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Come check it out! Art and Music at Velocipede Friday!!

(Art about tricycles--curated by Orlando M Johnson)...Yeveto will be gracing us with their beautiful music as well

A study of the Trike

At Velocipede-- 4 W. Lanvale St.
May 2-25 2008
Opening Reception Friday May 2, 7-10pm
Alyssa Dennis
Charlotte Benedetto
David Cunningham
Kathy Fahey
Laurent Hrybyk
Orlando Johnson
$5 Donation Suggested
Kiersten's Cakes, Now Child Sound Stage, Graham Wimbrow, Rachel Y.
<a href="http://www.myspace.com/yeveto">http://www.myspace.com/yeveto</a>;
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Velocipede Shop Organizing Day - Sunday 3/2


This coming Sunday, March 2nd, Velocipede will be holding a Shop Organizing Day instead of regular Sunday shop. Hours will be from 12 noon to 6ish. All hours worked will count as volunteer hours to be used for co-op membership and parts. There will also be FREE FOOD for all workers, including some for the vegans among us.

The focus this time will be on weeding out our parts inventory so that it fits better in the space. We will also be weeding out unclaimed bikes that have been in the shop forever, and identifying those claimed bikes that have not been worked on in months so they can go back into the unclaimed section. The goal will then be to create more orderly sections for the bikes. We will also need some neat and organizationally skilled folks to clean up the benches/work area and our &quot;office&quot; area.

This is a great chance to rack up volunteer hours and network with fellow bike lovers!

Hope to see you there!

In velocidarity,

the folks at Velocipede
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upcoming meeting!!!! plus, financial types needed


The time is coming round again for the monthly meeting. This is where we make decisions about policies, events and the direction we will take in the next month and beyond. This is a good thing to come to if you are interested in getting more involved in velocipede. (which we would love)

We will be meeting this Monday, February 4th from 7pm until 9 at Kristen's house (328 E 33rd St at abell st)

call Beth at 410-926-5077 for directions.

and speaking of getting more involved-....

we are looking for people with good organizational skillz to join our finance committee. We will helping out the treasurer to do bookkeeping, working on our budget, and improving on the organization of our financial information...if we find someone who is willing this could include a grant seeking and writing aspect as well.....

(and we are also recruiting people for our PR, education, and shop management committees as well)

write to info@velocipedebikeproject.org, or come to the meeting if you are interested!!!

-the folks at velocipede
<a href="http://www.velocipedebikeproject.org/about">www.velocipedebikeproject.org/about</a>;
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new years schedule

Holidays have us all confused up at velocipede, so here is the upcoming schedule for the next couple weeks to clear things up....

Monday January 7th from 7-9- the monthly collective meeting will be held at velocidet tim's house on park ave. Call 410-926-5077 for address and directions...

Tuesday, January 8th 6-9- Women/trans mechanics night-where my ladies at?!?

Wens and thursday- jan 9th and 10th 6-9 open shop--winter hours!!

Sunday jan 13th 2-5 volunteer shop day

Monday jan 14th 7-9 clinic on shifting and drive train!!!

after this things should be back to normal...except for winter hours
keep an eye out for more workshops and fun stuff!! and keep on riding all winter!!!

Layer up!!
you friends at velocipede
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Velocipede winter hours

This is just a quick note to let you all know that we are closing a little early tomorrow(sunday) for a special meeting. We will close at 5.

Also to save on heating costs, and protect our poor volunteers from hypothermia we will instate shorter winter hours starting December 15th.

Winter hours are as follows-
Wens and Thurs 6-9
Sun 2-5
and every other tuesday ladies/trans shop 6-9

Keep Riding!!!!

in bike love-
the folks at velocipede
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Happy Velociween!!

Happy Velociween!!

That's the holiday that ensues when Halloween, and Velocipede open shop happen to fall on the same day!!! We at Velocipede feel that we cannot let such a happy coincidence pass without taking advantage, so....

On Wednesday night(halloween) we will be having open shop at normal times starting at 6, but we are encouraging those attending to spend that time decorating their bike to match their costume, and then at 8:30 we will go on a ride around town to show off our costumed bicycles(and selves) ending at 2640 St Paul St. where there will be a dance party and benefit for Ladyfest Baltimore. Vegan treats, DJ + good cause = fun!!!!

If you are working on a bike that you need to get done ASAP, don't worry, you can still do that on Wednesday, and someone will be there until 10 so you can work, but isn't riding a decorated bike so much more fun than working on a normal one?

(We will bring some stuff for bike costuming, but people are encouraged to bring more, as well as lights, and helmets!!!! Safety first please!!!!!)

Hope to see you there!!!!
the folks at Velocipede
(for more info check out <a href="http://www.velocipedebikeproject.org">www.velocipedebikeproject.org</a>;)

PS also come check out our monday night workshop tomorrow from 7-9 on wheel truing and assessment!!
PPS check out <a href="http://www.myspace.com/ladyfestbmore">http://www.myspace.com/ladyfestbmore</a>; for more info on those lovely ladies!!
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Help the Youth to Bike, become a veloci-mentor

We at velocipede are dedicated to being open to everyone. However, due to safety and liability, if someone is under 16 they must have a guardian with them at the shop at all times. This causes a problem for many Baltimore youth whose guardians are either too busy, or unavailable to come in with their child. We often have to turn youth with broken bikes away because we don't have the capacity to watch them during the craziness of open shop.

To solve this problem we are looking for people who are willing to spend one night a week mentoring one youth during open shop for at least 8 weeks. After the 8 week period the youth will become a junior co-op member and will have the same privileges of a normal member but may have to check in with his or her mentor from time to time, and cannot bring friends to the shop unless their friends also go through the mentoring process.

We want to start this program as soon as possible, but need a few more people committed to becoming mentors.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor contact info@velocipedebikeproject.org, or come to our mentor orientation meeting on Sunday Oct 21st at 6:30 pm.

This is a great opportunity to help someone out and to grow our amazing biking community.

Hope to see you there
the folks at velocipede

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