[Yes you are reading right, because people are driving less and taking mass transit more they are cutting mass transit.]

Proposed reductions in service a result of budget cuts

The sources of revenue that support the operation of MTA's MARC Train and Commuter Bus services have declined dramatically since the start of the fiscal year on July 1. Regrettably, MTA must reduce its budget, and while the majority of reductions are taking place in the administrative budget some MARC Train and Commuter Bus services are proposed for elimination.

The public is encouraged to provide input regarding the proposed modifications. MTA will hold public hearings throughout the State from November 17 through November 25, 2008 to receive public comments on these proposals. Citizens may provide comments at any hearing that is convenient, or may send comments directly to the MTA by mail or e-mail. All comments received by December 26, 2008 will be considered before proposals are finalized. &gt;&gt; View a list of hearing dates or full details of the proposed cuts <a href=""></a>;

by B' Spokes

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To Whom It May Concern: I am a commuter who rides bus 411, catching it at the Hickory Park-N-Ride. I live in Street, Maryland and was finally able to get a job in Baltimore and not worry about a tiresome commute, as I had done for the past 20 years with another employer located in Pennsylvania. The commuters really need and are appreciative of the fact that we can commute from Harford County to Baltimore without the aggravations of personally driving/being in traffic, especially alone. I pray that you do not take away this benefit that so many of us are able to enjoy. This not only helps us to have a more positive workday, it also helps at home due to less stress. If there is anything that you are able to do in lieu of making the proposed, significant service reductions, even if it is to raise fares, that would be a more viable adjustment. I make this request as someone who, at the age of 41, had a mini-stroke due to the stresses of a job and having to commute 3-4 hours per day was a very big part of my failing health. I have been blessed to be able to work in a job that I now enjoy and to commute without the additional stress of driving. Thank you for taking the time to read this email. Blessings.