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Sunday, April 19 2015 @ 09:00 PM UTC
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Take Back the Tap

Health & Environment Take Back the Tap Pledge Did you know...
  • Bottled water is not safer than tap water? In fact, the federal government requires far more rigorous and frequent safety testing and monitoring of municipal drinking water.
  • Bottled water is thousands of times more expensive than tap water? Compare $0.002 per gallon for most tap water to a range of $0.89 to $8.26 per gallon for bottled waters.
  • Bottled water creates mountains of needless garbage and contributes to other environmental problems?
American consumers drink more bottled water every year, in part because they think it is somehow safer or better than tap water. They collectively spend hundreds or thousands of dollars more per gallon for water in a plastic bottle than they would for the H20 flowing from their taps.

Learn about the various problems with bottled water and why you should switch to tap water. Read our new report, Take Back the Tap: Why Choosing Tap Water over Bottled Water is Better for Your Health, Your Pocketbook, and the Environment.
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Growing Home Residential Tree Planting Campaign is Growing in the Region

Health & EnvironmentTowson, Md.(April 14, 2008)
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Bike more - Drive less

Biking ElsewhereA fun little video contrasting someone having fun while biking to work and someone being frustrated while trying to drive to work, from our friends at New Belgium Brewing.
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Our lifestyles killing us?

Biking ElsewhereArticle By: Lawrence Bartlett -
The silent killer

"While we've been focusing so much attention on that, we've had this silent epidemic of obesity that's killing millions of people around the world, and we're devoting very little attention to it and a negligible amount of money."
An estimated 388 million people will die from chronic disease worldwide over the next 10 years, according to World Health Organisation figures quoted by the alliance.

"There's a political paralysis in dealing with the issue," said Gostin, an adviser to the US government and a professor at Georgetown and Johns Hopkins universities.

Not on the agenda

He noted that prevention of obesity and its effects had hardly rated a mention in the current campaign for the US presidency.

"Yet the human costs are frightening when we consider that obesity could shorten the average lifespan of an entire generation, resulting in the first reversal in life expectancy since data collecting began in 1900," he said.

Like terrorism, some passing health threats get major government attention and media coverage, while heart and lung disease, diabetes and cancer account for 60 percent of the world's deaths, the meeting was told.
Lifestyles making us sick

"The way we live now is making us sick, it's making our planet sick and it's not sustainable," said Asia-Pacific co-director Ruth Colagiuri.

The Sydney resolution focuses on four key areas, including the need to make towns and cities healthier places in which to live by urban design which promotes walking and cycling and reduces carbon emissions from motor vehicles.

Insufficient physical exercise is a risk factor in many chronic diseases and is estimated to cause 1.9 million deaths worldwide each year, said Tony Capon, professor of health studies at Australia's Macquarie University.

"We need to build the physical activity back into our lives and it's not simply about bike paths, it's about developing an urban habitat that enables people to live healthy lives: ensuring that people can meet most of their daily needs within walking and cycling distance of where they live," he said.

The resolution also calls for a reduction in sugar, fat and salt content in food, making fresh food affordable and available and increasing global efforts to stop people smoking.
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Freakonomics Not-So-Free Ride

Biking ElsewhereNew York Times -

"Americans drive too much. This isn
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Mayor Sheila Dixon celebrates National Bike Month on The NEW Jones Falls Trail (in Historic Druid Hill Park at the reservoir)

Biking in BaltimoreSaturday May 3, 2008 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Enter the raffle to win a FREE Specialized RockHopper mountain bike.
Participate in the mini ride or take on the entire Trail.
A limited number of bikes will be available to rent for the Trail ride.
This event is FREE and open to the public.
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Cyclists wearing headphones route marker

Biking in BaltimoreWe've got all types of riders covered here in Baltimore
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Biking in BaltimoreSpecial thanks to REI - Timonium who came out to give the course and ALL the help they have provided in maintaining the Parks bikes and much much more. To get some idea of what it was like:
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Deputies: Cyclists, Drivers Have Right To Road

Biking ElsewhereWINTER PARK, Fla. -- Bicycles are popping up on Central Florida Roadways like never before.

But when bikes, cars and trucks mix, safety becomes a major issue.

Seminole County sheriffs said in some cases, large groups of cyclists are clogging roads, not keeping up with traffic.

They wanted the illegal behavior stopped.

Avid bikers said they often struggle blending safely with traffic, and a video from deputies encouraging cyclist and drivers safety seemed to make the rude treatment they already get on the road worse the past few days.

"They see a cyclist and they target them in many cases," cyclist Keri Caffrey said.

Bicyclists sat down with law enforcement in an effort to find a middle ground.

"It's not their right to assault a cyclist or to run a cyclist off the road because they get impatient," Lt. Pete Kelting said.

Each side left feeling they had a better understanding, and deputies want everyone in cars and trucks to be very aware that cyclists have rights.

"When conditions call for it, cyclists have the right to command the entire lane and motorists need to understand that," Kelting said.

"They can't overtake when it's not safe, and if there's oncoming traffic they can't just squeeze through," Caffrey said.

Both cyclists and motorists have legal right to the road, and if people break the laws, officers will be handing out tickets if necessary to make sure everyone is safe.
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No Admission Charge for Ladew Gardens Sat-Sun

Health & EnvironmentLadew is waiving the normal $10 admission charge this coming Sat and Sun April 19 - 20. This would be a chance for you to combine a bike ride with seeing the spring flowers and tulips.

Ladew is located on Dulaney Valley Road (RT 146) 5 miles north of Jacksonville. Their weekend hours are 10:30am - 5pm. Although bikes aren't allowed in the gardens, bikes may be locked in the picnic area or the fence adjacent to the parking lot. Think spring|

- BBC list serve

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