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Friday, July 31 2015 @ 05:25 PM UTC
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Looking for volunteers June 7 & 8

Biking in BaltimoreNo you don't need to volunteer for both dates, they are separate events.

The first event on June 7th, Saturday, is the celebration of Gwynns Falls Trail / National Trails Day. They are looking for biking or walking guides or just general help. Contact "Kate Mack" <> for more info.

The second event is Tour dem Parks on June 8th, Sunday. We are working hard to make this a family biking event not to miss. We can use ride and route marshals and possibly some rest stop help and grill chefs. If you think you might want to help, email us at info "at"
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Tour dem parks - In memory of Bob Moore

Biking in Baltimore Tour dem Parks!

Bob Moore has always been a great supporter of the Gwynns Falls Trail, riding in the city and sitting back and enjoying life and a cold one. So...

Come out this Sunday (6/8) and enjoy a one of our routes, 14, 20, 40 or 60 miles, BBQ and music after the ride and a cold beer!

We are almost all sold out of shirts so we will be offering an option to mail the shirt for an additional $5 shipping and handling if you are a registered rider and don't get a shirt.

Last year we raised $10 thousand to help promote more bicycling and help with our parks (which you will be touring on the ride.) With the economy the way it is, sponsorship of the ride this year has been way down so we can really use your help, come have fun and support a great cause or just have fun and kick back with some friends after the ride.

The back of the t-shirt:

The front of the shirt is like (not identical) to the guy on the bike in the upper left corner of this article.

You can also register for the ride above and lay claim to the last 100 or so shirts.

FYI: There is another even in the park that begins as ours is winding down which should be fun for the whole family. "Find your leaf", food by Chipotle and arts and crafts sale.

Thanks for your support!
View Printable Version - Bike Boulevards

Biking ElsewhereBerkeley, CA sports some of the best bicycling amenities anywhere in the U.S. They are called Bicycle Boulevards - and are essentially bicycle priority streets - where thru traffic is diverted from the neighborhood and traffic calming is plenty.

Directed by: Clarence Eckerson Jr.
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NIH Bicycle Commuter Club

Biking in MarylandBy Jenny Haliski

What if Washington, D.C.-area employers recognized and rewarded employees who commute by bike with tangible financial incentives that the cyclists, in turn, could spend to support local businesses? That
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Commute to Columbia

Biking in BaltimoreI want to commute from South Baltimore to Columbia (specifically Dobbin road at 175). Does anyone have any advice on routes? I have considered Route 1 to Old Montgomery Rd. Old M road seems ok, but I was hoping to avoid route 1 if possible. Any ideas? I am open to dirt trails as required.

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Join now and get $400* of gas and free health membership!

Biking in BaltimoreI got an ad from a local fitness club that inspired this article:

Bike more, you save gas and you get health benefit.

Our convenient schedule allows you to take advantage of these benefits while on your way to work, shopping, visiting friends, going out to eat or just doing everyday activities. Why some people want to take extra time out of there schedule to sit in traffic is beyond our comprehension.

Join now for the low cost of getting that bike out of the garage and just going somewhere.

*$400 is in gas savings and is based roughly on how many miles a "average" cyclists travels in a year.
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New topic - Looking for local rides(ers)

Looking for local rides(ers)Have a fixie and looking for other people to ride with? Or maybe urban riding is your thing or just riding around the hood.

Whatever kind of riding your into here is a place to post a request to find others like yourself and go out and have a fun bike ride.
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Make room for more bikes

Biking ElsewhereThis Washington state ferry is planning on accommodating more bicyclists and less cars to make MORE money.
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FOX 5 MONEY: Bicycle Commuter Boom

Biking in MarylandGas prices have jumped 35 cents in the last month but that doesn't matter to some commuters. They get to work by using a different kind of fuel, one generated by their own two feet. Fox 5 Money reporter Melanie Alnwick explains the boom in bicycle commuters.
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Road Rage Survey Reveals Best, Worst Cities

Biking in BaltimoreBaltimore is #4 worst!!! :(

Norwalk, Conn.

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