Councilwoman promoting area trails, physical fitness with 335-mile bicycle ride

Nicole Wagoner says paths have huge economic impact

By Greg Larry, Cumberland Times-News

CUMBERLAND — City council member Nicole Wagoner will participate in a 335-mile bicycle journey from Washington to Pittsburgh to promote area trails and physical fitness.

In addition to her council post, Wagoner is the director of sales for Fairfield Inn and Suites and president of Mountain Maryland Trails, a nonprofit organization that helps raise awareness about the trails and works with the county to provide maintenance and improve amenities.

Wagoner, 35, from Fort Ashby, W.Va., wants to take part in the journey for three reasons.

She wants to promote the trail and raise awareness about the economic impact it has on the area. Another reason is to show that anyone, at any fitness level, can enjoy the trail. The third reason is to raise money for Mountain Maryland Trails.

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