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Thursday, November 23 2017 @ 11:00 AM UTC
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Tree Baltimore News

Health & Environment[Baltimore Spokes: Street trees really help make biking city streets more enjoyable in the summer time.]


Trees do more than we think and they do their job quietly. Trees can improve our urban environment, and consequently our well-being and our economy. Trees multi-task. While removing air pollutants and reducing our air temperature, they absorb and filter water, cool our homes and business, increase our property values and the livability of our neighborhoods.  A bird flying over Baltimore can look down and see that 25% of our city is covered by leaves and branches. The healthiest cities have 40% of their land covered by trees.

Through TreeBaltimore’s program, trees will be planted in parks, on school grounds and on large industrial and institutional property. But, the most available planting areas in Baltimore are located in the front and back yards of row house neighborhoods. Take a look on your street and around your neighborhood. Are there trees shading homes? Are there trees beautifying yards? Is there room for either a flowering tree or a larger shade tree on your lawn?


TreeBaltimore offers incentives to plant trees on private property.


! FREE Tree Giveaways – Each spring and fall TreeBaltimore gives away 1,000 young trees to residents.

! TreeBaltimore TreeNeighborhood – Residents receive free or reduced priced trees. Neighborhood Associations coordinate deliveries for residents. A minimum of 10 trees per neighborhood must be ordered.

! Growing Home Campaign - $10 coupons at local nurseries for trees worth $25 or more.  Download coupon on the TreeBaltimore website.

! Marylanders Plant Trees - $25 coupons at local nurseries for trees worth $50 or more. Download coupon on the TreeBaltimore website.


Go to the TreeBaltimore website to find out about the benefits of the trees near your home.


For information or to volunteer, contact:

Anne Draddy

TreeBaltimore Coordinator




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An apt response to congestion or outmoded idea that will create more of it?

Mass Transitimage
(Baltimore Sun photo by Lloyd Fox / July 23, 2009)

Battle lines form over $4.6 billion I-270 expansion proposal I-270. Business, environmental concerns set to clash over a proposed $4.6 billion widening of I-270
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Stop sharing Iowa FM roads

Biking Elsewhereimage
Some crazy nut case is trying to ban cyclists from Iowa's Farm to Market roads so there is a counter petition up to ban motor vehicles from the Farm to Market roads.
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Stop risking your life or I'll kill you

Biking ElsewhereAsheville firefighter charged in roadside shooting
by Josh Boatwright

Police charged a city firefighter with attempted first-degree murder Sunday after witnesses said he fired a handgun at a bicyclist along Tunnel Road, barely missing his skull.

Charles Alexander Diez, 42, apparently fired at the Asheville man after arguing with him about riding his bike on the busy road with his 3-year-old child in a bike seat behind him, Asheville Police Capt. Tim Splain said.
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Bicyclist Loses Lawsuit Against Truck Driver

Bike LawsFrom Wash Cycle:

My wife subscribes to Metro Verdicts Monthly and she pointed one out Montgomery County Circuit Court decision to me the other day.

A cyclist was training for a triathlon when the driver of a truck turned left in front of him. The cyclist was unable to stop or avoid a collision and hit the back side of the truck. After he hit the truck the cyclist fell to the ground. The cyclist suffered multiple fractured ribs, a concussion and body bruising. He missed two weeks of worked. He was nonetheless able to eventually resume his training and ride in the triathlon.

The cyclist argued that he had the right of way,that the driver was 100% at fault and that he sustained serious injuries.

The driver argued that the cyclist was contributorily negligent because the cyclist hit the back of the truck. He also argued that the cyclists was able to continue with his activities, even riding in the triathlon. It doesn't appear the driver ever argued that he had the right-of-way.

The Montgomery County jury found for the defendant. One reason we need to get rid of contributory negligence.
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New York Bike Path System Expanded Dramatically

Biking ElsewhereJust to note that the original article was a hoax by someone masquerading as the New York Times. We apologize for any false hope the article may have caused. You may now resume your car centric lives.

<a href=""></a>;
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Last weeks rides from City Hall in pictures

Biking in Baltimoreimage image image image image
If you have not checked out the rides from City Hall you are missing out on a fun time. Someone asked about Critical Mass in Baltimore IMHO these rides are Baltimore's version, more fun without any of the negativity that Critical Mass can bring.

The first page of pictures was on Wednesday, nice ride up the Gwynns Falls Trail and back. On the second page starts an event that uncovered a very heart warming story . The Belair-Edison neighborhood could not afford a recreation center so they offered bike rides in Herring Run Park. Then someone stole all the bikes but Velocipede came to the rescue and donated a bunch of kids bikes.
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Maryland Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Initiative

Biking in Baltimore * Street Smart is an annual public education, awareness and behavioral change campaign in the Washington, DC, suburban Maryland and northern Virginia area. Since its beginning in 2002, the campaign has used radio, newspaper, and transit advertising, public awareness efforts, and added law enforcement, to respond to the challenges of pedestrian and bicyclist safety.
* The Street Smart program emphasizes education of motorists and pedestrians through mass media. It is meant to complement, not replace, the efforts of state and local governments and agencies to build safer streets and sidewalks, enforce laws, and train better drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.
* The StreetSmart campaign is expanding to the Baltimore Metropolitan area in 2009.
* More information on the StreetSmart campaign is available at <a href=""></a>;
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Per SHA this is bicycle safety???

Biking in MarylandUPDATE:

Per Maryland Highway Safety Office: all of the SHA safety pages are being updated. This one will look like the page.

<a href=""></a>;
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Maryland Strategic Highway Safety Plan

Biking in BaltimoreEmphasis Area #3d – Make Walking and Crossing Streets Safer

Typically, between 95 and 110 pedestrians are fatally injured on Maryland’s streets and highways each year. Pedestrian fatalities comprise about 20 percent of all traffic deaths. About 12 percent of fatally injured pedestrians are 15 years or younger and another 19 percent are 65 years or older. Nearly 3,000 pedestrians are injured annually, more than one-third of which occur in Baltimore City and more than another one-third of which occur in Baltimore, Montgomery, and Prince George’s Counties. Pedestrians 15 years of age and younger are particularly vulnerable to being injured – over 30 percent of injured pedestrians are in this age group.

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