Bicyclists aren’t as awful as drivers seem to think, study says


“Scofflaw bicyclists tend to be rational individuals trying to function safely and efficiently, even if it means they are doing so illegally, given the social norms of where they live and the transportation system put in front of them,” the study read.

Ironically, studies show that drivers and pedestrians break the same, if not more, traffic laws than bicyclists do. But Johnson said many drivers don’t bike so lack empathy for two-wheelers.

[B' Spokes: Some of the craziest accusations I have seen are where people flipping out over cyclists not "stopping" (because they did not put their foot on the ground) but meanwhile motorist were not coming to a complete stop either. My assertion is that a car going 30mph slowing to 8mph looks safer to motorists than a cyclists going 10mph slowing to 8mph. And that's just one example where the same thing has different safety perceptions depending on the bias of the observer.]

by B' Spokes

Like most people I live a hectic life and who has the time for much exercise? Thanks to xtracycle now I do. By using my bike for daily activities I can get things done and get an hour plus work out in 15 minutes extra of my time, not a bad deal and beats taking the extra time going to the gym. In case you are still having trouble being motivated; the National Center of Disease Control says that inactivity is the #2 killer in the United States just behind smoking. ( ) Get out there and start living life! I can carry home a full shopping cart of groceries, car pool two kids or just get lost in the great outdoors camping for a week. Well I got go, another outing this weekend.
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