Lafayette and Maryland Avenue near where you enter the Jones Falls Trail. Looked very bad when I went by.

There was a firetruck, police and patrol car, caution tape. I said out-loud, “Oh, please don’t let it be a cyclist.”

But it was. I saw a bike. And I saw a cyclist on the ground, face-down, still wearing a helmet. He (?) looked bad. (I certainly didn’t take any cell phone photos because I’m not deranged.) As we headed North, I heard an ambulance in the distance. Given that there was caution tape blocking the scene and that no one on the firetruck seemed to have moved the cyclist, I can only assume the worst, though I hope the worst is not true.
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From my mail bag: FYI - A bicyclist was killed by a hit and run driver at the corner of Maryland Avenue and Lafayette Avenue at around 1PM today. I was getting off the bus just as police were covering the body. I was told by a bystander that it was a truck that hit the individual. It apparently dragged the cyclist about 5-10 yards and drove off. He was riding a red mountain bike. Not sure of any other details. - RC
From Face Book: Baltimore PoliceDept: We are currently investigating the scene and will have information once detectives get a sense of what transpired.
its very sad. the city needs to do something.
From WJZ:


A bicyclist was struck and killed downtown late this morning.

Fire Chief Kevin Cartwright tells WJZ-TV a person on a bike was struck at Lafayette and Maryland Avenue at 11:37am.

The cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Baltimore City police department is now handling the investigation.


(I got there at like 11:40.)
sad sad sad.
Did you read the comments on THE SUN? Geez.
yup -bunch of assholes
You said it, Ali. I get sick thinking of how people can be bored and mean enough to post the things they do on THE SUN. I can't read that thing anymore.
Time for Baltimore’s first ghost bike.
I was thinking the same thing. I can get an old MTB for donation if needed. I always thought Ghost Bikes were a nice practice, but I'd hoped we'd not have to practice it in Charm City.
Hey we can donate a bike from our pile of bikes we can't reuse. I was going to install it with bbw either tomorrow or thursday. this is sad. my heart goes to the family and friends of this man.
sorry that last message was from me -Boson Au Velocipede Bike Project
Boson, can you please let us know the time/date of the Ghost Bike installation and if you need ANY help? I'd certainly like to be there and would be very glad to help get the word out.
is anyone thinking / arranging a memorial ride for this gentleman? May he rest in peace.
I can also spare several parts for a ghost bike. Let me know what you need. I shouldnt have thrown out my ex's bike - too late.
Re: is anyone thinking / arranging a memorial ride for this gentleman? May he rest in peace. That's another good idea!
Velocipede Bike Project, Baltimore, will be installing a Ghost Bike at Maryland and Lafayette in memorium to the cyclist who was killed today. I will post the date when this event will take place. Your support would be deeply appreciated at this memorial service for cyclist killed while riding


- RB
Thanks RB. Let us know what you need. I will be there.
Just informed that there's a camera on the NE light pole so hopefully they'll ID the driver.
okay, so tomorrow, rod bruckdorfer, kristen rigney, as well as others from velocipede will be stripping/painting a ghost bike from the shop. I will be picking up a lock and chain and getting it all ready ideally I think we can let it dry, then install it thursday. Flowers/plaques/etc would be amazing... feel free to contribute. I would love to contact the family of the victim.
i ride jones falls every morning to maryland. sad sad sad... what time will this take place??
The news is reporting time of crash at 11:37 a.m.
the last I heard they wont be charging the driver of the truck. I guess the life of a cyclist has no value.
is there a memorial happening?