Jones Fall Trail connects cyclists, walkers with Baltimore’s hidden gems

By Rona Kobell, Bay journal

Both natives and newcomers can discover this part of town on the Jones Falls Trail. This nine-mile trail begins near Cylburn Arboretum in the northern Baltimore neighborhood of Pimlico, about a half-mile from the famous racetrack. It meanders through leafy expanses before reconnecting with city roads and depositing riders at the Inner Harbor. It’s open for walkers and bikers, though it seems most of the people using it are on two wheels — they can cover more ground that way.

The ride is a rare opportunity to see a city as it could be: Shops and restaurants fully integrated with green space, a place where one can hop on a bike in the morning and, depending on how fast one rides, be at the Inner Harbor in an hour having a deli sandwich and watching the yachts go by.

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