W&OD in VA needs your help

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(Please note the legal battle that needs your financial help in the comment below.)

The message below is from the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority which owns and operates the W&amp;OD Trail. To convince the State Corporation Commission to approve a route for Dominion's electric transmission line extension in western Loudoun that does NOT use (and degrade) the W&amp;OD Trail, trail users must speak out against a transmission line extension within this regional park. Please take this simple action. Together, we WILL prevail.

Allen Muchnick
Dear Friends and Supporters of the W&amp;OD Trail:

As many of you may know Dominion Virginia Power announced plans to use its easement on the W&amp;OD Trail to build a new 230-kilovolt electric transmission line. Dominion later decided in September 2004, due to public opposition, not pursue use of the W&amp;OD Trail through downtown Leesburg and west through Hamilton.



The State Corporation Commission on October 21, 2005 ordered that the W&amp;OD Trail must be considered as a route for the new line. The Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority wants to make trail supporters aware that the power line issue on the W&amp;OD Railroad Regional Park is far from over. If these lines are constructed on the Trail one of it

by B' Spokes

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Over a year ago we celebrated together when Dominion Virginia Power announced that they would NOT use the W&OD Trail as their preferred route for the new 11 story high, 240 kV electrical lines. Unfortunately, given the way that the legal rules are written, the State Corporation Commission recently stated that they must, by law, consider the W&OD trail as a route since Dominion Virginia Power owns the easement on the W&OD Trail.

What does this mean?

* It means that the only way to protect the W&OD Trail is through the legal battle that has already begun.

* It means that without a strong, dedicated legal campaign that the W&OD Trail and its 26,000 trees will be destroyed.

* It means that 110 foot high towers and high voltage lines will destroy the backyards of the over 400 homes along the W&OD Trail.

* It means that our regional park, the place where YOU bike, run, walk, ride your horses or rollerblade with your friends and families will be lost.

Save The Trail is the only registered non-profit organization that was formed to protect the W&OD Trail in this legal battle. Our attorney, Jack Rust, is engaged and fighting to win. But we need your help to do so. The deep pockets of those who wish to destroy the W&OD Trail have already engaged in multiple legal motions, increasing our costs. In addition to our legal fees, we must hire outside experts to offer testimony about the benefits of our regional park.

We must raise $50,000 before December 31st, 2005.

Without your tax deductible donation TODAY, the battle to save the W&OD Trail will be lost. This is a unique time in all of our lives. We only have today to save the Trail.

Please send your tax deductible donation to:

Save the Trail, Inc. (make the check payable to: Save the Trail, Inc.)
PO Box 13
Hamilton, VA 20159

For more information, please visit http://www.savethetrail.com/ or please call 703-779-1865.

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The Trail Needs You!
Today begins the 30-day count down to the 2 public hearings to be held on Dominion Virginia Power's application to the State Corporation Commission (SCC). It is absolutely critical that supporters of the W&OD Trail attend and speak at these 2 hearings and voice their support for the preservation of the W&OD Trail. The public's testimony will be what saves the Trail. The information for attending and speaking at the hearings is below. The W&OD Trail will be considered by the SCC to use as the route for 11 miles of 110 foot towers and high powered transmission lines causing the removal of 26,000 trees on the trail. The only legal argument that may save the trail is its role as a public park with its recreational use by you and your families.

Think about it -- is the W&OD Trail just a strip of concrete? Or are the 26,000 trees and tree canopy that make it our regional park? The organized and well funded effort against the W&OD Trail is aggressively trying to force the SCC to use the Trail which IS now back as a route on DVP's application before the SCC.

Here is HOW you can help Save the W&OD Trail:
Urbana Loop: Allegheny Power Transmission Line Open Public Comment Sessions before the Public Service Commission: January 25 and 26 from 6 PM to 10 PM at the Fire Hall in Urbana.

Allegheny Power has proposed installation of 100-foot tall high voltage transmission lines through the rural western portion of Urbana to feed the increased electrical demand caused by the explosive growth in eastern Urbana. These lines will destroy the views of Sugarloaf Mountain at Fingerboard and Thurston Roads and be within 985 feet of 54 residential properties.

Send written comments accompanied by a disk to Ray Bourland, Executive Secretary, Public Service Commission, William Donald Schaefer Tower, 6 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, MD 21202-6806. You may Electronically file on the PSC website by clicking on the "eFile" box on the menu. You will need to register prior to doing this (just follow the instructions). Be sure to reference Case #9018 in all correspondences. Comments must be received by 2/3/06. The PSC website is www.psc.state.md.us/psc.

As a strong united front we DO stand a chance of stopping this destruction of our community. We need a large public turnout so the Public Service Commission Hearing Examiner knows the Urbana community objects to these lines. Please plan to attend one of the meetings even if you send written comment.

For information, or if you need help with electronic filing contact:

Kristie Melvin, Karen Baker
2756 Lynn Street
301 831-1078 301 874 0176, resp.
k90vette@aol.com kbcbab@aol.com, resp.

Your help and support are needed to save our neighborhoods and the beautiful mountain views.

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