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-> The American Public Health Association has declared 2017 the Year of Climate Change and Health. (http://bit.ly/2p76NsX) They report that in 2016, transportation surpassed power plants to become the largest source of carbon dioxide pollution in the US. Vehicles are a major contributor to smog and other unhealthy air pollution. Between the immediate effects of tailpipe pollution and longer-term changes in climate from burning fossil fuels, America faces many more missed school days, hospital visits and premature deaths from dirtier air, contaminated food and water, more extreme heat and storms, and vector-borne illnesses. Our continued heavy dependence on fossil fuels in transportation is a particular threat to children, who also face a variety of developmental and behavioral disorders associated with pollution. We have a golden opportunity to work with MPOs and DOTs as they implement MAP-21 performance management requirements to make America’s transportation system cleaner and healthier. http://bit.ly/2p7oLvs

from CenterLines, the e-newsletter of the National Center for Bicycling & Walking.

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