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Friday, March 27 2015 @ 03:35 PM UTC

Need Share the Road signs (almost two years old)

Biking in BaltimoreB' Spokes: Once again I'll ask for your help in getting to the front something that has fallen through the cracks.

The issue:

I have emailed everyone that could possibly help and well to be curt, all the responses have been closer to "Not my job" then "Let me make sure this gets the appropriate attention."

So to be frank, this "Not my job" attitude is not getting results. Hazardous storm grates still in place? Really??? That should be a big no, no but I queses it's not anyone's job to make sure the best engineering practices regarding the needs of bicycle riders are met during all phases of construction. Wait, don't we have a law that says they should be giving cyclists due consideration? Oh ya, this: § 2-602. Public policy

So I am asking you email Michael Jackson <> and Nathan Evans <> and just get some "Share the Road" signs in place. Such a simple request should not require this type of action, getting share the road signs should be as simple as getting a pot hole fixed. Something is obviously not working and Michael is the only one in a position to fix this.

I hate writing things like this but if the State want to take pride in it's bike friendly policies like § 2-602 they should also have some obligation to act and not to let things fall through the cracks.

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