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Tuesday, March 28 2017 @ 03:50 PM UTC
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Clif Bar recall

Biking ElsewhereTaken from
Product recall: Clif Bar is recalling 14 products sold in the U.S. and 4 in Canada because they contain peanut butter from the Peanut Corporation of America. PCA is being investigated as the source of a recent salmonella outbreak. Affected products include various Clif Bars, Clif Builder's Bars, Clif MOJO bars, Clif Kid Organic ZBaRs and Luna Bars. Specific info is on the company's website at <a href=""></a>;
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Complete Ban On Cell Phone Use While Driving Sought

Biking ElsewhereIn marshaling support for its campaign, the NSC cited a myriad of studies but particularly one by the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis that found that driver use of cell phones contributes to 6% of vehicle crashes -- or 636,000 crashes -- leading to 12,000 serious injuries and 2,600 annual deaths.

States have been adding restrictions to driver cell phone use in a patchwork fashion, with a recent emphasis on outlawing texting while driving. Some states have enacted legislation controlling the use of cell phones but permitting the use of hands-free devices. Nearly 20 states have enacted legislation that restricts use of cell phones by novice drivers. Froetscher appeared to have no illusions that states would jump immediately to ban all moving vehicle use of cell phones, and she acknowledged that it may initially be difficult to enforce strict bans.
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A Tragedy in the Commons – Satire on the state of bicycle planing and funding

Biking in MarylandI have been struggling with how to get around the states double speak on bike/ped funding and I was inspired to write the following. Let me know your thoughts if this is effective or not.


In a time not too far past in a place much like this one, in fact exactly like this one. A problem was brought to the attention of the appointed Grand Puba of All Things Much More Important Then This (GPATMMITT) and that problem was there was a higher demand for food subsidies then funds available.

“Ah, that's an easy problem to solve.” said the GPATMMITT “We'll simply have the recipient of subsidies pay more and we'll pay less so the funds go further.” And the court was in awe of the GPATMMITT wisdom and so enacted the policy of the wise GPATMMITT.

But soon there was a murmur among the smallest of smallest group of those that received food subsidies. “Oh Grand Puba of All Things Much More Important Then This while your policy may work well for farmers and such but those who are having trouble feeding their families on limited incomes cannot afford to pay more for their food and more people are starving, both the young and the old because of this new policy. So the GPATMMITT agreed to study the matter.

After looking into the matter the GPATMMITT pronounced “We have done polls and surveys and found that most people prefer steak and caviare but those using these funds spend it on trivial things like milk, bread, eggs and cheese. This is not right, funds from this office is about improving the quality of life by empowering purchase of things that are expensive so from now on only steak and caviare will be funded.” “But your Pubaness this will have a devastating effect on 3 out 5 of our members.” cried the smallest of smallest group. “That does not matter.” said the GPATMMITT “For every 5 we helped before we can help 12 now whether they actually need the help or not.”
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HB 27 Transportation - Intercounty Connector - Elimination of Funding

Bike Maryland updates[One Less Car supported bill]

Requiring the Governor to include a specified appropriation to the Transportation Trust Fund under specified circumstances; prohibiting the Department of Transportation and the Maryland Transportation Authority from financing the Intercounty Connector; requiring the Authority to retire specified bonds secured by a pledge of future federal aid in a specified manner; repealing provisions of law concerning the financing of the Intercounty Connector; etc.

[Note by my understanding of the bill it does not eliminate all funding just the GARVEE bonds.]
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Biking ElsewhereIdaho has had this law on the books for 27 years with no increase in bicycle-related accidents.
“A person operating a bicycle approaching a stop sign shall slow down and, if required for safety, stop before entering the intersection. After slowing to a reasonable speed or stopping, the person shall yield the right-of-way to any vehicle in the intersection or approaching another highway close enough to constitute an immediate hazard. After slowing to a reasonable speed and yielding the right-of-way, a person operating a bicycle may proceed through he intersection without stopping.”

I suspect this idea might give some motorists and police officers--at least those who don’t ride their bicycles--heartburn or worse. Before giving in to a knee-jerk reaction, consider this.
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Massachusetts Governor Signs Bicyclist Safety Bill

Biking ElsewhereAmong the many changes the new law makes, it adds police training on bicycle law and dangerous behavior by bicyclists and motorists; explains how a motorist should safely pass a bicycle; explains how a motorist should safely make a turn in front of a bicycle; makes &quot;dooring&quot; (opening a car door into the path of a bicycle or other vehicle) subject to ticket and fine; permits bicyclists to ride two abreast when it does not impede cars from passing; and adds legal protections for bicyclists who choose to ride to the right of other traffic.
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Today in DC - Biking for Obama

Biking in Marylandimage
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DIY turn signal biking jacket

Biking Elsewhereimage
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Biking Elsewhereimage
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Poll: Most Americans Want Stimulus to Emphasize Road and Bridge Repair and Transit, Not New Road Construction, Poll Finds

Biking ElsewhereWASHINGTON – As Congress takes up debate over an economic stimulus package, a new poll shows that most Americans would rather use federal dollars to repair highways and bridges and improve public transportation than expand highways through new construction.

In addition, fully 80 percent of respondents said stimulus investments should not only create jobs, but also help the goals of reducing oil dependency, improving the environment and increasing transportation options, even if the job creation took longer. Only 20 percent agreed that stimulus funds should include only “road and bridge projects that can be started right away and create an immediate boost to the economy”.

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