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Any suggestions as to how to get from where the Falls Rd trail ends by the train station/Maryland Avenue down to the UMB campus at the intersection of Baltimore Street and MLK?

One caveat: don't really want to bike down MLK at 9:15 am, nor use the West side area, nor the busy North/South arteries.

If I were to use Maryland Avenue, St Paul or one of the major North/South arteries, is one quieter than the others?

Is there any hope that I will be able to bike to work?

Thank you!


A potential bike commuter

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Two new bike racks were just installed outside BioPark Building I (800 West Baltimore Street).

And I got help with bike-friendly directions getting from Penn Station down to the UMB campus.

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St. Paul is busy but I've found it safe to ride on. I suppose it depends on well you can tolerate a steady stream of auto traffic. I'd say Maryland Ave is quieter though. All of this will vary depending on time of day and day of week. Also, I find the ride downtown feels safer than the ride uptown since you are going downhill when heading downtown.

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