Bike safety advocates push 2 bills, get frosty reception in Maryland General Assembly

[B' Spokes: This is way we need to connect with those that represent us.]
By Ashley Halsey III, Washington Post

“I’m a little shell-shocked that there are so many bike bills,” said Del. James E. Malone Jr. (D-Baltimore-Howard counties), who chaired the hearing before the House Environmental Matters Committee. “This year it’s four feet, and next year it’s five feet, and before you know it the cars are on the shoulders and the bikes are on the road.”

Malone said many cyclists he observes “don’t pay any attention to the rules of the road.” [Is he including us not riding far right as possible on a lane too narrow to share as State highways asserted? Confusion over what the rules are for cyclists and signaling out cyclists as the sole source scofflaw behavior on our roads are a big problem here.]

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