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Sunday, May 28 2017 @ 12:19 PM UTC

Study: Cyclists, drivers equally to blame for crashes in Minneapolis

Biking Elsewhereby: STEVE BRANDT, Star Tribune

Failure to yield, other lapses by both drivers and bikers lead to motor vehicle-bicycle collisions, a 10-year analysis of Minneapolis crash reports found.

Biker actions contributed to the crash in 59 percent of collisions, compared to almost 64 percent for drivers, according to the study presented Tuesday to the City Council. Sometimes both were judged at fault by investigating officers.

The city's Public Works Department plans to use the data to target education campaigns at drivers and bicyclists as well as to improve bike features such as lanes, bike-triggered traffic signals and other accommodations.

It also urged continuing training for truck and bus drivers on bike awareness, as well as wide use of public service videos posted online for other drivers and bikers about road safety. It also urged that bikers and motorists receive even-handed enforcement.

Collisions were most likely to happen during the afternoon rush hour. Eighty-one percent of crashes occurred within 50 feet of an intersection. One of five crashes were classified as hit-and-run, with the driver the fleeing party 93 percent of the time.

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