Is Batimore community conducive to cycling?

1/1: Is Batimore community conducive to cycling?

Mostly yes
Nether yes nor no
Mostly no
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As both a fat and skinny tire rider, I spend enough time on the road to have come to the conclusion that it's up to us to make the community more condusive to the bicycle as a viable mode of transportation. I know it's preaching to the converted on a web site like this but getting others to write their elected officials and getting our message heard in a rational and polite manner is another way to approach the effort. There is nothing wrong with asking for their support in your support...hey, if you don't ask, you have failed twice!
I agree with the previous author. Over the past 3 years cycling has gotten better in general. Additionally, there needs to be education programs for all motorists (license classes A thru E), cyclists, and law enforcement. --- -- iodaniell
I have biked to work for over 3 Yrs now from Fort ave area to the University Of Md Med School. The attitudes of the cars drivers have REALLY improved. What is even better is that the city is really starting to be more bike friendly. See the new gutters installed by the inner harbor, lane markers in bike lanes, & bike racks. I would like to say that there are cyclist out there that do not follow the rules of the road ;nor have proper lights or some reflective dress at night.