Ryan Dorsey - Transit Improvements On The Way

From Ryan Dorsey's email (he is running for city council 3rd district.)

Today I'm proud to announce that every detail of the revisions I submitted to Baltimore City's Department of Transportation concerning the Harford Road bridge at Herring Run project earlier this year has been adopted. Back in February, I wrote a petition asking the city to install protected bike lanes and sidewalks as part of the upcoming three year long project to completely replace this 104 year old bridge.

The plans will now include:

* a sidewalk height multi-use pathway with designated areas for cyclists and pedestrians, protecting both from car traffic on each side of the roadway
* bollard-protected cycle lanes along Harford Road approaching and leaving the bridge on both the North and South side
* an attractive handrail at the pathway curb, separating it from cars

As Baltimore continues to address inequality, this marks an important victory. A transportation system which provides users with safe, reliable choices will grow access to jobs and build a more equitable city. These improvements are an important part of breaking down systemic racial barriers to social equity and becoming a more united Baltimore.

Support progress for Baltimore City by donating to my campaign for City Council, endorsing this campaign through social media, and volunteering, so that in the years ahead I can continue to speak out and work for the interests of the 3rd District and Baltimore City.

Thanks to Caitlin Doolin and Chris Brown at DOT, Delegates Curt Anderson, Maggie McIntosh, and Cory McCray, Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke, and many thanks to Bikemore.

Enjoy a nice walk or a bike ride when the weather is clear.


Ryan Dorsey

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