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Friday, March 23 2018 @ 01:04 AM UTC
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Air quality

The Baltimore region is designated as a

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Biking 14 Miles' Worth of Baltimore's Gentle Backroads and Mean Streets

Biking in BaltimoreA New York Times article By JAMES DAO Published: October 2, 2005

<img width="160" height="76" align="left" src="" alt="">A very well done article about the Gwynns Falls Trail, it invites the reader to explore the many areas of the trail as well as mentioning some of the rough spots. And one of our favorite bike shops is mentioned as well.
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Will Gas Costs See Surge in Bike Commuters?

Biking Elsewhere<img width="88" height="120" align="left" src="" alt="">NPR Weekend Edition - Sunday, October 9, 2005
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Biking in Maryland<img width="160" height="120" align="left" src="" alt="">&quot;Speak up! Make a difference&quot; is the title of the League of American Cyclist coverage of the NIH bike rally in their fall issue of American Bicyclist (pg 5.) And BaltimoreSpokes is mentioned as one of the advocacy organizations that stepped in to help.

Photo: Left to right: Elizabeth Preston, League of American Cyclists; Angela Atwood-Moore, NIH Bicycle Commuter Club; Barry Childress, BaltimoreSpokes; Jack Cochrane, MoBike. Photo Credit Tchad Moore.
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To Conserve Gas, President Calls for Less Driving

Health & EnvironmentThis New York Times article starts out like it might lead to promoting more cycling but instead it seems to be setting the stage to invade environmental objections to get more oil and natural gas.

The article hints at but does not really get to the point about how fuel prices are related to economic growth and not just here but world wide.

So while the president may recommend driving less and having less money to spend on other things besides gas. I recommend ride more, do more fun things by bike and have money to buy the things you like.
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Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike needs your help

<img width="160" height="103" align="left" src="" alt="">This is the abandoned 8 miles of the Pennsylvania Turnpike that is being turned into a bike trail that was written about in the Washington Post a couple of weeks ago.

Everyone has ridden Rails to Trails but this is completely different.

This trail puts you in a time and place that never existed. Post Apocalyptic America. You ride on a broken, 4 lane highway with the forest crushing in on both sides. Then you get to the abandoned tunnels. Is this the past of the future? This is the only abandoned Interstate turned into bike trail anywhere.

We need your help!

We have just gotten our web site up and are looking for members and volunteers to help develop the trail. The Friends of Pike 2 Bike ask that you pass on our web address to your biking friends and that you consider joining the most unique and weird bike trail anywhere. The benefits are worth the cost.

See what I mean at <a href=""></a>;
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Baltimore County Planning Develops Interactive Bike Maps

The Draft Eastern County Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Plan was developed by an advisory Action Committee composed of local citizens, elected officials and government staff. Taking input from citizens who live, work and play in the area, the Action Committee's plan identifies future pedestrian and bicycle improvements. The plan, which covers the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Council Districts, is the first phase of what will eventually be a County-wide plan.

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Baltimore County Update

<img width="123" height="113" align="left" src="" alt="">You made an impression! To quote one clerk &quot;We did not know this was an issue till we started getting e-mails.&quot; This statement is what the campaign was about. Thanks to you accommodating cyclists as legitimate road users is now an issue and concern and hopefully not just in Baltimore County but in the surrounding metropolitan counties as well.
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Baltimore County says no to planning bike lanes

<img width="123" height="113" align="left" src="" alt="">What should be a glowing report of Baltimore County
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Cyclocross in Baltimore

Biking in BaltimoreDon't miss two exciting opportunities to watch full-throttle cyclocross action right in Baltimore!
Saturday September 17 is the 2005 Gwynns Falls Trail Cyclocross (<a href=""></a>;)
On Sunday Septmebr 25 is the Charm City Cross event in beautiful Druid Hill Park!
(<a href=""></a>;)
Come support bike racing in Baltimore!

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