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Friday, August 28 2015 @ 07:08 PM UTC
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Mass TransitBaltimore City is Funding Three New Bus Routes

The short lived DASH bus service is coming back bigger and stronger than ever. One year from now,the City of Baltimore expects to be running the first of three free downtown bus routes. All three routes should be operational by September of 2009. North, East and West, the DASH will get you there in new Hybrid Electric Buses. The service will be paid for in part by an increase in the parking tax. Another reason to leave your car at home.
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With Gas Prices Reaching $4.00 a Gallon, Transit Ridership is Surging

Mass TransitEvery day there is an article in the paper talking about how the rising price of gas is shifting commuters to mass transit. Well, here is the proof, and Baltimore is helping to lead the way with light rail and heavy rail percentages of riders increasing.

Light rail
Overall streetcars and trolleys had the highest percentage increase, at 10.3%. The biggest increases:
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BALTIMORE truly sucks

Biking in Baltimore[Comment from mod: We encourage everyone to report problems and issues in the Baltimore area. These reports ARE used to at least help make sure that steps are taken so the problems are reduced.]

I have been here in Baltimore for three years and bike almost daily to Johns Hopkins East Baltimore campus. During this time, I have been assaulted 6 times with fists, rubber bullets, rocks.... have also gotten a bike stolen from inner harbor with a security camera right on top of it.

By the way I am from Pakistan. Never saw any violence whatsoever in Pakistan. The first time I was ever assaulted was in Baltimore. Don't think I am a cry baby I still defy the assholes/ terrorists of Baltimore and bike daily to campus because if I don't these mfu*** have won. anyways, I have gotten used to all of the violence.

My advice to all the avid bikers out there

1. if you see more than one teenager approaching you, RUN. these punks attack you in groups.

2. never stop at a red light unless theres traffic approaching

3. don't bother calling the cops if you get assaulted. they will laugh it off. just suck it up

4. always carry a spare tube in case you have a puncture

5. Bike at odd hours, very early in the morning or really late at night becase the assholes also need to get some sleep.
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Bike theft: Please be on lookout

Biking in Baltimorefor my beloved Hollands (steel) bike, stolen within last 24 hrs by professional bike thieves who clipped the lock on my Catonsville garage and clipped a second lock securing it within the garage.
Silver w/purplish hue, Ksyrium wheels, black handlebar tape, Ultegra, triple. About 60 cm.

- John Fairhall
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Hon Fest - this weekend, June 14th-15th

Looking for local rides(ers)Hon, are othr bawlmer bikrs intreasted in this?
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Bike thieves beware: Jason Cecchettini knows where you live

Biking ElsewhereBait-bike inventor Jason Cecchettini to bike thieves:
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As long as you have a bus who needs to walk to school?

Biking ElsewhereThe discussion in this article about the safety measures in the road accessing a new school site somehow seems to be missing the point.

Of note:
1. The superintendent says "A bus will pick up every child within the attendance boundaries of this school."

2. The school board's stance:
R-7 officials said a reduced-speed school zone is not necessary because children would not be allowed to walk to the school.

3. The traffic engineer's take on this:
Michael Park, city traffic engineer, said motorists don't obey the current speed limit near the property, which is 45 mph. He said a reduced speed zone could cause more accidents.
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RAAM Penalty Box Update - Day 1

Biking in MarylandOne day into the Bicycle Race Across America (RAAM). Only the solo racers are on the route. Teams have not yet left the starting line.

Already, 3 racers will be serving 15 minutes with us in the Penalty Box at Mt Airy Bicycle, and another racer will be staying with us for 30 minutes.

You too can track the excitement on RAAM's web pages:

For the latest on which racers will be &quot;on hold&quot; at the Penalty Box along with their infractions: <a href=""></a>;

For an overview of current race status and links to much more: <a href=""></a>;

Be sure to join us at Mt Airy Bicycles June 16 (maybe late June 15) through June 20 to join in the excitement -- 24/7.

Georgia Glashauser
<a href=""></a>;
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Biking ElsewhereI Took The Pledge. Walk and Bike More. Drive Less. Burn Calories, Not Carbon!
The Washington, DC-based Rails-to-Trails Conservancy has launched an innovative campaign called "Burn Calories, Not Carbon!" In explaining why you should take the pledge, they write: "Did you know nearly half of all trips in the United States are three miles or less, and the vast majority of these trips are still taken by car? Trails and transit create opportunities to drive less. And choosing to walk and bike instead is a positive response to the twin challenges of climate change and expanding waistlines." The organization's goal is to have 20,000 pledges made by Earth Day, April 22.
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Seeing Baltimore in a new light

Biking in Baltimore[Baltimore Sun's coverage of Tour dem Parks]
&quot;We want people to enjoy their bicycles and we want them to enjoy their parks,&quot; said Gary Letterton, an environmental planner with the city and one of the event's volunteer organizers. &quot;So many people come back from this and say, 'Oh my God, I had no idea.' Every year we do this I learn another spot in Baltimore. Most people have no idea what's out here.&quot;
Nate Evans, a bike and pedestrian planner for the city Department of Transportation, said he hopes the event helps people to think a little bit differently about bicycling in the city and to learn about Baltimore's bike trails, old and new.

&quot;People think that biking is something you do in the county, that you put your bike in the car and take it somewhere to ride,&quot; he said. &quot;We want to make it so you can get on your bike and ride where you need to go.&quot;

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