Vehicular manslaughter charge worth more than money

Via Miller and Zois

2012: $1,000,000 Settlement. A mother is pushing her 14 month-old son in a stroller on the sidewalk and is struck and killed by truck that overshot its U-turn. The child is uninjured. Some witnesses say when the truck was coming at her she pushed her child to safety before her life was taken.

(It is worth nothing the family was more interested in whether a vehicular manslaughter criminal case would be brought than the money.)

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[B' Spokes: Cyclists are not the only ones interested in seeing vehicular manslaughter charges brought against outrageous driving behavior. It is often claimed that an injured cyclist has redress in civil court but my contention is that having an insurance company pay the damages is not justice nor is it much to curtail outrageous driving. Seriously, if you were reading the paper and saw that a insurance company paid a settlement you would maybe double check your coverage. Compare that to reading about someone doing jail time or lost their licence to drive, you would most likely drive more carefully.]

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