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Velocipede will be closed from 8/13-8/18 and then Shop Organizing!!!

Hello Bicycle friends!!!

We at velocipede have been having a very busy summer, giving away and selling hundreds of bikes, teaching classes, and helping people to fix their own bike. So as the heat is bearing down on us we have decided to take a much needed break before students come back into town in order to take stock, do some inventory and rest.

So, Shop will be closed from Monday August 13th until Saturday August 18th. On Sunday the 19th of August instead of the normal sunday shop, we will have a Shop Organizing Day from 12:00-6:30.

During this Shop Organizing Day we will work on making more work areas in the shop, as well generally organizing the rest of the shop. We need as many people as possible, of all skill levels, to make this day a success. This is a great time to rack up hours to be put towards co-op membership and parts, as well as helping Velocipede to continue to pump bikes and bike knowledge in to the city!!! (plus vegan and non-vegan food will be provided for the workers)

Also, we are working on re-assessing our current policies on co-op membership and bike claiming-- we would like to hear your opinions and impressions of how the shop works currently, and any advice or ideas of how it could work better. Please send emails to info@velocipedebikeproject.org with your comments and ideas.

Thank you all for time and for helping to make Baltimore more bike friendly. We will be sending out more reminders and requests soon!! Also remember that you can always keep abreast of events at Velocipede by checking our calendar at <a href="http://www.velocipedebikeproject.org/calendar">www.velocipedebikeproject.org/calendar</a>;

In Veloci-darity--
the folks at Velocipede
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Help velocipede fix it's vise...please!!

So Velcoipede has a bench vise with worn out jaws. They are replacable, but the model is discontinued so I haven't been able to find parts for it.

It would be pretty easy to manufacture this part with tools that can cut hardened steel. The question is, does anyone have those tools and would be willing to make four cuts and drill four holes for us(two cuts and holes per jaw), or insight on where to find parts for old tools.

It would be a shame to have to throw away such a nice tool that should be easily fixable...help us fight against our disposable economy, and actually reuse things instead of buying new ones...


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Velocipede on the radio!!!!

Hello bicycle lovers!!

Velocipede will be featured tomorrow, Friday, March 30th, on The Signal on 88.1 WYPR. They will also be talking to the new director of One Less Car about what bicycling can add to the health and social fabric of city neighborhoods. It should be a really great show!! There will be an airing at noon and then again at 7pm. Tune in!! You can also see pictures and a listen to a podcast of the program at <a href="http://www.signalradio.org">www.signalradio.org</a>;

check it out!!!!!

-the folks at velocipede
<a href="http://www.velocipedebikeproject.org">www.velocipedebikeproject.org</a>;
voicemail #: 410-244-5585
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Special Planning Meeting, and some things we could use...

Hello bike friends-

Never Fear, spring is in the air. This wintery mix is nothing but a set back! We at Velocipede are getting ready for busy open shops, and jaunty bike rides in the sun.

But first we are getting down to the nitty gritty.

Some important dates to remember:

Sunday March 25th from 4-8pm: We are holding a planning meeting to re-visit our goals, structure, and future programs. Anyone interested in Velocipede
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Three exciting events at Velocipede, and a call for volunteers

Hello friends of the bicycle!

We have lots of exciting events coming up at Velocipede!!!

-- First of all, tomorrow night, monday form 7-9 is the next installment of our monday mechanic series, BRAKES. Learn about the different types of brakes, how they work, and how to adjust them...fun for the whole

--Then the very next day the rescheduled SIngle Speed Workshop, will teach you to simplify your ride on Tuesday the 27th from 7-9. Experienced mechanic, Neale Stokes will tell us everything we need to know about building up a single speed or fixed gear bicycle, from choosing a frame to getting a good chain line (and why that's important). Come with your questions--we'll come with the answers.

--In the future, Tuesday, March 13th from 7-9 we will holding a talk by antique bicycle collector, Sam Fitzsimmons on The History of the Bicycle--the beginning, and it's early social impacts. Sam will bring some examples of early bicycles for us to ogle. Maybe I'm a huge bike nerd, (I know I'm not the only one out there), but I get excited just thinking about it!!!

Also we at velocipede need volunteers interested in working with youth on saturdays from 4-6. We are starting up a youth mechanics class in Sharpe-Leadenhall, but we need people to help us out. Some experience working on bicycles would be helpful, but you don't have to know everything there is to know to help out. We really need extra hands!!!
If you're interested or know anyone who might be, just email us at info@velocipedebikeproject.org

And while we're at it, we can always use more help!!!
Come by when we're open(wens and thurs 6-10, sun 2-6) and ask a collective member how to get more involved!!!

Hope you're all keeping warm, enjoy the snow!!!

-The folks at Velocipede
<a href="http://www.velocipedebikeproject.org">www.velocipedebikeproject.org</a>;
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wheel truing and assessment clinic tongiht!!!

Monday Jan 29th&amp;#8211;7-9pm We are holding our second Monday clinic at the Velocipede Shop on 4 W Lanvale. This time we will discuss wheel truing and assessment&amp;#8211;

Come learn how to tell between the different wheel sizes and materials; If the wheel is worth fixing; and then how to. Last time we went over re-building a hub. A fun and educational time was had by all!

Be there or be square!!!
-The folks at Velocipede
check out <a href="http://www.velocipedebikeproject.org">www.velocipedebikeproject.org</a>; for directions and more info.
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Two events at Velocipede!!!

This Saturday January 27th from 12-6:30 Velocipede will be having a Shop Organizing Day where we will work on getting the shop in tip top shape. We will be focusing on small part sorting and organizing bikes. We will also be building bikes that are inexpensive and close to being ready to go, which we will be giving away.

This is a great time to rack up volunteer hours that can be used use towards co-op membership and parts, and there will be refreshments served. Everyone and anyone is welcome!! From making signs, sweeping, and sorting parts, to moving bikes, there is plenty for everyone to do, and we can use all the help we can get!!!

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