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I am a current graduate student at MICA and I have been organizing a weekly nighttime riding group. So far ridership has been pretty low; but I am hoping to continue it and get more people interested. I learned about the Midnight Riders in LA and really loved the biking culture there and I hope to create that type of riding environment here in Baltimore. The ride is every Thursday @ 9pm and we meet at the Monument (doesn't matter which direction since I often bike in circles so that I am visible). The ride is a light to moderate pace and it s an effort to explore the city in a different manner within a group and less traffic.

Thanks for your time!


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There is a comparable ride called the Six Pack Ride on Wednesday nights at 10pm at Charles and Reed. Drink or not drink. (We try to responsible about how much we consume)

Ridership is anywhere between 8 - 25 people.
Pictures are often posted here:


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