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From Greg Hinchliffe
Please forward as possible. The mayor will probably not be able to attend Bike2Work DAY on the 18th, but will kick off Bike2Work WEEK with this event. Her Honor being surrounded with cyclists at the press event at the Inner Harbor would be nice.

My only question from the press release below: Will the Mayor and Cabinet Members all be on the same bicycle? That oughta make the evening news!

Monday, May 14, 2007

6:30 am Mayor Dixon Will Kick-Off Bike to Work by Riding a Bicycle with Cabinet Members from City Hall to the Inner Harbor Promenade
Bike Route Begins at City Hall and Ends at Inner Harbor Promenade

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May Bike Events

Bike To Work Day 7:00 and 8:30 a.m. on May 18
* War Memorial Plaza (100 N. Holliday St.), Baltimore
* City Dock, Annapolis
* County Office Building (220 S. Main St.), Bel Air
* Courthouse Square (400 Washington Av.), Towson
Register for prizes <a href="http://www.baltometro.org/content/view/258/230">http://www.baltometro.org/content/view/258/230</a>;

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Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture race

This weekend is the Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race. If you have never been this is a great day out on your bike. The sculpture brake test and safety check is at 8am at the American Visionary Art Museum with the race starting at 10am. The race will take in American Visionary Art Museum, Federal Hill, downtown Baltimore, A quick dip in the water at Canton then on to Paterson Park.

If you have never seen the race before they first thing you should know is that it is not about winning. The most coveted prize is the Mediocre Award for finishing in the middle. Each entry must be a human powered work of art designed to travel on land, through mud, and into deep harbor water.

For more information see the Spectator Guide at <a href="http://www.kineticbaltimore.com/KSR/SpectatorsGuide.asp">http://www.kineticbaltimore.com/KSR/SpectatorsGuide.asp</a>;
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Brunch, Bikes, and Bands 2007

the Degenerettes
Wax and Wane
Strange Days
Speedo Kills

potluck brunch is at noon at Velocipede [4 W. Lanvale St], bike workshops start at 2pm, with the ride leaving afterwards, and the show begins upon return of the ride. Sunday May 6

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Closing off traffic in downtown Baltimore on a Sunday

WashCycle is running a story on One Less Car's Greg Cantori idea about closing closing off downtown Baltimore to traffic on a sunday. In Theory I love the idea, the reality is I don't think it can work with out major changes to the traffic patterns of Baltimore, then there is issue of parking for locals. The Articles referenced don't give a lot of details on how he would propose making the change. I lived through the changes in Edinburgh that closed the major shopping street to only buses, taxies and cyclists, the one benefit they had over Baltimore is alternative wide streets that could absorb the displaced traffic. I just don't think Baltimore has the public transportation infrastructure to handle such a closing.

Now here is something the City can do, convert the old tram line in to a dedicated bike path that runs round the inner harbor. That way we don't have to fight with the ducks and tourist buses that currently use it as a pickup drop off point and force cyclists onto the busy and dangerous Pratt Street. Then install quality U style bike racks close to all the major shopping areas in the Inner Harbor, Canton and Fells Point. Then as a bonus install bike rental bus shelters. When we have that locals and Tourists will want to bike round the city.

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Announcing Tour dem Parks 2007

The fifth annual &quot;Tour dem Parks, Hon!&quot; bicycle ride happens Sunday, June 10 from 8:00 a.m.-12 noon. This is a fun ride for anyone who would like to see Baltimore's better-known parks and neighborhoods as well as those that are quietly tucked away. It is a chance to bike ride with family and friends, both old and new. Riders can choose from 10, 20, or 30 mile routes, all starting and ending at Carroll Park in southwest Baltimore.

If you have been thinking about taking a ride but are not feeling as energetic as you need to be out there on the streets, this is a great opportunity to cycle with others and learn new routes. The ride promotes cycling in Baltimore and awareness of its many lovely green spaces, with proceeds going to parks groups throughout the city.

Early registration is $25, day of $30. Kids under 10 ride for $5; teens, for $15. Register online at <a href="http://www.tourdemparks.org">www.tourdemparks.org</a>;. For more information, call Gary at (410) 396-4369.
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The Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Committee will meet on Tuesday

Tuesday, April 17th, at 6PM at Park HQ, 2600 Madison Street, across from Druid Hill Park.


MEET EVA KHOURY, THE CITY'S NEW BIKE/PED COORDINATOR ! ! ! (Read more from her in comments)

Bike 2 Work Day
Bike to the Ballpark Day (to see dem Aayos, hon)
Bike Master Plan
Jones Falls Trail Input
East Coast Greenway stuff
other stuff I've forgotten

Be there or be a totally unsuitable shape for a bike tire !

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Celebrate Cycling at BikeJam May 26, 2007

For Immediate Release, Please forward to all bike related newsgroups, fitness, family, and neighborhood groups

Patterson Park welcomes back BikeJam Festival and Races for 9th year on May 26, 2007

BikeJam (<a href="http://www.bikejam.org">www.bikejam.org</a>;) is the Mid-Atlantic's largest festival of bicycling, and it returns to Patterson Park on May 26, 2007. This day in the park is fun for the whole family. The RecRide(<a href="http://www.bikejam.org/documents/2007_RecRide_FlyerWEB.pdf">http://www.bikejam.org/documents/2007_RecRide_FlyerWEB.pdf</a>;) is a chance for any rider to enjoy city routes on Memorial Day weekend. The Kelly Cup Bike Race, in Patterson Park , offers a full day of competition for every level of racer. The Toyota Family Fun Fest area and Carefirst helmet giveaway add to the fun.

The high point of the day is the Kelly Cup, an NRC race, with a Men's and Women
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