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I have become a car commuter and am full of shame.
I'm between Arlington & East Baltimore a few times a week and could
ride to Union Station>MARC to Camden>ride to Greektown.
Trying to throw METRO & MTA buses into that equation is unfortunately, more time than I have.

I have three questions:

Does anyone with a non-folding bike ever ride MARC in off hours?

Also, Is anyone aware of any advocacy or move to create more bike friendly policies on MARC & Metro (DC)?

WMATA currently prohibits bikes during rush hours, which are a good chunk of the work day.
MARC says no. Biking in the city is generally so much faster than catching buses, making connections, or driving.

Do any Baltimore folks know if there are bike lockers at Camden Marc station. I seem to lose a little piece of my bike
every time it's locked up in Charm CIty.


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Non folding bikes are not allowed on MARC trains anytime end of story, I know of at least one MARC commuter that uses two bike as part of his commute (one waits over night at the destination train stop.) Folding bikes (in a carrying bag) are allowed on MARC and DC METRO at all times.

Cycling advocates have hit a sold brick wall with MARC. This is really unfortunate but there is not enough public pressure for MARC to even consider allowing bike off peak or for weekend use (no money needed just policy change) let alone actually buy rail cars that allow bikes to be stored during peek time use. We do try from time to time to get some considerations but so far nada.

Bike lids (free) at the west Baltimore Marc Station: http://www.baltimorespokes.org/article.php?story=2009042411000059
From MTA's website: For locations where bike lockers are available and for information on renting a bicycle locker, call the MTA’s Office of Customer Information at 410-767-8749. A $25.00 deposit for the locker is refundable. The yearly cost of renting a locker is $70. http://www.mtamaryland.com/resources/bikesonmta/Bicycle_Text_Information_08.cfm
Also note bike storage/rental in DC Union Station: http://www.baltimorespokes.org/article.php?story=20091001095314221

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