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Sunday, May 29 2016 @ 05:45 AM UTC
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The National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running

Biking Elsewhere[I will encourage all to sign the petition in the link.]
The National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running is dedicated to reducing the incidence of red light running in the United States and the fatalities and injuries it causes. The Campaign has assembled a team of leaders from the fields of law enforcement, transportation engineering, healthcare and emergency medicine, and traffic safety, to tackle this crucial safety issue.

The National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running aims to better inform the public and their elected officials about the seriousness of this all-too-common danger, as well as the law enforcement practices and tools that can make our roadways safer. The Campaign promotes public education about the core safety issues and provides support for broad, coordinated law enforcement, including red light camera technology.

For example, the Charlotte, North Carolina red light camera program cut violations by more than 70 percent in the first year, and crashes dropped by more than 10 percent citywide, demonstrating that these systems have a positive community-wide impact.

The Campaign is an independent advocacy initiative focused on both the national and grass roots levels and is guided by a National Advisory Board.
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Bumpy roads

Biking ElsewhereWITH petrol the price it is, more and more people are riding a bicycle to work. In Broward County, Florida, about 35,000 people a month typically put their bicycles on a bus bike-rack, thereby shortening a cycle commute. In May of this year, 68,000 people did so. Denver saw 25,000 people register for a recent “bike to work” day, up from 15,000 a year ago. In Seattle cyclists complain about a shortage of bike stands, while in Portland, Oregon, some 6,000 cyclists cross just one of the city’s many bridges each morning.

Bicycle-boosters are thrilled with the sudden popularity of their humble machine. “Ridership is just skyrocketing,” says Elizabeth Preston of the League of American Bicyclists, a Washington, DC, advocacy group (even cyclists have lobbyists these days). Performance Bicycles, a retailer with shops in 15 states, says bicycle sales in June were the highest ever recorded.
After years of federal and local spending on bike routes and other amenities, most cities are ready to handle more cyclists. But many motorists simply don’t see their two-wheeled brethren or, when they do, find them aggravating. Managing more cyclists is going to take more than new bike paths or fresh stripes on the roads. It looks as though there is a need, on both sides, for a revolution in manners.
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WONDERFUL People Needed for She Got Bike

Biking in the Metro AreaHello All,

As some of you may know, She Got Bike is scheduled for September 14th and we would love to have some of you as volunteers.

We need people for a variety of positions and Deb Taylor is coordinating all volunteers this year so she will be your contact person.

AND (here's where the begging comes in) .... We have run into an unusual situation: Many of our volunteers from last year are going to be away during She Got Bike - so, if you've helped out before and you ARE in town - we really need you! AND if you've never volunteered and would like to help out - we really need you too!

All you need to do right away is respond to this post and let me know if you're available on September 14 and if you are willing to help us out.

Then we'll get back to you with all the details.


Susan O. & Deb Taylor
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Aggressive driver in Georgetown

Biking in Baltimore[This is a good example on what to do when you encounter a person that I would say is recklessly endangering lives.]

On Aug 5th, 2008 at 6:29 PM, I encountered an aggressive driver who came up behind me on 39th St NW and started revving his engine. I had taken the lane and was traveling with traffic which was stop and go through all of the stop signs on 39th St. About 30 seconds later he completely ran me off the road into cars parked on the side and passed me at a high rate of speed nearly striking me and another cyclist who was traveling more slowly ahead of me.

The driver sped off blowing through the next few stop signs to get away but I quickly caught up with him when he got boxed in at a red light and took out my iPhone and started taking pictures of his van. Despite being out of breath I was able to get in a couple of good photos of the driver and his license plates.
key way lock driver

A half hour later when I got home I called 311 to report the incident to police. They sent an officer out to my house and took a report. I printed out some of the pictures I had taken earlier and the officer radioed the tags and a description of the driver into headquarters. The officer said they where operating in “all hands on deck” mode so all officers would be on the lookout for the van and pull the driver over and check his ID if they spotted him.

The officer said that was all he could do. There was no incident number and he didn’t even take my name. The officer was glad that I wasn’t hurt. I simply wanted to report the incident and create a paper trail in case his driver would hurt someone in the future.
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La Bicicletta by A Bike Commuting Trio

Biking in BaltimoreThis was performed for Bike to Work Day in 2007, now available as a MP3.
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ARREST: Attempt Bicycle, 34th & St. Paul Sts.

Biking in BaltimorePlease distribute the report below from JHU Security dated 08/05/08 on to interested persons.

On - Campus

ARREST: Attempt Bicycle Theft / CCTV Observation - Wolman Bike Rack -- On August 5th at 4:26 AM, a security systems specialist observed a male on a CCTV camera attempt to cut a U-Bolt lock from a bicycle secured to the bike rack in front of Wolman Hall. The suspect was stopped and detained by a campus officer until the arrival of Baltimore Police where he was arrested and charged with trespassing, possession of burglary tools, disorderly conduct and making false statements to a police officer.

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Cycling Back Around

Biking ElsewhereBy David Montgomery Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, August 2, 2008; Page C01

This is the summer of women on bicycles riding around town free as anything, wearing long dresses or skirts, sandals or even high heels, hair flowing helmet-free, pedaling not-too-hard and sitting upright on their old-school bikes, the kind with front baskets where they put their laptops, and handlebars that curve gently back in a bow shaped like the upper line of someone's perfectly drawn red lipstick.

They never appear to sweat. They make you think you are in Paris or Rome. No, they make you think you are in a movie about Paris or Rome.

This is the summer of men rolling down 14th Street NW with briefcases in the grocery pannier, ties flipped back over the shoulder by the breeze, wingtips inserted into toe clips. In the movie version, they would return home at day's end with a baguette under one arm and maybe a bouquet of flowers. Instead, their left hand grips the handle of a Whole Foods bag while their right presses a cellphone to the ear.

This summer in Bicycle Washington, it's back to the future. Old bikes are back, new bikes look old. The riders, too, seem sketched from another age.
"Somewhere along the line, we made biking a hobby and a sport instead of a way to get around," says Alexandra Dickson, an architect who commutes from Southwest Washington to her downtown office on a blue Breezer Villager that she calls Babe, after Babe the Blue Ox. "I'd like to see it get back to being a way of getting around."

Shopping by bike, she says, "feels more like an adventure than a chore." The other day, she tied a milk crate to her rack, biked to a hardware store on Pennsylvania Avenue and carried home a flat of flowers on the crate.

Riding to the office, sometimes "I wear heels and skirts," she says, "and I'm not the only girl in town who does. It's like, Why not? I'm not running. I'm just using the pads of my feet. . . . People need to see bikers dressed like that, so they can say, 'I can do that.' "

She says: "When you first take off your training wheels, the first excitement of being allowed to ride to school -- that was the first level of freedom. I think that's something you never lose."
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Rally for the River - Celebrate the Jones Falls

Biking in BaltimoreSunday, September 21st from 8am-2pm - a benefit for the JFWA

Rally for the River takes place on the closed northbound lanes of I-83 (JFX), from President Street to Northern Parkway. Our 9th Rally for the River" (formerly known as the Jones Falls Valley Celebration) is a day-long family event celebrating the rich history and natural beauty of the Jones Falls river and stream valley - and the connections between Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay. Experience the Jones Falls Expressway - minus 40,000 cars! Walk or run...pedal a bike...push a stroller. Join thousands of fun-lovers for the metro region's largest gathering of conservation-minded individuals.

Free parking and main entrance ramp will be at the Poly/Western parking lot at Cold Spring Lane and Falls Road. Reduce your carbon footprint - carpool, take public transit, or ride your bike to the event. Exit ramps south of Cold Spring Lane will also be open for paid entry, foot and bicycle traffic. No parking will be available at these locations.

• Skateboarding competition
• Organized bike activity
• Native plant nurseries, earth-friendly vendors
• Children's activities

• World famous frog race with cash prizes!
• Boating - bring your own kayak or canoe, or partner with us on a boat and a buddy
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No New Nukes

Health & EnvironmentOn July 17, Maryland PIRG released a new report showing that clean energy is a faster, cheaper, safer, and more reliable choice to power Maryland's energy future than nuclear power.

The report comes in advance of Public Service Commission hearings in August at which the Commission will gather public input about the proposed nuclear reactor.

Maryland PIRG and the Chesapeake Safe Energy Coalition are hosting an open meeting on August 12 in Baltimore to collect public comments that will be entered into the PSC record.

How You Can Help

Attend a Public Meeting to Voice Your Opinion on the Proposed Nuclear Reactor
Join us for an open meeting in Baltimore to make your voice heard. Comments collected at the meeting will be delivered to MD PSC for inclusion in the public record.

WHEN:Tuesday, August 12 from 6:30-7:45pm
WHERE: Enoch Pratt Free Library - Poe Room, 400 Cathedral Street, Baltimore MD 21201
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Bike theft attempt

Biking in Baltimore[From the Bike Hon list]
Just a heads up for area cyclists re. a bike theft attempt on Thurs., July 24,in north central Balto..

This past Thurs. about 10:30 pm I was biking eastward on 33rd. in front of Eastern HS/now a Hopkins office bldg. across from Stadium Place and a little east of the YMCA. I was on the sidewalk because my taillight wasn't working (generally there's very little foot traffic there), and it was out of the way of any fast moving vehicles. When I looked ahead, I suddenly saw a young man running towards me in the middle of the sidewalk. I kept biking towards him with the hope he'd get out of the way. The next thing that happened was he threw his elbow to my head striking my right cheekbone. The hedge on to the right of the sidewalk broke my fall. I got up, my cheek had swollen already, to find a smaller boy, about 15, between me and my bike which was guarded by my assailant, who was about 6 ft. and 17 yrs. He said "I want your bike," which seemed like an odd statement. In retrospect, I think he was having difficulty moving the bike--I believe the wheel got twisted around and the brakes jammed in the collision. Meanwhile I saw 2 other kids running from the Stadium Place side near Ednor, so the odds were going south. Fortunately,within seconds along came a police car which stopped with the officer immediately getting out and approaching me. The policeman said he first saw the kids and the bike, but when he saw me emerge from behind the hedge he knew something was up. When he stopped the kids fled...without my bike. Two other cars showed up pretty quickly along with an EMT vehicle. They offered to take me to the hospital, but indicated is was a small cut which they cleaned, so I didn't think it seemed necessary. We searched along 33rd and in the area between the Alameda and Harford Road--Homestead/Coldspring neighborhood. I couldn't recognize any suspects.

I've since gotten a new taillight and will probably change my route (maybe 39th and 36th St. behind Stadium Place enroute to Northwood) and start using an older bike. I heard a few people tell me they've heard of 3-4 other bike robbery attempts. So stay alert, carry your cell phone--if you have one, a whistle and not too much else and travel with a friend if possible.

Safe biking,
- DS

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