Speak up for better transit

By Robert L. Smith, Baltimore Sun

The Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) gets wide-ranging feedback from our riders each and every day, some good and some bad, but the MTA has not done a comprehensive review of its service routes and schedules in nearly a decade. Most transit agencies perform such reviews every three to five years.

That's why I met with the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board (BRTB) last week to outline a key initiative in the Transit Modernization Program (TMP) — an all-inclusive, strategic effort the agency is taking to improve public transit, including technology upgrades, new bus shelters, an overhaul of trains and buses, greater connectivity, station enhancements and more.

The first initiative of the TMP for the Baltimore region is the Bus Network Improvement Project, which will focus specifically on the planning and operations of the MTA's bus network, as well as on how the network intersects with and supports our Light Rail, Metro subway and MARC. To be completed in eight months, this initiative seeks to ensure the Baltimore region will have an integrated transit system that provides access for families of all socioeconomic backgrounds to important resources like hospitals, educational institutions and job centers, and that aligns service with new housing and job-growth sectors.

<a href="http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2013-09-03/news/bs-ed-transit-20130903_1_the-mta-transit-system-better-transit">http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2013-09-03/news/bs-ed-transit-20130903_1_the-mta-transit-system-better-transit</a>;

[B' Spokes: I wonder if they will finally address their main purpose of buses is to serve a poorly designed rail system so we can have even a more poorly designed bus route system as well. It takes 3 buses to go 5 miles along a major road in my neighborhood, it takes less time to walk then it takes for the bus system to get there. ]

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