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Friday, October 20 2017 @ 11:18 PM UTC
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BikeJam 5-17-09

Biking in Baltimore

Family Fun Festival
A day long festival of cycling!

    From 8 am - 5 pm on Sunday, May 17th, 2009
    Patterson Park, Baltimore

    In addition to the exciting, colorful, and cool Bike Races
    BikeJam brings you a ton of free family fun!

    * Recreational Bike Ride
      12 & 31 mile rides
    * Cycling Stunt Show
    * Interactive Village
    * Bike & Health Expo
    * Food & Live Music
    * Kids Activity Pavilion


Kid's Helmet Give-Away

CareFirst BlueCross

Has donated and will  distribute 250 kid's helmets!

Kid's Bike Safety Rodeo, 12:00pm & 1:45pm

Live Music Stage!
Sponsored by Dangerously Delicious Pies

Bands will play from 12:30pm until 5pm
Line-up will be announced soon!
Check Back!



BikeJam Rec Ride
2 great routes through beautiful Charm City!


Choose from 2 different rides...

Ride1 is the "Waterfront Ride" and Ride 2 is the "Parks Ride."

Click here for more info about the rides and instruction on how to register!

Cycling Festival
Cycling Vendors, Shows, Cycling and Health, Cycling Advocacy
Throughout the day and around the race course
Vendors and Expo participants include...



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BRAC improvements to Bethesda intersections

Biking in Maryland...
Theodore Goldstock, an Elmhirst Lane resident who lives near the intersection of Rockville Pike and Cedar Lane, said the preliminary plans did not make the necessary improvements for pedestrian safety and would only solve part of the traffic problems.

"I don't think they're addressing the corridor," Goldstock said. "I think they're only addressing two points on the corridor."

Angela Atwood-Moore, president of the Bicycle Commuter Club at the National Institutes of Health, sharply criticized SHA for not promoting bike infrastructure as a way to reduce the number of cars on the road.

"You can't do that by making it easier for people to drive their cars," said Atwood-Moore
{Baltimore Spokes: It's a good thing that SHA has adopted a complete street policy. [/sarcasm]}
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Sample complete street policy

Biking ElsewhereWhile this is pretty good I would like to see things more objective then subjective. Primarily use of a Latent Demand tool to determine if density is high enough to warrant the cost of bike/ped facilities. Secondly, roads should have a BLOC of C or greater not a fixed extra width margin (I don't want to ride on a 4' shoulder next to 60mph truck traffic and we don't need a 14' shoulder on low speed low traffic residential streets, BLOC helps figure out what is appropriate under different conditions.) And as a concession perhaps tie the max cost (e.g. 20% of project cost) in with the Latent Demand score; 20% if high, 10% if mid range and 5% if low.
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NYC Bike study - By DC examiner

Biking ElsewhereI really have to question the conclusions of DC Examiner on the NYC bike crash study.

Only one fatal crash with a motor vehicle occurred when a bicyclist was in a marked bicycle lane. Bicycle lanes aren’t a luxury; they’re a necessity. Riders should use bike lanes when possible.

A total of ten other fatalities occurred near a bike line per the report, why were these cyclist out of the bike lane? We don't know but I seriously doubt that it was because the cyclists had no reason what so ever. Cars parking in bike lanes is a major problem in NYC and IMHO cyclists weaving in out of hazards is a problem while I support bike lanes I would not make the same assertion as this author, if anything to me this says that NYC should get cranking on keeping those bike lanes clear. IMHO it is hazardous for cyclists to pick their path x feet from available space on the right, it should be a straight line (x feet from the stripe on your left that avoids upcoming hazards on your right.) Also bike lanes that I have seen in NYC do not solve the intersection problem, extra care needs to be applied at intersections for bike facilities and not just dumping cyclists into an undefined space and expect them to fend for themselves. There is nothing here that supports bike lanes make cycling safer, just as sidewalk riding is safe till you have to leave the sidewalk to cross a road, bike lanes are similar but with the exception that you can be seen by and merge with turning traffic. This works as long as it is clear that is the expected behavior. If the expected behavior is that cyclists must stay out of the way of motorists at all costs you get accidents when their pathways merge.

Nearly all the bicyclists who died--97 percent of them--were not wearing a helmet. A good reminder that cyclists really ought to wear a helmet. As I’ve written about before, there’s a lot more to bike safety than helmets. That said, urban cyclists who leave home without them should be aware of the risk.  


While I do encourage wearing a helmet, helmets do not prevent crashes, preventing crashes should be the priority not "safe" crashing, this looks like the only point we see eye to eye on.

Nearly all bicyclist fatalities--92 percent of them--occurred as a result of crashes with motor vehicles. Protected bike paths free of traffic are critical.

I do not agree with this conclusion especially since the author just asserted that regular bike lanes are safe, I will assert that just as j-walking is the result of poor to nonexistent accommodations for pedestrians as well as poor to unsafe driver behavior around pedestrians it is the lack of accommodations and the lack of enforcement of traffic laws that make our public roadways unsafe for the vulnerable user. Protected bike paths do not solve the intersection problem and sometimes they can make it worse.

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Week 12 Annapolis Report (4/3/09)


Cardin Annapolis Reports

Delegate Jon S. Cardin  \ District 11, Baltimore County

Week 12 Annapolis Report (4/3/09)
I was pleased to see so many people from the 11th District at the Baltimore County Democratic Unity Night on Monday. It was an honor to have Governor Martin O\'Malley, Lt. Governor Anthony Brown and County Executive Jim Smith speak to Baltimore County residents about the importance of our county in the State of Maryland. They shared with us the good news that federal and state dollars will be flowing into Baltimore County as a result of the federal stimulus package, the efforts of your elected officials on your behalf, and the lobbying of people like you. Thank you to the Baltimore County Democratic State Central Committee to putting together this open forum.

Please join me, and the other members of the 11th District team, on Thursday, May 14, at the Owings Mills Volunteer Fire Station located at 10401 Owings Mills Blvd. This will be a wonderful opportunity to speak directly to the people we represent and share with you our successes and experiences during this Maryland General Assembly session. Thank you to the Northwest Baltimore County Democratic Club and the NDC - Northwest Democratic Club for organizing this event.

Please remember to reference my website, It contains helpful information including my views on important issues, the application for the Cardin Honors Scholarship, the weekly Annapolis Reports and press releases of interest to my constituents.
Working hard for Maryland,

Jon S. Cardin

If you have any questions, please visit my website.
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Public Meeting: Rural Road Standards and Projects Northen Baltimore County

Biking in the Metro Area{Note that this may be of interest as many of the narrow one-lane bridges that help act as traffic calming are up for being widened (due to Federal regulations.)}
- April 14, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
The Department of Public Works will hold an open meeting on rural infrastructure projects on April 14 in the cafeteria at Hereford High School. This meeting is a follow-up to last year’s Rural Roads Standards, a citizen-government effort, approved by the County Council, which codified standards and policies for road and bridge maintenance in rural areas. The Department of Public Works, as part of its agreement with community groups, plans to hold such meetings annually. The meeting on April 14 will be conducted in workshop style and will focus on anticipated bridge replacement projects, resurfacing schedules, road construction plans and traffic issues in the next year. For more information, call the Director’s Office, Department of Public Works at 410-887-2171.
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New Park Dedicated

Health & EnvironmentUnveiling of the sign for Indian Rock Park.
Unveiling of the sign for Indian Rock Park

On March 23, Baltimore County Executive Jim Smith joined Eighth District Senator Kathy Klausmeier in the dedication of the new Indian Rock Park property in Perry Hall. The park is situated just west of Perry Hall High School. Future plans call for the construction of a walking trail.  The majority of the site, most of which is wooded, will remain preserved as green space for the community.

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OLC volunteer projects

Bike Maryland updatesHello Friends,

I'm looking for volunteers to help staff the One Less Car exhibit table at a number of different Earth Day/Bicycle related events. Please let me know if you are interested in volunteering. Even a few hours would be very helpful!

* 4-9-09 this Thursday Johns Hopkins Earth Day Celebration 3:30 - 7pm
* 4-18-09 Saturday - Baltimore Green Week at Druid Hill Park 9am-5pm
* 4-25-09 Saturday - Baltimore Bike Blast at Druid Hill Park 9am-3pm

Thank you,
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The BALTIMORE BICYCLING CLUB\'S Instructional Ride Series will begin with an orientation to be held on Sunday, April 26, 2009 at 10:30 a.m. at the Ridgely Middle School in Baltimore County. Directions to the school are provided below.

This series is offered to anyone over 16 years of age interested in learning the basic skills of cycling, including doing minor road repairs and improving as a rider. We want to help people new to our sport find a comfortable riding level and develop so they can at least ride on the BBC casual rides by the end of the series and to permit experienced riders who are new to club riding to meet and to learn about group riding. The ride series will cover both road and recreational trail riding.

At the orientation, we will demonstrate cycling skills and techniques and discuss bicycles, equipment and clothing and answer any questions about the program. We will watch a short, informative video on cycling safety and bike handling. If you bring your bicycle to the orientation, we can check it out for you and show you how to do a pre-ride bike check. The indoor orientation will be held RAIN OR SHINE. Weather permitting, anyone who wants to do so can join us for a short ride following the orientation. You must have and wear a helmet in order to ride. Below is the full ride schedule.

{Please note that this class is designed to dovetail with the Back to the Beginning Bike Clinic (B2BBC) so if you never ridden before or feel you are unsteady on a bike come to the Beginning Bike Clinic and get some practice in before the Instructional Ride Series Starts on April 11 &amp; 18th. <a href=""></a>; }
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Stolen bike

Biking in BaltimoreSad news: Stolen Trek 1600 (2007/8)

Distinguishing features: red speedplay pedals (look like lolly-pops), two different colored water cages, front tire Bontrager race light, back tire Continental gator (?) , all other equipment standard.

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