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Tuesday, September 01 2015 @ 07:53 AM UTC
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U.S. DOT Wants Your Take on the Baltimore Region's Transportation Planning Process

Mass TransitThe U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) wants to know how well the Baltimore region conducts its transportation planning process. If you're interested in how transportation investment decisions are made in the Baltimore region, you should plan to attend a public hearing with the U.S. DOT on Tuesday, June 24th. The meeting, which is part of the quadrennial federal certification process of the Baltimore region's metropolitan planning organization (MPO), will take place from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. at 2700 Lighthouse Point East (2700 block of Boston Street), Suite 310, in the Canton area of southeast Baltimore City.

As the local MPO, the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board (BRTB) is responsible for several key products as part of a continuing, comprehensive and coordinated (3-C) process. These products include a long-range transportation plan, a short-range program or implementation plan, an annual work program, air quality assessments, and a congestion management process. The BRTB undertakes this work in coordination with state agencies and other partners. An important part of the planning process is providing for public participation.

The meeting on June 24th will not address specific projects, but the overall transportation planning process. The U.S. DOT (Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration) is interested in knowing:

* Are you provided with the opportunity to participate in the transportation planning and programming process?
* Do you receive information about transportation issues early enough in the process so staff and the MPO can utilize your suggestions or recommendations?
* Do you have reasonable access to the technical and policy information that is used to develop the Long Range Transportation Plan and Transportation Improvement Plan?
* Do you receive adequate notice of transportation planning and programming activities?
* Do you have adequate time to comment on key decision points in the process?
* Do you feel your comments are taken into consideration by staff and the MPO?
* What are the positive aspects of the transportation planning process?
* What suggestions do you have for improving the process?
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Bike rack program too successful

Biking in BaltimoreAll the current bike racks have been spoken for. You can still send in a request to Nate Evans the City's Bike/ped planner Nate.Evans "at" but it will have to wait for the next round.
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Crossing guard: Police conduct pedestrian safety sting

Biking in Baltimore[Note: Rumor has it that Baltimore is doing similar stings.]

Missoula police officers ramped up their enforcement of pedestrian safety laws from zero to zealous on Thursday during a 90-minute plainclothes sting operation on East Broadway.

A fleet of four motorcycle officers idled nearby as bipedal officer Annie Nordby, in off-duty attire, crossed East Broadway and Adams Street - an intersection marked by a painted crosswalk but with no cautionary light.

One by one, as motorists blew by Nordby, the motorcycle officers zipped into action, chasing after any disobedient drivers who failed to yield.

When the pedestrian safety operation was over, police had issued 14 citations for failing to yield to pedestrians, which could cost drivers up to $100, depending on a Municipal Court judge's decree. Police also gave six warnings and 14 additional citations for infractions such as no insurance or expired registration.
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Mass TransitMaryland PIRG
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Thanks for a great Instructional Ride Series

Biking in the Metro Area

Thanks to Gordon Peltz, Howard Kaplon, and Gary Brandon for a great 2008 BBC Instructional Ride Series

The participants from the 2008 BBC instructional ride series (and previous years) want to thank Gordon, Howard, and Gary for leading this year's class and rides. The three leaders took a rag tag bunch of bicyclists from all levels and turned us in to a rag tag bunch of better bicyclists. Gordon, Howard, and Gary did it with grace, good humor, dedication, and lots and lots of patience.

We gave the ride leaders each a bicycle-related gift and made a separate donation to One Less Car in their honor.

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Worthy of a Bike Statue

Biking ElsewhereBy Daniel Hamermesh

My Dutch co-author and I biked to his office this morning, with very nice new bikes he owns. I remarked on them, and he said his university gives him the right to buy a bike out of pre-tax income every three years.

Every Dutch employer can offer this triennial subsidy of $750. I thought that was quite interesting, and asked why.

The answer is that earlier the government gave employees a subsidy on commuting costs, but only if they lived at least 10 kilometers from work. He says the government realized that this was unfair to short-distance commuters and, worse still, increased incentives to live far from work and to use gasoline that generated air pollution.

The bicycle subsidy is designed to counter those effects; and it is also consistent with the national image as devoted to bike-riding. (The Netherlands is the only place I have seen a public statue/monument consisting of a 10-meter-tall bicycle!)
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Looking for volunteers June 7 & 8

Biking in BaltimoreNo you don't need to volunteer for both dates, they are separate events.

The first event on June 7th, Saturday, is the celebration of Gwynns Falls Trail / National Trails Day. They are looking for biking or walking guides or just general help. Contact "Kate Mack" <> for more info.

The second event is Tour dem Parks on June 8th, Sunday. We are working hard to make this a family biking event not to miss. We can use ride and route marshals and possibly some rest stop help and grill chefs. If you think you might want to help, email us at info "at"
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Tour dem parks - In memory of Bob Moore

Biking in Baltimore Tour dem Parks!

Bob Moore has always been a great supporter of the Gwynns Falls Trail, riding in the city and sitting back and enjoying life and a cold one. So...

Come out this Sunday (6/8) and enjoy a one of our routes, 14, 20, 40 or 60 miles, BBQ and music after the ride and a cold beer!

We are almost all sold out of shirts so we will be offering an option to mail the shirt for an additional $5 shipping and handling if you are a registered rider and don't get a shirt.

Last year we raised $10 thousand to help promote more bicycling and help with our parks (which you will be touring on the ride.) With the economy the way it is, sponsorship of the ride this year has been way down so we can really use your help, come have fun and support a great cause or just have fun and kick back with some friends after the ride.

The back of the t-shirt:

The front of the shirt is like (not identical) to the guy on the bike in the upper left corner of this article.

You can also register for the ride above and lay claim to the last 100 or so shirts.

FYI: There is another even in the park that begins as ours is winding down which should be fun for the whole family. "Find your leaf", food by Chipotle and arts and crafts sale.

Thanks for your support!
View Printable Version - Bike Boulevards

Biking ElsewhereBerkeley, CA sports some of the best bicycling amenities anywhere in the U.S. They are called Bicycle Boulevards - and are essentially bicycle priority streets - where thru traffic is diverted from the neighborhood and traffic calming is plenty.

Directed by: Clarence Eckerson Jr.
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NIH Bicycle Commuter Club

Biking in MarylandBy Jenny Haliski

What if Washington, D.C.-area employers recognized and rewarded employees who commute by bike with tangible financial incentives that the cyclists, in turn, could spend to support local businesses? That

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