[Cecil] County police bike patrols begin this week

[B' Spokes: I also hear Baltimore County is also doing bike patrols, while all that is nice could we have some more please.]
By Jane Bellmyer, Cecil Daily

Starting this week, however, several agencies are adding bicycles to their equipment in the name of community policing.

“We’ll be using the bikes in some of our high crime areas,” said Russell, who was promoted and assumed command of the barrack on April 16.
Russell said the bikes will allow law enforcement to not only be more approachable to the general public, but also to go places a motor vehicle cannot.
John Peters, director of construction and facility maintenance for The Cordish Company, which owns the North East Plaza, looks forward to that aspect.

“If (a suspect) runs into the woods, they can go right behind them,” Peters said. “In a car, it just doesn’t happen.”

“This will definitely keep our customers safer in this area,”Rabuck said Friday. “They’ll be able to patrol quicker and more effectively.”

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