Human beings are not road kill

Is it OK to kill cyclists not "as far to the right" on the roadway

Imagine for a sec you are in your car about to make a left turn and you get rear ended and the police cite you at being at fault for going slow in the fast lane.

Well that is the case if you are a cyclist.

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Sun Article - Tour du Parks

<a href=",1,5434937.story">,1,5434937.story</a>;

Annual bike ride pumps up interest in the city's routes

Tour du Parks: The course highlights the Gwynns Falls Trail and other green space.

By Anica Butler

Sun Staff

Originally published June 13, 2005
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world naked bike ride

As many of you know the world naked bike ride is taking place this saturday (june 11th) in over 50 cities worldwide. However, the closest location to us is ashville, nc. i have emailed daniel johnson of the world naked bike ride and he said that if i wanted to gather a ride for baltimore then go ahead! So this is a call to arms. We will meet at 12:30 pm at charles and redwood on saturday, june 11, 2005 and ride from there. The dresscode is as bare as you dare. Complete nudity is optional. We need as many people as we can get. If you're interested reply to this message and show up! it is important for bikers worldwide to stay united. LESS GAS, MORE ASS.

The main site is at <a href=""></a>;

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Support the new bike lanes in South Baltimore by Greg Hinchliffe

The city is installing bike lanes on Fort Ave in South Baltimore.


This is a nice safety enhancement for riders going to Locust Pt and Ft McHenry.

Local residents are up in arms complaining about the improvement to their community.


What can they be thinking?

Please counter their noisy complaining with email, calls, letters of thanks and support of this and future bike enhancements to:,,,, (it's in his district) and
your own councilperson

We'll never get the bike enhancements we want and deserve if we let a bunch of NIMBY's have the say.

Feel free to forward as you wish.

Greg Hinchliffe
Chairman, Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Committee
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2nd Annual Baltimore "Moonlight Madness" Bike Ride!

Saturday, April 16, 9:00 p.m.

See Baltimore by night, by bike! Join Friends of Baltimore Hostel volunteers and others for a 5-mile or 20-mile ride through some of the most interesting parts of Baltimore by moonlight. The routes are safe, well lighted and mostly flat. Light refreshments will be served at the hostel when we return. A $10 donation will benefit the historic Baltimore hostel building renovations, and the effort to re-open it to
budget travelers. More info:
<a href=""></a>;
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SENATE BILL 551 Vehicle Laws - Bicycles and Motor Scooters - Exceptions to

<a href=""></a>; sent out an alert about Senate Bill 551.

Summary: SB 551 would provide that bicycles and motor scooters can ride
anywhere in a traffic lane if they are traveling at the &quot;normal&quot; speed of
traffic. It also would add several other circumstances (the avoidance of
pedestrians or road hazards, approaching locations where right turns are
authorized, and operating in a lane that is too narrow to travel side by
side with other traffic) under which these vehicles need not be ridden to
the far right of the roadway, even when traveling slower than the normal
speed of traffic.

Click on read more to find out how you can help.

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