBalto. Co. officials say revised rules will allow speed bumps, other devices on more roads

By Laura Barnhardt | Sun reporter
December 30, 2007
Now county officials are preparing to relax the qualifications for the program that began four years ago.

Fewer vehicles will have to travel roads where residents see a speeding problem to qualify for a speed bump. And under the revised requirements that take effect next month, the drivers won't have to be traveling as fast.

For example, streets can now qualify for a speed bump if at least 100 cars use the road during its peak hour of use and travel at speeds 10 mph above the posted limit.

Under the old rules, 150 vehicles had to travel on the road during the peak hour.

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