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Beach Blanket Bike Party!

Friday, July 27, 2012 - 7:00 PM

Washington Monument

That's right, it's been friggin' HOT out there! So what better way to theme our next ride than a BEACH party! Rock your best board shorts or bikini tops (or whatever you want to wear) and bring along a beach ball and water guns as we party our way through Baltimore!

The route, as usual, will be posted later in the month, but we know we are going to pass the Orioles game (like in May) AND make our notorious impromptu dance party at the convention center during Otakon! Our finish this year is confirmed at the sandy boardwalk of Bay Cafe in Canton with happy hour drink prices for all of us! ($3.50 drinks, across the board, minus top shelf) so be sure to plan on joining us after the ride for drinks and food!

Like always, meet us at the monument at 7pm for a 7:30 sharp roll out time! for more information visit our website <a href="http://www.baltimorebikeparty.com">www.baltimorebikeparty.com</a>;, especially if you haven't been out with us before!

<a href="http://www.meetup.com/Biking-in-Bmore/events/72188002/?a=ea1_grp&amp;rv=ea1&amp;_af_eid=72188002&amp;_af=event&amp;_af_mid=13466589&amp;_af_s=625267c47c1ea9ec44f761b0726c976d6bfd7e69">http://www.meetup.com/Biking-in-Bmore/events/72188002/?a=ea1_grp&amp;rv=ea1&amp;_af_eid=72188002&amp;_af=event&amp;_af_mid=13466589&amp;_af_s=625267c47c1ea9ec44f761b0726c976d6bfd7e69</a>;
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The Monument to Monument century ride

Sunday, May 6, 2012, 7:45 AM
Washington Monument 699 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD
















Spring has sprung and the Monument to Monument ride is upon us. We had over 35 riders last year. I'm hoping for a big diverse group of eager riders again this year. 

M2M is a 92 mile roundtrip single day bike ride from Baltimore to Washington DC on safe, lightly trafficked roads. We keep it slow and steady for this ride, enjoying the company of fellow riders and the excitement of arriving in another city by bicycle. 

Read more: http://www.meetup.com/Biking-in-Bmore/events/59718302/?a=ea1_grp&rv=ea1&_af_eid=59718302&_af=event&_af_mid=13466589
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RIDE OF SILENCE Wednesday, May 16, 2012, 7:00 PM

Balt. War Memorial Plaza

This is an annual nation-wide effort to remember those cyclists who have been killed on our roadways.

To HONOR those who have been injured or killed
To RAISE AWARENESS that we are here
To ask that we all SHARE THE ROAD

<a href="http://www.meetup.com/Biking-in-Bmore/events/58836622/">http://www.meetup.com/Biking-in-Bmore/events/58836622/</a>;
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Hill Climb Club

Thursday, February 23, 2012, 6:30 PM

The Dizz
300 W 30th Street, Baltimore, MD

Yes, climbing hills can be fun and worthwhile. The point of this ride is to gain the stamina and technique to accomplish steep climbs energy EFFICIENTLY. It is NOT for speed and power training. The Hill Climb Club routes link together some of the toughest hills in NE Baltimore. We climb about 140 ft. per mile for a little over an hour. The ride is quite difficult, but we will stick together and ride at a slow and steady &quot;touring&quot; pace. You will not need a cue sheet. Depending on your strength as a rider you should be prepared with gearing that allows you to complete 6-8 hard climbs for eleven miles. The downhills on this ride are also very steep, so you MUST have good functioning brakes. You must also have good lighting to ride at night. I will cancel the ride if the roads are wet. The Hill Climb Club was originally created as a training tool to prepare riders for the Rando Ramble monthly century ride series. I've spent a couple months tweaking two different routes and getting feedback from Hill Climb Club regulars Justin and Dave. Now it's time to add to the membership.

<a href="http://www.meetup.com/Biking-in-Bmore/events/52767322/?a=ea1_grp&amp;rv=ea1">http://www.meetup.com/Biking-in-Bmore/events/52767322/?a=ea1_grp&amp;rv=ea1</a>;
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The Sunday Coffee Shop ride

Twenty20 Cycling Co.

The Sunday Coffee Shop ride is happening. Come join us for an easy tour through Druid Hill Park and around the Homewood Campus. We meet at the Common Ground, just a few doors up from Twenty20 on The Avenue. We will roll out at 9:50. This is a no-drop, no-attitude, friendly, fun ride. It may be cold so bring your sunny disposition.

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Bike Ride to Honor the Memory of Nathan Krasnopolar

Sunday, February 26, 2012, 5:00 PM

Broadview Apartments
116 West University Parkway, Baltimore, MD

This ride will start and finish at the site of Nathan's accident one year ago. Route to be determined, but, most likely, the route will include Mt. Royal Ave. We will finish in time to join the Candlelight vigil being held by his family and friend.

RSVP <a href="http://www.meetup.com/Biking-in-Bmore/events/51251752/?a=ea1_lnm&amp;rv=ea1">http://www.meetup.com/Biking-in-Bmore/events/51251752/?a=ea1_lnm&amp;rv=ea1</a>;
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February Ramble: 101 miles around Baltimore

Sunday, February 5, 2012, 7:15 AM
Fells Point Broadway Square

The Circumnavigation of Baltimore. Our next Ramble will be a compass survey of our environs. We'll begin in Fells Pt. and move south, skirting the Patapsco through the industrial shipping corridors of Brooklyn and Curtis Bay. Turning right we come around to the hilly westside moving through the mill towns of Elkridge and Ellicott City. Here we'll take a quick rest and warm up. Continuing on, we'll roll up and over through the densely forested Marriottsville and into the unique natural landscape of Soldiers Delight. Lunch is in historic Reisterstown. Turning right again we venture in to Baltimore county's beautiful horse farms and cross the northernmost point of our big circle. From here the land flattens a bit as we near the farms of lower Harford county. Soon enough, the property lines get closer together as we move around to the east. We'll cross route 40, safely navigating the river towns of White Marsh and Essex and after crossing Back River on Eastern ave you'll be able to catch views of the city skyline. The Circumnavigation of Baltimore is a bit like a Jules Verne journey for bicycles.

<a href="http://www.meetup.com/Biking-in-Bmore/events/49218392/?a=ea1_grp&amp;rv=ea1">http://www.meetup.com/Biking-in-Bmore/events/49218392/?a=ea1_grp&amp;rv=ea1</a>;
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Carbon Emissions Show Biggest Jump Ever Recorded

&quot;Emissions rose 5.9 percent in 2010, according to an analysis released Sunday by the Global Carbon Project, an international collaboration of scientists tracking the numbers. Scientists with the group said the increase, a half-billion extra tons of carbon pumped into the air, was almost certainly the largest absolute jump in any year since the Industrial Revolution, and the largest percentage increase since 2003.&quot;

<a href="http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/05/science/earth/record-jump-in-emissions-in-2010-study-finds.html?_r=1&amp;src=tp">http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/05/science/earth/record-jump-in-emissions-in-2010-study-finds.html?_r=1&amp;src=tp</a>;
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Downtown Lollypop Ride with Bike Maryland

Sunday, November 20, 2011, 8:00 AM

Joe's Bike Shop Fells Point
723 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD



Free coffee and donuts will rally everyone for this casual and fun road ride that meets at Joe's Bike Shop in downtown Fells Point.


We'll head north up Falls Rd to beautiful Druid Hill Park for a "lollypop loop", for a total of around 1.5-2 hrs of mellow pedaling. 


Then back to Joe's at Fells Point for an optional bike advocacy and safety discussion with Bike Maryland and our ambassadors!




And yes, there will be lollypops for all...

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