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Tuesday, March 31 2015 @ 02:00 AM UTC
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Introduction To Dutch Bicycle Culture

Biking ElsewhereThere are a lot of bicycles in Holland, in we have one for every man woman and child in the country, that is some 16 million bicycles!.

Bicycle have rights too, that is to say that the bicycle has the right of way every time, unless you are a tram, then the tram is master, but that is the only time that the bicycle has to yield. Think about that for a moment - can you imagine this happening in America, a country that is so pro-car that car owners have been known to successfully sue the pedestrians they have struck for their flesh and blood bodies causing damage to a car. In Holland bikes (fiets) have the right-of-way.

From birth we are brought in close contact with our bikes. They are often part of a cramped city centre apartments furniture, so that baby grows up playing around them. As you will see from the day a Dutch child is born it travels by bike. I can still recall being a tiny tot in the handle bar seat facing my mother and laughing as the wind blew her long hair about her as we sped through the woods of Arnhem. Being older an on the back seat, then graduating to my own bike beside her on the cycle lanes. The bike is simply bred into us.
This is extremely important; do NOT wear a helmet. Three types of people wear a helmet on a bike in Holland;
The English.North
The mentally afflicted.

The English and Americans wear helmets because in their worlds common sense no longer rules and people must be safe from their own actions at all times. Also it is a well known fact that when Americans fall off a bike they fall on their heads, why this should be we do not know. God gave us each an ass, he appears to have given many Americans more than one ass and yet they do not use them, you have to wonder why. On the rare occasion a Dutchman comes off their bike we fall on our well padded behinds (and it’s ALWAYS the fault of a German motorist).
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Americans leery of bicycles despite gas price jump

Biking ElsewhereBy Jon Hurdle

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - It's U.S. National Bike to Work Day on Friday and Americans are facing record high gasoline prices, but most commuters will stick to their cars.
Similarly, the number of people who ride bikes at least six times a year fell to 35.6 million in 2006, the lowest since the survey began in 1984, from 56.3 million in 1995.

Thomas Doyle, vice president of information and research at the association, said the decline was probably due to the aging population, reluctance by parents to allow children to ride bikes and more children using wheeled toys such as scooters and skateboards.
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How bikes and cars co-exist

Biking ElsewhereThe Ottawa Citizen -

In every city there are thousands of closet cyclists, people who would love to ride their bikes but don't dare. They see cycling in the city as something for bike couriers, for the fiendishly fit, for neighbours with nerves of steel.

Our cities are just bursting with pedaling potential, and it's time to set it loose on the streets. The key lies in building the right kind of infrastructure. Cycling routes designed by cyclists for cyclists.
What strikes the Canadian visitor is just how ordinary cycling seems to be in the lives of the locals. It is not a big deal to choose to ride somewhere. It does not involve special clothes, helmets, gloves and fancy bikes. Herds of children roll by on their way to school together. Couples head off to work. An older lady rides by with a load of groceries in the rear panniers, and a lapdog in the front basket.

With the right urban planning and infrastructure design, the cities of North America could be just as full of bikes: cleaning the air, cutting greenhouse gas emissions, improving public health, and freeing up some storage space.

- David Chernushenko
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2010 Campaign for Active Transportation

Biking in BaltimoreAs the Bike & Pedestrian Planner for Baltimore, I am developing the city
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Bike racks on buses

Biking in BaltimoreWe are seeing more buses around town with bike racks (~50%) but they are not scheduled to go in to operation use till later this year as drivers are still being trained in their use. I happened to catch one driver being trained outside City Hall:
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Agenda for Baltimore's Bike 2 Work day event

Biking in Baltimore6:30 Director Foxx will give introductions and an update on biking in Baltimore
6:35 Mayor Dixon to Speak about the benefits of biking to work
6:40 Jeremy Guthrie, Pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles, to speak about biking to work.
6:45 Director Foxx to give closing announcement, after which the ride from City Hall to Fort McHenry will commence.
After the group of bicyclists leave City Hall, there will be a program with giveaways, refreshments and autograph signing by Jeremy Guthrie.
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East Coast Greenway MD Route Posted on Google Maps

Biking in MarylandThe East Coast Greenway Alliance (bike trails Maine to Florida) has posted the newly designated Harford and Cecil counties trail routes on Googlemaps. Cyber-cycle the trails before you mount up and ride!

Dozens of cycling organizations, government agencies and cycling volunteers contributed to colorful segments from Delaware through Elkton, Northeast, Perryville, Havre de Grace and Bel Air, to the NCR trail in Monkton, and on to Charm City. (New cue sheets are coming soon.)

Go to for the East Coast Greenway Alliance's website directory for Maryland trail developments and more.
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Do yourself a favor, Install a front rack

Biking in BaltimoreLast year I had a nasty crash while riding home from the bakery with a pie in my hand. I knew I needed to get some sort of rack for my bike. I would up welding one in my shop, it's made of steel and the platform is 12"x15" with cedar planks. I can't tell you how useful a simple front rack can be. I'm not talking about the skinny little bag support touring racks, I'm talkin' about a big flatbed rack, big enough for a case of beer or two. I like to throw an empty cardboard box from a case of beer and fill it with groceries, or veggies from the farmers market. Bolt one on your bike and I guarantee you won't regret it.

Check out some of these ready made options:
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Congressman John Sarbanes on bicycling

PoliticsI share your goal of reducing congestion on our nation's highways and I will support measures that effectively accomplish this goal. H.R. 1498 would allow for a bicycle commuting allowance as a qualified transportation fringe benefit available to employers. This legislation has been referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means. Should the full House of Representatives have the opportunity to consider this measure, I will be sure to keep your views in mind.

Again, thank you for your input on this important issue. If I can be of assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me.


John Sarbanes
Member of Congress
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YouTube: The Freeway Ride - On Bicycles

Biking ElsewhereLos Angeles: "If you rode a bike, you'd be home by now."

This video definitely says something about our transportation system when you can bike along a freeway faster than auto traffic.

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