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Friday, August 29 2014 @ 12:14 PM UTC
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Don Engel for Delegate 11th District, Maryland General Assembly

Politics[B' Spokes: As usual with these kind of posts, I like people who bike. And in an effort to become the all powerful bike lobby I like sharing with you who I have met with and am impressed with. And I encourage you to get involved with your local politicians and if they are supportive of cycling let me know and I will try and promote them.]
Meet-and-Greet hosted by Bob
March 30, 2014 from 2pm to 4pm
2423 Sylvale Road, Baltimore, MD 21209

Meet-and-Greet hosted by Susan
April 27, 2014 from 5:00pm to 6:30pm
1911 Ruxton Road, Towson, MD 21204

Meet-and-Greet hosted by Ann and Don
April 30, 2014 from 7pm to 9pm
2414 Sugarcone Road, Baltimore, MD 21209
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Cycling is good for you part 2,869: vigorous exercise reduces flu risk, study suggests

Biking Elsewhereby John Stevenson , Road.CC

It’s well known that being fit and active reduces your risk of heart problems and a host of other diseases of a sedentary lifestyle. A new study suggests that at least two and a half hours of vigorous exercise a week - including what the authors term ‘fast cycling’ - cuts the risk of catching flu by around 10% too.

But gentle activity has little effect; the activity has to be hard enough that it makes you sweat or breathe hard, according to experts at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
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Biking in the Metro Area

Kennedy Krieger’s 10th annual ROAR for Autism fundraiser will feature a 25-mile bike ride, 5k run/road race, low-mileage fun walk and family festival


BALTIMORE, MD—For Autism Awareness Month in April, Kennedy Krieger Institute will once again bring the community together for its annual fundraiser, ROAR for Autism, on Sunday, April 27 at Oregon Ridge Park in Cockeysville, MD. Through biking, running and walking, families and supporters will gather with a united “ROAR” to raise awareness and funds for research into this puzzling disorder that so often silences the voices of those affected. Since the inaugural event in 2005, ROAR for Autism, presented by CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, has raised more than $2 million for autism research at Kennedy Krieger.


Autism is a brain-based developmental disability affecting the ability of 1 in 88 children to communicate and form relationships with others. As one of the nation’s leaders in autism research, Kennedy Krieger Institute strives to provide earlier diagnosis and develop successful treatments by discovering how autism affects the brain. ROAR for Autism gives participants a unique opportunity to help fight this complex, life-altering disorder that affects 1.5 million Americans.


The 10th annual event will be a fun-filled day with a meaningful purpose, featuring a 25-mile bike ride, a newly designed 5k course, low-mileage fun walk and a family festival. Cyclists will journey through the scenic countryside of Baltimore County and runners and walkers will enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding Oregon Ridge Park. After biking, running or walking, participants will enjoy the Family Festival, featuring healthy snacks provided in the Wegmans Wellness Village, live music, mascot challenge, face painting, balloon art,coloring station, enclosed playground, nature trails, food from Kooper’s Chowhound Burger Wagon and Woody’s Taco Island Truck, and much more!


Participants and teams may go online to register and build personal fundraising pages—all in support of autism research. Want to support ROAR for Autism, but can’t drag yourself out of bed early on April 27? Go ahead and sleep in, just don’t forget to register to Snore for ROAR.


For more information about ROAR for Autism, or to register, visit or call 443-923-7300.


What: ROAR for Autism 2014: 25-mile Bike Ride, 5k Run/Road Race, Low-Mileage Fun Walk & Family Festival



Oregon Ridge Park

13401 Beaver Dam Road

Cockeysville, MD 21030



Sunday, April 27, 2014

6:30am              Registration and check-in opens for bike ride

7:00am              Bike ride begins and registration opens for 5k and Fun Walk

8:00am              All bike riders must be on course

8:00am              5k run and Fun Walk begins

8:30am              Family Festival begins

10:30am            Awards ceremony and mascot challenge

11:30am            Raffle drawing

12:00pm            Family Festival ends and start/finish closes



AdvanceOnline Registration (ends April 23)

Adults - $35 (Festival only - $15)                         

Children 5-12 - $15 (Festival only $5)

Children 4 & under – FREE                                


Late/On-Site Registration (April 27)

Adults - $40 (Festival only - $20)

Children 5-12 - $20 (Festival only $10)     

Children 4 & under – FREE


Information: Visit or call 443-923-7300. ROAR for Autism is on Facebook!


About Kennedy Krieger Institute

Internationally recognized for improving the lives of children and adolescents with disorders and injuries of the brain and spinal cord, the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, MD serves more than 20,000 individuals each year through inpatient and outpatient clinics, home and community services and school-based programs. Kennedy Krieger provides a wide range of services for children with developmental concerns mild to severe, and is home to a team of investigators who are contributing to the understanding of how disorders develop while pioneering new interventions and earlier diagnosis. For more information onKennedy Krieger Institute, visit

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An Advocate’s Guide to Elections

Biking ElsewhereB' Spokes: A sample of what I would love to see around here.
By Darren Flusche, Policy Director, League of American Bicyclists

Bike Delaware

In 2010, Bike Delaware surveyed all candidates running for the state’s General Assembly. The survey included questions related to the appreciation of the benefits of bicycling and ended with direct questions about the candidates’ willingness to dedicate state funds to bicycling and walking. The responses indicated widespread support for dedicated state funding for bicycling and walking.

Encouraged by this, Bike Delaware and their health partners launched the successful “Walkable, Bikeable Delaware” campaign. The governor and the General Assembly have since committed over $20 million dollars of state funds to bicycling and walking projects.

Bike Delaware published the results online:

2010 Bike Delaware Survey

On a scale of 1 to 5, rank your support of the following statements, with one being ‘strongly agree’ and five being ‘strongly disagree’:

1. I supported or agreed with the recently passed “Vulnerable Users Bill”:$file/legis.html

2. I believe that increased use of ‘active’ modes of transportation (i.e. walking and bicycling) improves public health.

3. I believe that investing in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure saves people money by allowing them to spend a smaller percentage of their household budgets on transportation; and makes Delaware’s economy less vulnerable to disruption from oil price shocks.

4. I support greater state transportation spending on walking and bicycling.

5. A minimum percentage of state transportation funding should be dedicated to the development of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and facilities.
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AA uses naked cyclist to launch #thinkbikes wing-mirror campaign

Biking ElsewhereB' Spokes: I laughed at this.
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Zeke's Coffee Cupping/Tasting @ Twenty20 Cycling Co.

Biking in BaltimoreThis Saturday (3/22/14) as Zeke's Coffee hosts a FREE cupping of Twenty20 Blend coffee here in the Hampden Shop from 10am - 12pm.

Stop by for a free sample of the custom blend as they brew on-site and hear how and why Twenty20 blend is so uniquely awesome.

725 W. 36th Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21211

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‘The Pied Piper for sustainable transportation’ and his radical idea: Put people first

Biking ElsewhereBy CHRISTINE MCLAREN, The Globe and Mail

He has also lived his message: Mr. Penalosa, 57, helped to transform Bogota when he served as the Colombian capital’s commissioner of parks and recreation in the late 1990s. He has since become an evangelist for livable cities that put people, not cars, at the centre of planning. As the executive director of Toronto-based non-profit 8-80 Cities, he has worked with more than 150 cities on every continent, convincing them that rapid improvements to mass transit, bike lanes and pedestrian walkways are not as impossible as they may think.

Many politicians are also “timid,” he adds. “The minute they’re elected, they’re thinking about how to get re-elected, and the way to get re-elected is to do more of the same. Maybe a little bit better but more of the same. But unfortunately now we not only have to focus on doing things right, but also we need to focus on doing the right things.”

“It’s not about walking or cycling or parks or sidewalks,” he says. “Those are the means. The end goal is how to create a vibrant city with healthy communities, where the citizens are going to be happier.”
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1 mile of a protected bike lane is 100x cheaper than 1 mile of roadway (Chart)

Biking ElsewhereB' Spokes: Before I share the following article I thought I would share some other absurdisms working against us.

1) Speed of travel is the ultimate priority.
Which would be like saying I know someone with a Ferrari who zips around town, I would like to zip around town too so I need a new Ferrari and my 10 year old car is no longer good enough.
So freeways and freeway like roads are like Ferraris, expensive and really not practical for everyday use.

2) We have a huge backlog of car centric projects that total billions of dollars. So if we don't accommodate bikes and peds over a hundred years we'll saved enough to get one year of car centric projects for free.
This is like trying to afford a Hawaiian vacation by squeezing the last drop out of your toothpaste tube. Sure you are saving money by doing that but the reality is what you can purchase from that kind of savings plan cannot be anywhere near the cost of the toothpaste or the cost of the road project. We are skimping on road projects to appear frugal while buying a Ferrari. Does that make any sense?

3) The greatest need is based on what's the most expensive.
This would be like the government analyzing your food budget and seeing that you spent a lot on steaks saying you need to cut out fruit and vegetables so you can purchase more steaks. Now go ahead and try to refute the argument that most people like steaks so this is fair (like the argument that most people like to drive.)
This is a false argument that we are forced into, the argument is what is the best balance for what we can afford.
By Zachary Shahan, Tree Hugger

One of the most hilarious (or, hilariously illogical) attacks on expanding bicycle infrastructure that I've seen repeatedly pop up over the years is the idea that "bicycle infrastructure costs too much." It only takes a few moments to reflect and put such costs into perspective.

For one, bikes are clearly much smaller and lighter than cars or trucks. So, the space needed to accommodate bicyclists is obviously much smaller, and the repairs needed from deterioration are also smaller. Furthermore, as you attract more people to bicycling, that pulls people out of their cars, reducing the deterioration and eventual repair costs of the car lanes. Naturally, the benefits improve even further when we think about bridges.

See the article for the chart and be prepared to do a lot of scrolling to see where the cost of car projects ends.

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Baltimore Youth Kinetic Energy Collective [video]

Biking in Baltimore

Baltimore Youth Kinetic Energy Collective from Jeremy Sheeler on Vimeo.

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Take Action: Bicyclist Safety MUST Be a Priority

Biking ElsewhereB' Spokes: Why this is important for Maryland:

Source: FARS States | Pedestrians

And note that bike/ped fatales make up 22% of Maryland road fatalities. image
Source: FARS States

And our ranking with bicycling and pedestrian fatality rates combined:
StatePedestrians KilledPedacyclists KilledPopulation (Thousands)"Pedestrian Fatality Rate per 100,000 Population""Pedacyclist Fatality Rate per 100,000 Population"Total (Pedestrians + Pedacyclist)Rank
South Carolina1131546792.410.322.7350
New Mexico41420821.970.192.1647
North Carolina1602596561.660.261.9244
Source: Car Insurance Comparison

Even the U.S. Transportation Secretary says he won't tolerate 'crisis' in bicyclist deaths

Additional info about your representatives from LAB:
In the House (Chris Van Hollen did a lot better than the others.)
In the Senate (With Ben Cardin standing out a bit better.)
From League of American Wheelmen, Inc.

Once again, bicyclists have been left out.

This morning, the federal government released a traffic safety proposal that turns a blind eye to the rising number of bicyclist and pedestrians deaths.

Last week, 700 participants at the National Bike Summit visited their members of Congress and asked them to sign on to a critical bill that would require the U.S. Department of Transportation establish a specific target to improve the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians. Months ago, we mobilized bicyclists behind this bill because we knew DOT was unlikely to do this on their own.

Today, unfortunately, we were proven right.

The DOT just issued a proposed national traffic safety goal that doesn't include a specific target or goal for reducing the number of bicyclists and pedestrians killed on our roadways.
We know that without a specific target to focus the attention of state DOTs and USDOT on reducing bicyclist and pedestrian deaths within the overall number -- we get lost in the shuffle. At a time when cities like New York and San Francisco are adopting bold targets like Vision Zero, we believe the federal government should be expecting the same thing of themselves and state transportation agencies. 
Please ask your members of Congress to sign on to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act: HR 3494 / S 1708. If you just attended the National Bike Summit, it's the perfect excuse to follow up your meeting with a "Thank you" and a reminder of your request. If you weren't at the Summit, it's a great way to make your voice heard on this important issue. 
Next week, we'll ask for your help in responding directly to the DOT's proposed safety target. Today, please join us in making sure your member of Congress supports a national goal to reduce the number of bicyclists and pedestrians injured and killed on our roads.


Andy Clarke
President, League of American Bicyclists

Click the Take Action button at the bottom of this page.

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