Velocipede will be closed from 8/13-8/18 and then Shop Organizing!!!

Hello Bicycle friends!!!

We at velocipede have been having a very busy summer, giving away and selling hundreds of bikes, teaching classes, and helping people to fix their own bike. So as the heat is bearing down on us we have decided to take a much needed break before students come back into town in order to take stock, do some inventory and rest.

So, Shop will be closed from Monday August 13th until Saturday August 18th. On Sunday the 19th of August instead of the normal sunday shop, we will have a Shop Organizing Day from 12:00-6:30.

During this Shop Organizing Day we will work on making more work areas in the shop, as well generally organizing the rest of the shop. We need as many people as possible, of all skill levels, to make this day a success. This is a great time to rack up hours to be put towards co-op membership and parts, as well as helping Velocipede to continue to pump bikes and bike knowledge in to the city!!! (plus vegan and non-vegan food will be provided for the workers)

Also, we are working on re-assessing our current policies on co-op membership and bike claiming-- we would like to hear your opinions and impressions of how the shop works currently, and any advice or ideas of how it could work better. Please send emails to with your comments and ideas.

Thank you all for time and for helping to make Baltimore more bike friendly. We will be sending out more reminders and requests soon!! Also remember that you can always keep abreast of events at Velocipede by checking our calendar at <a href=""></a>;

In Veloci-darity--
the folks at Velocipede
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