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Wednesday, August 27 2014 @ 03:08 PM UTC
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The effectiveness of red light cameras

Biking in BaltimoreRed-light cameras have worked in NYC. In 2004, NYCDOT found that intersections with red-light cameras saw a 10% overall reduction in collision-related injuries and a 19% decline in pedestrian injuries over six years..."
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Yield to LIfe

Biking ElsewhereWe all travel life's roads.
I stand before you to ask for your cooperation
in providing safe space for cyclists.
When you see a cyclist on the road, please, yield to life.

- David Zabriskie, world-class cyclist and founder of Yield to Life
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Too Cold to Exercise? Try Another Excuse

Biking ElsewhereBy GINA KOLATA
Published: January 17, 2008 - New York Times
It was a conclusion
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Traffic-calming program to expand

Biking in the Metro AreaBalto. Co. officials say revised rules will allow speed bumps, other devices on more roads

By Laura Barnhardt | Sun reporter
December 30, 2007
Now county officials are preparing to relax the qualifications for the program that began four years ago.

Fewer vehicles will have to travel roads where residents see a speeding problem to qualify for a speed bump. And under the revised requirements that take effect next month, the drivers won't have to be traveling as fast.

For example, streets can now qualify for a speed bump if at least 100 cars use the road during its peak hour of use and travel at speeds 10 mph above the posted limit.

Under the old rules, 150 vehicles had to travel on the road during the peak hour.
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Wanted Bike/ped planner

Biking in BaltimoreResponsibilities:

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Hazard Elimination Program

Biking in MarylandAnother 10 percent of each State's STP funds is set-aside for the Hazard Elimination and Railway-Highway Crossing programs, which address bicycle and pedestrian safety issues. Each State is required to implement a Hazard Elimination Program to identify and correct locations which may constitute a danger to motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Funds may be used for activities including a survey of hazardous locations and for projects on any publicly owned bicycle or pedestrian pathway or trail, or any safety-related traffic calming measure. Improvements to railway-highway crossings "shall take into account bicycle safety." 23 USC Section 152

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Bicycle Friendly Community Workshop in Roanoke a Smashing Success

Biking ElsewhereThe group then identified critical issues preventing progress in Roanoke and surrounding communities, as well as a series of action items that will overcome those obstacles, which include:

* Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission establishing a Bicycle Committee
* Each local jurisdiction establishing a Bicycle Advisory Committee
* Each local jurisdiction adopting the regional bike plan of the Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission
* Encouraging local interest groups to include non-motorized transit issues in their platform
* Hosting a candidate forum
* Creating an awards program to recognize government officials or agencies that are instrumental in improving conditions for cycling
* Organizing a community bike ride series
* Organizing a
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Cyclist Challenges Driver Downtown - And Wins

Biking ElsewhereIt's an increasingly common slice of life in a city that often seems to be engaged in an ongoing war between riders and drivers. And if you were downtown at Yonge and Bloor Monday afternoon, you witnessed it at full tilt. It was a case of bike rage between a cyclist and a motorist, but unlike many of these cases, the guy on two wheels actually got the best of the man on four.

It happened around 3:45pm, when a motorist tried to make an illegal turn that almost knocked a rider off his bike. The angry cyclist refused to let the driver get away with it, constantly preventing him from making the prohibited turn, and taunting him with remarks about 'playing the game.'

Every time the driver attempted to escape, the biker would simply get in front of him, daring him to hit him. He didn't, and the cat-and-mouse traffic incident went on for a few minutes until passersby intervened and calmed the two-wheeler down. When they did, the driver finally made his turn and tried to get away from the area.

But even then he didn't get far. He was immediately stopped by police and handed a ticket for the illegal turn. And just to add insult to injury, the cops weren't in a cruiser - they were also riding bikes.
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Virginia Woman Commutes 30 Miles Away Without Car

Biking ElsewhereAlexandria, VA -- Most of us can't imagine life without a car, but one Virginia woman is proving it can be done. She's living car-free and commuting 30 miles a day on her bike. She let Fox 5's Roby Chavez tag along on her ride.
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What constitutes a proper stop?

Bike LawsAnother excerpt from Bicycling & the Law by Bob Mionske

"although the law requires cyclists to stop at uncontrolled intersections, stop signs, and red lights, the UVC is silent on the definition of "stopping" as specifically applied to cyclists."

"If you want to fight an unfair "stop means dismount" argument, this is the logic to use:

- I did stop, and the stop was of sufficient duration under the circumstances that any reasonable cyclists of my level of experience could safely and courteously observe and appraise the need to yield or proceed."

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