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Capital Bicycle can use some used bikes

Hey if you have an old or used bike laying around please drop it off at capital this weekend we need bikes for the Annapolis rec and parks revolution bike program !we give u 15% off a new bike or $20 dollars off any acc. purchase of $100 or more.

Capital Bicycle located in Annapolis, Maryland. We are a full Service Bicycle Shop featuring Specialized Bicycles. We have a dedicated cycling fitness studio so you can keep spinning on your bike all year.
HRS M-F 10-7, Sat 10-6, Sun 11-4

Capital Bicycle
436 Chinquapin Round Road
Annapolis, MD, 12401

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Advanced Bicycle Maintenance Class Jan.25-26

To start the new year, I will be offering a 2-day Advanced Bicycle Maintenance Class.

Date: Tuesday, January 25 and Wednesday, January 26.

Time: 6:30pm-9:30pm.

Session 1(Tuesday): fundamentals of a bike, what tools are good to have, basic maintenance tips, full drive train cleaning and repair assessment.

Session 2 (Wednesday): brake adjustment, derailleur adjustment, bottom bracket, hub and headset adjustment and the replacement/repair of any simple repair needed on your bike.

Students are encouraged to bring and work on their own bike. The cost is $125 which includes a copy of "The Haynes Bicycle Book" - my favorite repair manual. :-)

Class is limited to 8 students. Come join us. Everyone learns a lot and it's great fun. Please call the shop at 301-441-2928 to reserve your spot.

Here's to a great new year!
Jill DiMauro
email: jill@proteusbicycles.com
web: <a href="http://www.proteusbicycles.com">http://www.proteusbicycles.com</a>;
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Dougie Learns to Ride by Douglas Christie, Jr. – review

[B' Spokes: Note this is not an endorsement, just something I found.]

Learning to ride a bike can be a VERY BIG deal, and it may seem difficult at first, but don’t let it get you down. Practice makes perfect, as Dougie discovers in Dougie Learns to Ride. It’s a wonderful book that is sure to be a big hit with young kids who are taking the first steps to learning how to ride a bike. What’s more, the author is a kid, himself:  Douglas Christie, Jr., the eight-year-old son of the NBA star Douglas Christie (L.A Lakers 1993–2007). It is illustrated beautifully by Jupiter Images and Dotti Albertine, and makes a great gift at Christmas, or anytime.

Do you have a bike yet? Or are you hoping to get one, soon? If so, you can imagine the excitement and happiness that Dougie, the main character in Dougie Learns to Ride, feels when he gets his very first bike–and it’s even yellow, his favorite color! He wants to be able to ride it as soon as he gets it, but sometimes learning to ride a bike takes a little bit of trying, and practice. Sometimes it’s easier to learn if you have the help of your Dad, or Mom, or sister or brother, or a friend. Dougie’s Dad helps him in this book, and gives him encouragement, something we all can use when we’re learning something new.

Still, even with the help of a parent, you might find it hard to ride a bike when you first try. Just be like Dougie, and don’t give up, even if you might fall a couple of times in the beginning. As Dougie’s Dad tells him, “It’s not how many times you fall down that counts, it’s how many times you get back up.” Also remember to be safe when you ride, like Dougie, and always wear your helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads, so if you ever do fall, then you won’t get as badly hurt.

Riding a bike can be very fun. Dougie Learns to Ride by Douglas Christie, Jr., brings out the fun part of learning, as well as the hard part. And when you do finally learn to ride, you will feel proud and happy, just like Dougie does in this book. This is a great book for younger readers, and it’s a fun one for parents to read with their kids. If you have a boy or girl in your house who really wants to have a bike, or you are a boy or girl yourself who wants a bike and is maybe just learning to ride one, you should check this fantastic book out today!

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David Herlihy Book Signing Thursday, Dec 9th 7-9pm

We have a special guest for our Thursday, December 9th 7-9pm pot-luck. David Herlihy author of "Bicycle:The History" and his new book "The Lost Cyclist" will be here at Proteus to talk about his book and sign copies. The book has received awesome reviews and makes for a great holiday read. Come join us. Food and beverages provided.
 Book Signing Thursday December 9th 7-9pm
 The Lost Cyclist by David Herlihy

The Lost Cyclist The Lost Cyclist is a new book about Frank Lenz, a young photographer who set off from his home in Pittsburgh in 1892 to circle the globe atop a new-fangled safety bicycle with inflatable tires (the modern prototype), only to disappear in Turkey two years into his epic journey, and the efforts of another "globe girdling" American cyclist, William Sachtleben, to unravel the mystery of Lenz's fate. David will present a digital slideshow of (mostly) unpublished photographs Lenz took before his world tour -- on an old-fashioned "high-wheeler" no less -- and during his travels across the United States, Japan, China, Burma, India and Persia.


 See What the Smithsonian says

Smithsonian: What do you hope readers will take away from the book?

David Herlihy: I do think there's something admirable, youthful-some would say "American"-about the spirit of Lenz's and Sachtleben's adventures. Their stories resonate with our notions of plucky Americans and their can-do attitudes. Despite the personal tragedies here, there is something uplifting about their willingness to see the world and their fundamental optimism. They really did have to have basic faith in humanity to think that they would return home alive. I'm hoping that readers take away a fair impression of these two young men. I didn't try to conceal their rough edges, their recklessness, their lack of cultural sensitivity, or exaggerate what they actually accomplished. Still, on a physical level, their bicycle journeys were indisputably amazing feats. And these two truly were pioneers, in that they helped to introduce the bicycle as we know it to the general public. Their stories should be told.

Read More of The Unsolved Case of the "Lost Cyclist" 

I hope to see you. You'll really enjoy meeting David Herlihy.


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Wednesday, August 18th, 4:00pm at CAPITAL BICYCLE 436 CHINQUAPIN ROUND ROAD ANNAPOLIS MARYLAND 21401 (410)6262197 info@capitalbicycle.com


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Charm City Yoga

FEDERAL HILL - 37 E. Cross Street.
MIDTOWN - 107 E Preston Street.
TOWSON - 7 Allegheny Avenue.
FELLS POINT - 901 Fell Street.


Yoga is universal, and anyone can do it - no matter how young or old you are, no matter how unfit you consider yourself. Whether you are a couch-potato or a professional athlete, yoga will help you in so many ways. Your size and fitness level doesn't matter because yoga adapts to you. The idea is to explore your personal limits, not to strive for pretzel-like perfection or drown in esoteric teachings. We have classes to suit all styles and needs, and if we don’t then we will set up a personal class just for you!

For Beginners we have many drop-in classes AND 5 week Beginner Series at Fells Point, Federal Hill and Towson. These are ideal for those of you new to yoga. LEARN ABOUT BEGINNER SERIES...

&quot;We attended a beginner class last night. It was really a fantastic class. Can't wait to come back&quot; - KN

Looking for exercise that’s easy to study, requires no gear, and soothes your soul? Come to our thriving yoga community and discover for yourself how yoga can help you:
Reduce Stress • Boost Your Energy • Improve Your Flexibility • Lose Weight • Tone Your Body

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I'm back on the road again


I thought I would mention in case you are like me and need some welding on your bike
or if the local bike shop does not carry the size spokes you need

Try BBW, I am very impressed with their welding work and they can make spokes any length (both black and silver.) Anyway a very cool shop, stop by sometime when you can.
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HC, 9" x 6 3/4"
From Jason Little, author of the Ignatz Award-winning Shutterbug Follies, comes another exciting “bubblegum noir” graphic novel, originally serialized in the acclaimed webcomic Bee!
Eighteen-year-old Bee has finally saved up enough to embark on her long-planned cross-country bicycle trip. However, she doesn’t make it very far before disaster leaves her stranded at a motel. Her hormones surge when she meets a misunderstood young artist on a mission to “upgrade” the banal “artwork” that hangs on the walls of every motel room. Taking a job there as a housekeeper, Bee snoops around in the motel’s dirty laundry and finds herself entangled in a scary drug deal gone dangerously wrong.
Featuring gorgeous artwork balancing grit with cuteness, Motel Art Improvement Service explores crime, young love, and the purpose of art, in a story that’s equal parts thrilling, funny, and sexy!

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