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  • Baltimore Transportation 2030 plan (1,852)
    Baltimore Transportation 2030 plan
    Since 1984, the National Bike Registry (NBR
  • Blane Lyon Provides Safe Routes Theme Songs (1,223)
    San Francisco Bay Area musician Blane Lyon recently produced two upbeat, hip, and modern Safe Routes to School theme songs titled “I want to walk” and “ride my bike”. He originally created the songs for use in Santa Rosa, California, a location where the Safe Routes to School National Partnership is working as part of our Local School Project. Blane has now generously made these songs available for use in schools worldwide through the Safe Routes to School National Partnership’s website.
  • Commercial Bike Racks (1,367)
    Welcome to Commercial Bicycle Racks by Highland Products Group, the site furnishings choice of over 40,000 customers.
  • CycleKyoto (1,982)
    CycleKyoto is a bilingual reference for tourists and commuters, first-time visitors and long-time residents.

    There is information on popular tourist routes for the temples and shrines, off the beaten trail routes, safety information, bike law, bike rental, where to stay, restaurants and cafes, public baths, hiking, weather, and more.

    CycleKyoto also plans to push for bike only lanes, better safety measures, and other issues to make Kyoto a truly cycling friendly city.
  • Dero Bike Rack Co (3,231)
    Dero Bike Rack Co. has re-engineered the bike rack to bring you a complete line of new products that meet modern bike storage and bike security needs.

    Dero bike racks are architecturally distinctive and offer high bike security and protection from theft. All commercial grade Dero bicycle racks permit both the tire and frame to be locked with a standard u-lock.

    Dero bike racks are easy to install and use, and have options no other bike rack offers. Our racks give you more flexibility, choice and value than any other bicycle storage product.
  • Map your bike complaints (1,767)
    Now you can mark the locations of dangerous storm drain grates, needed curb cuts, dangerous pavement and anything else that makes cycling hazardous.

    With special thanks to Margie Roswell for making this possible.
  • Parking Lot Supply (1,425)
    Parking Lot Supply specializes in the sale of speed bumps, plastic speed bumps, portable speed bumps, parking stops, wheel stops, wheel chocks, parking lot supplies, parking blocks, parking stops, traffic barriers, traffic barricades, bollards, bollard covers, traffic delineators, traffic posts, superdome drums, traffic cones, and traffic signs.
  • Request a Bicycle/Pedestrian Facility (Baltimore Metro Area) (1,458)
    Do you want to see a bike lane on the road you ride to work? Maybe you want a crosswalk at a busy intersection in your neighborhood?

    Here's your chance to help make the Baltimore region a better place to bike and walk! Just fill in the form below and all of the information will be sent to the right people.
  • Running red lights 101 (1,150)
    [Not that I endorse this but knowing all your options could come in handy.]


    Yes, it is true, I proceed through every red light and stop-sign that I can. I treat red lights as yield signs. My speed going through a light could be anywhere between walking speed and 30 mph depending on clear lines of sight.
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