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Take Action Alert to Help Strengthen the 3 Feet to Pass Law!

Via Bike Maryland

Please Take Action now to pass Maryland pro-bicycle legislation. Act today in support of House Bill 241 and help strengthen the current 3 feet to pass law. Send a letter to the Maryland Environmental Committee below.

Send the pre-written letter as it is below or even better make a few polite personal comments in the letter.

<a href="http://bikemd.org/page.php?id=676">http://bikemd.org/page.php?id=676</a>;
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Bike Maryland 2014 Legislative Agenda and More

Strengthen the Existing 3 Foot Passing Law - House Bill 241

Bill Entitled: Vehicle Laws - Overtaking and Passing Bicycles, an EPAMD, or a Motor Scooter.

House Bill 241 strengthens the existing 3 foot passing law by requiring drivers to allow 3 feet to pass a bicyclist on every road and authorizing a driver of a vehicle to drive across the left–side of a roadway in a no–passing zone, if it is safe to do so, to give a bicyclist a minimum of 3 feet of passing distance. We thank Delegate Lafferty for sponsoring this important legislation. Please contact Delegate Lafferty and thank him for supporting pro-bicycle legislation. 

View bill here.

Hearing in the House Environmental Matters Committee Conference Hall, Annapolis on February 4, 2014 at 1:00 PM.

How you can help pass this bill into law:

  1. Contact Carol Silldorff if you are available to testify in Annapolis on February 4, 2014 and have experienced being passed by a motorist with less than 3 feet of passing space where the motorist could have safely crossed the double yellow line to give you the required 3 feet of passing space but did not do so.
  2. Contact Carol Silldorff if you are available to testify in Annapolis on February 4, 2014 if you have experienced 3 feet of passing space when a motorist safely crossed the double yellow line to give you the required 3 feet. 
  3. Bike Maryland will send you a Take Action Alert in a week or two asking that you contact members of the Environmental Matters Committee to request their support of this bill. Please take action when you receive this alert. 


This and more http://bikemd.org/page.php?id=672
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Jerry Seinfeld Promotes Cycling to Work!

Via Bike Maryland

"If you can walk to work or take your bike on a daily basis, I think that's just about the coolest thing that there is. Every morning I listen to the traffic on the radio, and they talk about how they are jammed and I just laugh. I love traffic. I love traffic reports because I'm not in any of them."

- Quote from Jerry Seinfeld on January 6, 2014 from Reddit.com

One of the greatest comedians of our time is also an avid cycling advocate! Great, like we needed another reason to like Seinfeld! 

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Bike Maryland Bicycle Symposium

Bike Maryland presents the Annual Bicycle Symposium: your chance to learn from bicycle leaders, transportation planners, community leaders and legislative official on current topics with the goal of increasing bicycle safety, connectivity and accessibility at this free premier networking event that includes breakfast and lunch. 

Where: President's Conference Center, Miller Senate Building
11 Bladen Street 
AnnapolisMD 21401

When: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM (EST)

Register as soon as possible to reserve your spot as spaces are filling up quickly: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/bike-maryland-bicycle-symposium-tickets-9727536323

Presentation topics include: "How to Develop a Local Bicycling Advocacy Organization", "Keynote Presentation" by Frederick's Honorable Mayor McClement, "Bike-share", "Safe Routes to School", "Complete Streets", "State Bicycle Master Plan", "State Pro-bicycle Legislative Agenda" and more!

Full agenda and more information about Bike Maryland at www.bikemd.org

Questions, sponsors, and potential exhibitors should contact Mary at mary @ bikemd dot org
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MBPAC Advocates for Bicycles on MARC Trains

Via Bike Maryland

The Maryland Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (MBPAC) is responsible for advising State government agencies on issues directly related to bicycling and pedestrian activity including funding, public awareness, safety and education. MBPAC passed a resolution at the December 13, 2013 meeting, which urges the Maryland Area Regional Commuter rail system (MARC) to consider carrying non-folding bicycles on its newly inaugurated week-end service on the Penn Line.

While many commuter rail systems around the United States and the world accommodate bicycles on their trains, MARC does not, with the exception of folding bicycles, which must be folded and encased. The primary reason given for the prohibition of non-folding bicycles has been the lack of available space on the crowded trains. However, MARC has recently inaugurated week-end service on the Penn Line, which has not been as heavily used. Given this newly available space on the trains, and given that there is likely a market for recreational travel between Baltimore and Washington for people who would like to take conventional bicycles with them, the MBPAC urges that MARC consider a pilot program to permit conventional, non-folding bicycles on the week-end service.

Bike Maryland's Executive Director, Carol Silldorff is a participating committee member of MBPAC and encourages MBPAC to meet with officials of MARC to discuss the issues which affect the ability to offer this service. Bike Maryland will continue to report on this as the organizations come to a resolution.

<a href="http://bikemd.org/page.php?id=660">http://bikemd.org/page.php?id=660</a>;
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The 20th Annual Tour du Port will take place on Sunday

The 20th Annual Tour du Port will take place on Sunday September 29, 2013
at Baltimore's Canton Waterfront Park. Choose between 14, 25, 40, 50, and
63 mile routes. After the ride enjoy a celebration with live music,
exhibitors, free lunch, yoga for bicyclists workshops and so much more!
Register NOW :<a href="http://www.bikemd.org">http://www.bikemd.org</a>; and save $$! Day-of walk up registration also

Can't attend the ride but want a custom cycling jersey or wicking tshirt?
2013 merchandise available in ALL sizes here:
<a href="http://bikemd.org/page.php?id=593">http://bikemd.org/page.php?id=593</a>;.
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Road Signs to Bring Awareness for Bicyclists Survey

B' Spokes: At the risk of influencing your answer, when I returned to Baltimore I saw a lot of &quot;Bikes Share the Road&quot; signs, I'm not sure if I am all that happy with that message. If I had a choice of being on a nicer car friendly road (a.k.a. Bike Friendly) where this sign was not needed, I would be there, otherwise I want a sign that says something along the lines &quot;Motorist, please stay on your designated motorway known as interstates. We paid a lot of money for those so please use them but if you must use other roads please remember when not using the interstates you are on PUBLIC roads where all members of the public have a right-of-way whether they are in a motor vehicle or not, they are not your roads exclusively, so act accordingly and yield to others.&quot;

OK that is a bit wordy and would never fit on a sign, so that's what was nice about the &quot;Share The Road&quot; campaign... it fit on a sign but without a lot of public awareness efforts it does not often translate to anything close to my long version.

Survey from Bike Maryland at: <a href="http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GTZVBM9">http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GTZVBM9</a>;
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Larry’s Ride and Tour du Port 2013 Registration Now Open!

Bike Maryland
Click here to register.
Registration is open! Get the early bird rate and register now.

Larry's Ride

Larry's ride will take place on September 15, 2013 at Camp Milldale - 5425 Mount Gilead Road, Reisterstown, MD. Enjoy the beautiful, scenic and challenging terrain at the 4th Annual Larry's Ride event. Choose from three bicycle routes! Afterward, come back for music, free lunch, socializing and more.

Tour du Port

The 20th Annual Tour du Port will take place on September 29, 2013 at Baltimore's Canton Waterfront Park at the Korean War Memorial.
Travel through charming neighborhoods, historic port areas and beautiful parks throughout Baltimore City, Anne Arundel and Baltimore County. Choose between 14, 25, 40, 50, and 63 mile routes. There is a route for everyone — all ages and experience levels welcome! After the ride enjoy a celebration with live music, exhibitors, free lunch, and so much more at the Tour du Port!

Support Bike Maryland

All funds raised from both Larry's Ride and the Tour du Port directly support bicycle advocacy, safety awareness, infrastructure, and your right to bike!
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RecRide - Register Now!

Bike Maryland


4 Days Left to Register for RECRIDE and get the Early Bird Rate!
Weather calls for 80 degrees and sun!      

(RecRide - recreational bicycle tour of Baltimore - MAY 19th)!
The Bike Maryland RecRide will start and finish at the incredibly exciting BikeJam event in Patterson Park, Baltimore!

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER - Get the early bird rate until May 16th. Register today!

All registered RecRiders will receive a free t-shirt!
Two scenic RecRide bicycle tours give you a close-up view of beautiful Charm City on May 19th.
The Lolly Pop Ride: approximately 12 Miles
Flat with a few rollers! Travels past the community gardens, farmer's market, on the Fallsway and the new Guilford Avenue bike lanes, continues along the Jones Falls into the Clipper Mill neighborhood and then into Druid Hill Park (rest stop with refreshments), along the zoo periphery, around the lake and back to Patterson Park for the celebration!
The Parks Ride: approximately 30 miles
Rolling with hills! This route takes you on a lovely tour of Baltimore's beautiful parks before returning to BikeJam at Patterson Park. Includes rest stop.
Join the celebration at the end of the RecRide - there will be something for everyone! Yoga for cyclists at 11:30AM and 12:30PM, a Youth Safety Rodeo hosted by BIke Maryland at 1PM, and the festivities of Bike Jam 2013 as it plays host to Pro Bicycle Championships. International caliber pro-racers and local racers compete for cash and prizes all day. Enjoy food vendors, beer, live music and the Bike and Health Expo.
Proceeds support Bike Maryland!
Please contact Mary Herbranson to learn about RecRide sponsorship and volunteer opportunities.

Please support Bike Maryland's programs!  Click here to become a member or click here to make a donation.  Thank You!

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Bike Maryland RecRide May 19, 2013

RecRide (recreational bicycle ride) will take place on May 19, 2013 at the Boat Lake in the center of Patterson Park. On site registration and checkin begins at 7:15am.

Two great RecRide bicycle tours give you a close-up view of beautiful Charm City

Register Now

Register Now and receive a free T-Shirt!

Bike Maryland
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