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Tuesday, February 21 2017 @ 12:40 AM UTC

Maryland in the national news

Biking in Maryland...
Incomplete Intersections – Injuries and fatalities at intersections are often a result of intersection design that ignores the needs of all users. This is especially true for those who must walk along and across wide, fast-moving arterial roads without walking-friendly facilities, such as frequent crosswalks and pedestrian medians. Recent pedestrian injuries at a large intersection in Rockville, Maryland prompted online conversations about the most dangerous intersections in the country. Among the intersections nominated as the nation’s worst by readers of Streetsblog include those in Florida, Nebraska, and Missouri, which have over 30 (!) lanes of traffic, confusing signage, and few to no safe facilities for those on foot. Just reaching the opposite side of these intersections can be confusing and lengthy journeys and often do not provide easy access to bordering shops, schools, or employment centers. People on foot, frustrated by these difficult intersections, then try to take the most direct route (rather than walking over a mile in some cases to the closest crosswalk), often resulting in dangerous collisions.

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