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In addition, BAHC presented a plaque to Captain (retired) John McKissick for his 5 years serving as the bicycling liaison to the HC Police Department. Captain Mike Yetter John's replacement was introduced at the Forum and will be an excellent replacement for John (he was even a bicycle policeman at one time in his career). He reiterated what we have put out in the past:

* call '911' if you experience any harassment or near accident as soon as possible with as much identifying information as possible.
* If you are reporting an incident at a later time you can also file a report on the HCPD non-emergency numbers: 410-313-2200 or 410-313-2929.

Captain Yetter emphasized that the police do reposed to every complaint with at least a letter if not a personal visit to the registered driver. If we don't go through the effort of filing a complaint they can't enter in the Police data base to look for individuals with a history of harassment or distracted driving.

Again thanks to everyone that attended and to Chris Eatough, Dave Cookson and Mike Yetter for presenting.

Jack Guarneri

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