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Other organizations

  • ABOUT BIKEMORE (1,567)
    Bikemore’s Priorities for 2013

    Goal: Increase and improve bicycle infrastructure, policies, and awareness to create a safer, healthier, and more livable cycling city.

    Objective 1: Advocate for bicycle infrastructure & pro-bicycle policy.

    Objective 2: Promote everyday riding and increase overall bicycle ridership.

    Objective 3: Promote awareness of Cyclists’ Bill of Rights among all Baltimoreans.


    Bikemore builds a more livable Baltimore by promoting all forms of cycling, expanding the number of people who ride a bike, and advocating for the rights and safety of our diverse cycling community.


    All people–across diverse cultures, races, income levels, genders, sexual orientations, political affiliations, and backgrounds–feel they can cycle safely and confidently in every part of Baltimore, and that they have an important role in Bikemore.

    Baltimore neighborhoods are designed and built to foster biking, walking, and transit.

    Public officials are held accountable for their support of bicycle and pedestrian safety.

    For transportation, recreation and sport, bicycling and walking are viable and safe options.

    City officials and community members recognize the broad diversity of users and uses that our streets serve: recreation, socialization, commerce, community events and celebrations, work and play, in addition to all modes of urban transportation.

    Bicycling and walking are embraced as tools to improve our individual health, as well as the ecological health of our region, the Chesapeake Bay, and the planet.

    Pedestrians and cyclists are a united force in addressing priority health and safety issues, including unsafe traffic speeds and inattentive driving.

    Organizations across the public and private sectors proactively support cyclists and pedestrians as a positive force for the community.

    All road users are educated in how to safely use our streets, and Bikemore is recognized as a community resource for bicycle safety information and instruction.
  • Active living Resource Center (1,095)
    Providing technical assistance to create active communities
  • Anti-apathy (1,292)
    Anti-Apathy* (AA) promotes awareness and action for positive social change and offers refreshing ways to connect you to the politics and economics behind your every day life, from fashion to free trade and everything in between.

    AA starts with awareness, but equally, it
  • Baltimore Bicycling Cub (5,030)
    Established in 1967, the Baltimore Bicycling Club (BBC) is a recreational organization of about 3000 members. Our purpose is to promote and sponsor bicycling events, educate bicyclists about safe bicycling and maintenance, defend bicyclists' rights, and encourage bike use for both recreation and transportation. Membership is open to any interested individual and we try to provide rides for all abilities.
  • Baltimore Do-Gooders (1,080)
    Baltimore Do-Gooders are individuals who care about Baltimore and will do what they can. If that means raising their children the best they can, going to one fundraiser a year, donating used clothes or a can of food to a shelter, or volunteering ALL are welcome consider themselves a do-gooder.

    The purpose of this concept being online is to encourage that there are still good people that care about our city, but also to network. In terms of networking, I want discussion boards with people’s inputs, a sharing of ideas, people trying something outside their norm to see what else is out there in terms of volunteering or going to a fundraiser.
  • Bicycle Commuter Group (1,116)
    The sharing of information on bicycle commuting and provide mentoring to people wanting to divorce their car.
  • BikeHon - Baltimore Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Committee (1,343)
    Resource for the Baltimore Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Committee, and other cycling advocates
  • College Park Area Bicycle Coalition (1,231)
    Devoted to Bicycling Advocacy, Education, and Safety
    Be sure to check out their quarterly news letter - Pedal Power.
  • Commuter Resource (1,299)
    Take advantage of our NEW message board. Check your local gas prices, find a carpool, rideshare or vanpool. Have an issue with your commute ?
  • Harford Commuter Assistance (1,255)
    The main page for alternate transportation in Harford County which includes cycling and a cycling newsletter