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Friday, September 30 2016 @ 06:40 AM UTC
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City BMP update

Biking in Baltimore




The Bike Summit on May 1st provided an array of ideas on improving biking in Baltimore. Now comes the fun part: Contributing to make this vision a reality! A summary of the Bike Summit is available below.


New Bike Parking – The Department of Transportation’s Maintenance Division has installed over 92 bike racks over the past 5 weeks! The communities of Highlandtown, Belair-Edison, Waverley, Remington and Hamilton are some of the areas where the new racks are installed.

ARTSCAPE, the nation’s largest FREE arts festival, is July 16th - 18th and features BIKE PARKING.  The University of Maryland is sponsoring free bike parking for a less-stressful option for to getting to and from Artscape.  The bike parking will be staffed with volunteers who will provide goodie bags to cyclists.  To volunteer for the event, please contact Kathy Hornig at Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts. Following then President-elect Obama’s visit, this is the 2nd major event in the city this year that offers bike parking. 

In time for Artscape, the winners of the Station North Bike Rack Competition will be installed.  These unique racks can be found along the 1700 & 1800 block of Charles Street and the unit & 100 block of West North Avenue.

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Our prayers go out to Carol Silldorff for a speady recovery

Bike Maryland updatesJust heard from Carol's dad that she was in a very serious bike accident during Bike Virginia .

She hit a deer at high speed, it was killed, and she has some fractures and other facial injuries. She is in the hospital in Charlottesville, VA. She can talk but is very swollen.

She will likely transfer to Baltimore in a day or two.

More as I hear it.
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Cyclists Can Breathe Easy

Biking ElsewhereA Dutch study has proved, yet again, that the level of dangerous microparticles are higher inside cars than on bikes.

I posted about how Traffic Kills More People Than Traffic Accidents before, but this recent survey reconfirms the science.

Despite the air pollution it is healthier to cycle in traffic than sitting in a car. The levels of particles in the air are greater inside a vehicle than on the bike lanes. So even though a cyclist breathes in more air than a motorist, the concentration of microparticles is lower for the cyclist.

The health benefits of cycling greatly overshadow the harm caused by breathing polluted air, the study adds.
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Middle River gets a new trail along water

Bike Pathsimage
Doug Tomecek, community development director of Hawthorne Community Association, beams as County Executive James T. Smith Jr. presents him with a street sign indicating that part of the 3.46-mile trail in Hawthorne-Midthorn Park will be named Tomecek Trail. (Baltimore Sun photo by Kim Hairston / June 24, 2009)
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MDE ignores bike/ped again

Biking in Maryland Pursuant to the Living Shorelines Protection Act, MDE has prepared rules on where and how one can build erosion-control structures. Those structures often eliminate the public pathway along the shore (all land below mean high water is owned by the public so unless it is high tide, you can walk or ride a fat-tire bike along the shore). Some of the environmentally friendly techniques (planting marsh) also impair access along shores that were previously pebble and sand beached. In some states, to get a permit, property owners must create pathways inland of the shore protection--but these rules are silent entirely on public access. As written, MDE can allow property owners to eliminate public access along shores that people currently use to go somewhere.

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Baltimore has the first all electric fleet of car sharing vehicles in the United States.

Health & EnvironmentExxon unveils electric, car-sharing fleet at Maryland Science Center

Visitors to Baltimore's Inner Harbor Tuesday take a look at the electric car outside the Maryland Science Center.

ExxonMobil Corp. launched an all-electric car-sharing fleet at the Maryland Science Center on Tuesday.

Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon and Maryland Energy Administration Executive Director Malcolm Woolf helped unveil the program, called AltCar, at an afternoon press event.
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Law Enforcement Bias and the 3ft Law

Biking ElsewhereOfficer re 3' passing law: “It’s very hard to do. The officer has to be in the right place and he has to observe a vehicle not giving the cyclist three feet. And if there’s on coming traffic, it’s hard for the motorist” said Dusty Stokes of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department."

Excuse me? Hard for the motorist? ...
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Caravan/Prague screens at Red Emma's!

Biking in BaltimoreThursday, June 25 @ 8PM:

In the Summer of 2000, more than 100 cyclists set out from Hannover, Germany on a 500-mile bike caravan across Europe to join the mass mobilization against the IMF/World Bank meetings in Prague. Just a year after the historic protests in Seattle against the WTO, the Prague mobilization was an important moment in the then-still-growing antiglobalization movement - it was a moment where it still felt possible to change the world, when protests still seemed to mean something, to effect some dent in the status quo of multi-national organizations. It's no wonder, then, that the "Money or Life" bike tour took shape - not just a bike caravan aiming to get participants to the mobilization, it was an attempt to create a tuly mobile utopian community ... and filmmaker Zach Weinstein was there to document it all. Caravan/Prague is Weinstein's video diary of the days, nights, and times in-between he spent on the road, with the bike caravan, all the way to Prague. Whether you like bikes or not, and whether you agree with his (largely anarchist) politics or not, it's a great film - bizzare, informative, entertaining, and challenging. This screening kicks off our summer film series (every Thursday until the end of August!) - don't miss it!

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If I can ride a 3-speed across the country, everyone can be riding their bikes more to work and to the store.

Biking ElsewhereLast year when we gave Ryan Van Duzer a 3-speed commuter bike to thank him for years of support around the Tour de Fat - he jokingly said he'd ride it across the country. We all chuckled and walked away but Ryan called us this spring and said he was going to ride the 3-speed 3,000 miles - from San Diego to Washington DC - to raise money for Community Cycles in Boulder.

Who are we to get in the way of a young man following his folly?

So, this is Ryan's coast-to-coast adventure. He'll be blogging, tweeting and uploading videos along the way. He wants you to come out and ride with him so check back often to see when he'll be pedaling through your town - he needs your support and a place to wash his sox.

As Ryan says, "If I can ride a 3-speed across the country, everyone can be riding their bikes more to work and to the store."

Ride on, Duzer. We totally agree. We'll see you in DC late summer.
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Lessons for the United States

Biking ElsewherePublic policy can play a major role in reshaping America’s transportation system. The German experience offers five lessons to the United States for improving transportation sustainability through changes in travel behavior:

* Get the Price Right in order to encourage the use of less polluting cars, driving at non-peak hours and more use of public transportation
* Integrate Transit, Cycling, and Walking as Viable Alternatives to the Car, as a necessary measure to make any sort of car-restrictive measures publicly and politically feasible
* Fully Coordinate and Integrate Planning for Land Use and Transportation to discourage car-dependent sprawl and promote transit-oriented development
* Public Information and Education to Make Changes Feasible are essential in conveying the benefits of more sustainable policies and enforcing their results over the long term
* Implement Policies in Stages with a Long Term Perspective because it takes considerable time to gather the necessary public and political support and to develop appropriate measures.

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