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Monday, August 29 2016 @ 12:08 AM UTC
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Safe Routes to School - Who's walking in Maryland?

Biking in MarylandONLY TWO SCHOOLS!?!?!? OK we have till October but I hope there is a better turn out then this, so if you have kids in school give then a nudge to make a walkable and bikeable Maryland.

Planned activities in Maryland

Trader Joe's provides healthy snacks, the County provides fun giveaways, the teachers lead warm-up exercises, and we walk on a sidewalk that was built only 6 years ago, in our community that is nearly 50 years old.


The Green School Club is sponsoring this for the second year in a row in order to promote walking to school.

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Bike Maintenance 101

Biking in the Metro AreaREI Timonium Clinics and Events

Bike Maintenance 101
5/16/2009 1:00 PM
5/29/2009 7:00 PM

Working on your bike can be a daunting task, but fear not, REI is here to help! Join up with one of REI?s bike techs to learn the basics of bike maintenance such as a how to fix a flat, lube a chain, and other adjustments that will keep your bike in good running order. In addition, the clinic will provide insight on overlooked yet simple maintenance techniques that will improve your riding experience. This clinic is a great lead-in class to other advanced bike maintenance classes.

* Location:Timonium
* Contact:Customer service at 410-252-5920
* Cost: Free
* Registration Required? No.
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Bike Maintenance and Basic Repair

Biking in the Metro AreaHow many of us do all the swim, bike and run necessary for success, but dread the possibility of a flat during a big race? How about those of us that carry the little CO2 "thingy" in our saddle pouches, but don't have a clue how to use it? This meeting is for you! Tony Gunter loves what he does (he fixes bikes for type-a, tri-geeks like us), and he wants to share some of his knowledge. Join us for a bike maintenance and repair clinic on May 13th

When: Wednesday May 13, 7PM
Where: MAC Timonium
Who and What: Tony Gunter from Bike Connection in *censored*eysville - Bike
Maintenance & Basic Repair

Please RSVP- as refreshments will be served.
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More stickers

Cyclist\'s Yellow PagesFrom Woof Cycling (Click picture to go to the site):



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Bumper stickers

Biking in Marylandimage
OK, I'm experimenting here. Is there an interest in this as a bumper sticker? If yes check out Baltimore Spokes on Cafe Press. Note at this time only Cafe Press is making money on this, at some point in the future I may add a bit to be donated to One Less Car whose efforts in Annapolis were the genesis of getting these out around Baltimore.
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Tour dem Parks, hon! 2009

Biking in BaltimoreJune 14th, 2009
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Bus drivers gone wild: The greatest hits

Biking Elsewhere...Portland police, however, have quickly come through with training videos exhibiting the less-than-polite, profanity-ridden responses that traffic cops get from some drivers they ticketed last year.

"I don't see why you have to pick on a bus driver," one operator caught blowing through a red light tells Officer Josh Ladd before grabbing the citation from the cop's hand, saying "give me that ****ing thing."

Ladd videotaped these two stops last year while patrolling Portland in an unmarked car designed to catch aggressive drivers. In this week's column, Ladd insisted that the frequency of TriMet buses blowing through red lights has become "absolutely appalling."

Judging from this video, the same could be said about the way some bus drivers treat officers who catch them committing violations that clearly put other drivers on the road at risk.
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Rowdy Boys on SUN Stage at First Friday at Biller's Bikes

Cyclist\'s Yellow Pagesimage Paul MacGuire's ROWDY BOYS will rock the joint Friday night at Biller's Bikes, 5-8 pm. The showroom's new SUN stage will feature a favorite area R&B and jazz group, the big red Coke cooler will supply free beverages, and a cool raffle will make someone the happy owner of four (4) hard-to-get Aberdeen Ironbird Ripken Stadium First Base Dugout baseball tickets!
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Touring Workshop Tuesday 5 May 2009

Velocipede Bike Project Velocipede Bike Project, Baltimore is hosting a touring workshop between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm Tuesday, 5 May, 2009. One of our speakers toured from Alaska to Argentina. Jessie will present a 1-hour program with Kristen, who lead a tour for Teen Treks Bike Trips. The second hour will be present by me (Tours - Canada, Oklahoma, Western Maryland and Pennsylvania).

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Complete Streets in Delaware

Biking ElsewhereAt the first Delaware Bike Summit last Friday, March 24, Governor Jack Markell signed a Complete Streets Executive Order. The Delaware DOT now will be required, whenever possible, to incorporate all transportation modes into road design and maintenance.

"We can agree, certainly, that bicycles are inexpensive and environmentally friendly, but there's also no escaping the reality that the vast majority of our transportation infrastructure is designed for cars and trucks," said Markell.

The 275 attendees also heard from Complete Streets advocate and friend Michael Ronkin, whose keynote speech emphasized the need road diets to slow traffic and make room for bicyclists and pedestrians. "We need to make changes because roads are extremely inefficient when used only by one mode of transportation," Ronkin said. "We can significantly raise the capacity of our roads by including other forms of transportation."

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